So these last 3 days have destroyed me, broke off some of the wall at the Gaso and ****ed my arm haha. Never again 3 cruel hand shows in a row, Make It Count was a challenge for me haha
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That sounds like a pain to get to, but it's not like I have anything better to do. Will hopefully be going to both Title Fight melbourne shows if they don't sell out before I get some money together. Expire tour works well for me, that Friday night, Cloud Nothings Saturday, Expire again Sunday. Perfect.

Saw Vigilante for the first time Saturday night, hadn't gotten around to listening to them, but was impressed, they're pretty awesome.

Yeah Vigilante rule! Warzone cover is ace.
Going to Sydney for Expire and Cruel Hand, booked flights yew. Also doing every show on the Title Fight tour. Should rule.

Also, The Place is kinda near the end of the 86 tram, in Resevoir. Have to enter through a lane around the back haha.
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Did your Songs About the Weather repress arrive man? Got mine the other day, the translucent purple looks sweet.

Also, Vales - Clarity came in the mail. I don't like the EP as much as I initially thought I did, but the 'snow' vinyl looks awesome so it's all good.

Nope! Had to open a PayPal dispute before the window closed haha, got my money back so I'm happy I guess. Would've liked the record though!

Also that sucks about the Bayonet EP! If I see one for sale ill post it here
Let down of an announcement, i thought that Broken Hive would announce a new tour haha, didn't think posting the dates to an already announced tour would warrant a big announcement.

Oh well! Might fly up to brisbane/byron for the shows too.
That will rule. Anyone coming out to the Outright shows this weekend? And any of the Blkout record release shows?
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Does anybody know anyone who has the Bayonet EP?
Under 50 tickets now, got mine the morning they were released. Id get on it quickly anyone who doesn't have any, a lot of interstaters coming down
Every morning on toast. It rules, you probably just spread it on like peanut butter or something and therefore it tasted horrible.
Okay so, i was on a 6 week long school trip in the most rural of places, and this girl kept trying to get in my pants. Long story short, i end up fingering her and regretted it, but she kept trying later in the trip to get with me, i resisted however.

Fast forward to about the 5 week mark, swimming in some big swimming hole. I dive under, and go to the surface with my hands facing up, come out of the water, and my hands go RIGHT on her boobs. Full cupping and stuff. I blurted out some awkward apology, but then, she just awkwardly smiled for like a minute. Probably the worst thing thats ever happened ever.
Easy man, let me know when you're done and ill see if there is anything else i wanna get aswell?
Id be keen for Flood of 72 and the Nails split! How much you look for man?

Also just preordered Featherweight's 7 inch/50, rad band!
So Ill Vision are breaking up after Make It Count, which sucks, but the vocalist is doing vocals for my mates band now apparently which is cool as!
Frozen Over rule, love their demo. I dig Reincartion too, i don't know if i like the vocals on the demo though!
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I got around this by just not sleeping at all haha, managed to get a kelly green one too.

I ordered Songs About the Weather from them probably two months ago, still hasn't arrived :/ Hopefully it's the same case and they just took forever to post it.

That's what im waiting on too haha. Hopefully they make good, seem so shifty though
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Gotta set your alarm dude haha. I woke up at 3:55, ordered it a 4 and then went back to bed.

I always see people shit on RFC but Ive never been screwed over by them. I know how you feel about City of Gold though. My order from them took months to arrive.

Haha ****, you're crazy! Year 12 doesn't allow my body to wake up any earlier than necessary unfortunately, oh well! All I want is a response, haven't even updated me! So annoying.
Yeah, RFC are good, you shouldn't have any dramas! Still haven't recieved anything from City of Gold, really pissed haha. I just want my records >
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I ordered the new Basement on kelly green and the Citizen 7" on black/gold marble.

No green left when i woke up, i hate being in Australia, first i miss out on the Floral pressing of Floral Green and now this haha, such a disadvantage when it comes time to preorder
Strong, strong haul! Just pre-ordered the new Basement record, two tracks they've released are killer, can't wait!
So keen! Cruel Hand ruled so hard last time, wicked line up.
Yeah Loophole was cool, had no idea what happened to it though ahah.

