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Just out of curiosity, do you have another electric? That'd be a big factor for me. Also, 12 strings are slightly more difficult to do legato on (and pretty damn hard to bend on), so weigh your options carefully.

I don't own another electric, but I rarely touch them, and when I do only for a few minutes. I'm more of a folk/roots and blues kinda guy. Mine has just been sitting in the case for a few months untouched. I should probably just trade it, but it's more of a sentimental thing, it is hard to let go haha. I have been playing 12 strings for a while, I own an Ibanez v12, and i've been looking to upgrade. My biggest concern was making sure this was a fair deal.
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If I were to trade the schecter for an acoustic electric, it'd have to at least be one that had a cutaway, cause you'd still have all the range, but if it's what you want, go for it.

Thats a great point, and it crossed my mind. But I'm not trading the shop, I'm trading an individual and this is the deal he made me. Thanks for the input though.
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Yes, Seagull makes excellent guitars, while Schecter does not. It'd be a good trade.

Thanks for getting straight to the point. Unfortunately UG's finest have been on the forums tonight.
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I'll ask, he's running low though

Thanks, I'm holding onto the strap though.. with this trade it may come in handy.
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Great idea. Is your old man in the market for a trade?
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Thread title+ username= win

Oh I see what you did there. Clever
Thanks for the input! You are such a great help.
Not sure where to post this. Back in 2007 I was really into metal, and purchased a schecter hellraiser c1-fr. Soon after I discovered artists such as John Butler, and Andy Mckee and realized how versatile the acoustic guitar could be and completely changed my playing style. Anyway today I was browsing a guitar shop and found a Seagull coastline s12 cedar QI found here:
I don't really play the hellraiser anymore, and I really only hold onto it for sentimental reasons. Do you guys think I should trade it flat out? any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
Led Zeppelin is a terrible band, and most of their "best" songs were essentially just a cover of another band.
2 notable examples: stairway to heaven/ dazed and confused
more examples:
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i only play elixir guitar string. nice and bright tone, and you only have to change them like once every three months. they never rust, but after awhile the coating on them will start to flake, but has never affected my playing.
go learn ocean by john butler. It will help you with a bunch of different aspects of slap guitar.
Im shocked you can do that? But seriously there is nothing wrong with it, it is normal. A bunch of different artist's out there do that to alter their tone. Really you should be playing wherever you want, if you like the crunchier sound than play near the bridge.
I have a test Friday in organic chem. I suppose I better go study!
Thats amazing! Thanks for the help!
Ok I have a question here. I was just wondering, is sign language a universal language, or is it different from country to country? For instance does mexico speak or sign if you will, a different language than people here in the U.S? The same for countries around the world! Is it the same everywhere you go or does it differentiate?
thanks man you saved my ass!
damn that blows, well thanks anyway.
Alright can someone go to this website

find a link on the right hand side of the page that says webct, click it and then post the url here? that would be pretty awsome. for some reason i cant go to the nmjc website.
Like $175, Yeah I don't know how much im going to like twelves yet. I play them all the time, but never owned one of my own so I want a decent one to start, and if I really like it i'm going to buy a better one.
Yo guys I just need a bit of help. What do you guys think about the Ibanez v7012? It's a twelve string guitar. It isn't very expensive, but I think it plays really well for the price. What do you guys think about it? If you haven't seen it, or played it here is the link.

Also how do you tune a twelve? I know that eadg are an octive higher, but I don't know how to tune an octave higher. I know I'm a noob.

And yes I know this is the wrong forum. I posted In the acoustic guitar forum, but couldn't get any answers. I'm hoping that the pit junkies could help me out.
Yo guys I just need a bit of help. What do you guys think about the Ibanez v7012 guitar. It isn't very expensive, but I think it plays really well for the price. What do you guys think about it? If you haven't seen it, or played it here is the like
Yes I do. I have had deja vu or whatever its called a few times. its pretty crazy.
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I'm all for it. I'd rather find out the effects on monkeys and such than myself.
Oh and if your looking for some stuff to play on a twelve string look up Wish You Where Here by Pink Floyd and look up John Butler as well. If he isn't playing on a dobro he is playing a twelve string.
There are all kinds of tunings it just depends on what you are looking for. My personal favorites are





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Probably on youtube. that is the ultimate-guitar-lesson site pretty much.
I have insomnia, so i only sleep like once every 3 days or so. It sucks really bad.
Most of the time if stuff doesn't sound right, it is because your timing is off. Play along with the song, and if it still doesn't sound right get a new tab.
Oh my band name is Serenade to the Sunset. We got that name because one night me and a buddy got off at sunset and played in the parking lot. We thought that it was like we were serenading the sunste. Thus the name.
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Why Do You Capitalize Every Word When You Type?

Where do you get your tabs from? I can never find good tabs for some of the classical songs that you play.
in my opinion they ran out of good ideas in 1952, with the introduction of the les paul. personally I dont like them at all. I think my $1200 schecter plays better than their $3500 sg's.
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my jobs too dirty for guitar . nothing but metal dust and oil everywhere.

I worked at taco bell for like two weeks and i had to work those hours. it ****ing sucked, i then had to get up at 7am for school.
Almost anything by the John Butler trio, especially oceans. Well ocassionally he uses a lapsteel, but most of their stuff is on a twelve.
The guys got a lot of talent, but he probably didn't have any friends as a child, I guess you can spend to much time playing guitar. One thing that I have always thought though, is when you play that fast, you cant even really hear what is being played. I don't really here a melody it just sounds like al;dsfkasjd;ovkd;kklkvsdkfd;kdlfknv;ln;jdasdf a bunch of random crap.