Weekend Nachos tour pushed back to Feb! Will still rule though, heaps keen.
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Wow, I can't believe Xibalba actually managed to come down here. Had to google it to believe it. I would totally see the shit out of them, rambling hipster remarks or no.

Yeah, was ****ing sick haha! Small venue, ruled.
Such a heavy band. So good live too, wish they would tour down here again now Hasta La Muerte is out, ripper record.
Im 18 in a few months, having a fake id has made 16-18 bearable hahaha. So good. Harms Way ruled, had so much fun. There are a few more warehouse style venues, Viva Hate in North Melbourne, Black Goat in Coburg. We have it pretty damn good compared to most other places haha.
****. Album rules. PM me if you are keen for a link.
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Yeah, Pete is 15. It's cool that at his age, he's playing good tunes with older dudes.

That's awesome. Is there any details or events for the Cruel Hand shows? I want to get down to that. I'm pretty keen for Touche Amore too. I'd like Suburban Scum to come down. That'd be mad.

Is there any details about the Weekend Nachos tour yet?

No official details for either, both bands have announced the tours though. Suburban Scum would rule, unfortunately can't see it happening anytime soon haha.
Totally would, postage is ****ing ridiculous, works out to like $60+ for the two 12" shipped to me. So bad haha
Backed so ****ing hard. Madball cover band without Madball covers/talent. Seriously so painful to sit through.

Got a Refused ticket, need to get my BTBAM ticket though! So looking forward to both.
Sure did, want that to be announced so bad! Hopefully good venues, floor show pls. Yeah so many shows tonight, Hopeless/In Trenches/Broderick @ The Workers Club, Rort @ The Gaso, Crowned Kings/Declaration/Ill Vision/Right Mind @ The Bendigo. I reckon ill go see Rort, then the Hopeless show @ Viva Hate on Saturday haha.
Ah yeah, i think he is mates with my friend Cairo haha, he's young yeah?

Cruel Hand are coming out in like October/November, Touche will be cool, RO are meant to be coming out in the first half of next year. Also Cold World around then is meant to be happening. Also Blacklisted/Defeater will be cool. Enough to keep me happy for now haha!
Yeah was meaning to go to that, go really sick though, sucks. Oh well. Might go down to the show at the Bendigo this friday, Right Mind are playing that i think. Tossing up between that and the Rort show at the Gaso, leaning towards that purely because i can't stand Crowned Kings haha.
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That sucks man, I have heard good things about CoG until now!

Does this not solve anything?

That is really poor service though, good luck!

I put a few t-shirts from bands I don't listen to any more (Your demise etc) on ebay last night and they already have a few watchers, if these t-shirts go for more than Violence, Violence did, I'll be happy, but pissed at the same time...

Unfortunately not! That was specific to the Landscape pre-orders i think. Im just pissed that i haven't received any sort of response haha. Hopefully they pull through!
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I know man, but hey, shit happens.

Especially online haha, ordered a couple of vinyls from:

About 6 weeks ago, nothing has come, no replies to my emails/facebook posts etc., seem to be ignoring everyone, had to open a paypal claim

First dodgy Distro ive encountered, makes me sad.
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still miss Bad Seed

Forever missing Bad Seed, but also forever loving TF haha. Would kill for a Bad Seed reunion though.
Jesus that went for a lot less than i thought it would. That sucks dude.
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Here's a few bands I feel should be added to this list.

Outright (VIC) -
Right Mind (VIC) -
Distant Wreck (VIC) -
Endless Heights (NSW) -

Distant Wreck just played their last show on the weekend didn't they?
Very nice!

Don't know if anyone here is into AYS but I just grabbed 2 copies of Eroded By The Breeze for 5 pounds each (+ shipping of course). Check out the purgatory records big cartel, some value on their!
Abbott is legitimately the worst excuse for a politician Australia has seen in years. **** i hope he goes soon, this is ridiculously embarrassing, how do i have to effectively choose between him and Gillard....... talk about rock and a slightly-less-hard-place
Used to love going in to Allans, every week i use to play their range hahaha. Store was good, chill staff etc. But prices were so high haha, this does not surprise me in the slightest! Still baffles me how much gear is in Australian stores.
****ed up ruled last time! So keen to see them again. And polar bear club! SOIA will rule too.