Need a sampler to sample some songs and use the tracks to Remix. Probably not willing to pay more than 200-300$.
seriously I can't find anything but a few songs from this album, if anyone knows an all encompassing music site please help me out.
looking for The Jam, Sound Affects song book, not totally sure it exists but I'm desperate to learn ALL the songs on the album. If anyone knows specialty music book stores or maybe a sight that has almost all music on it to learn, even if itr costs money, I know they exist but if anyone knows anything PLEASE inform me.
where in so cal. do you live?
Because being a zombie is the ideal state of mind, your determined, your dangerous, you get what you want, and I went Zombie for the good of my Humanity.
Sadly it's a rather recent development and idea so I have no samples, I live with my friend and by the summer we hope to have his room set up for recording and mixing.
i play bass but I'm really an awesome vocalist and i prefer guitar. Part of my plan is to play townshend meets summers.
I'm tempted, it's funny your screen names rock dj because I've been wanting to create an all purpose fusion rave band.
Sadly live in U.S. west coast man.
I've been thinking of something along these lines, where do you live?
Above The Clouds-Paul Weller
Long Hot Summer-Style Council
Since I've Been Loving You- Led Zeppelin
Lover You Should've Come Over-Jeff Buckley
Getting In Tune- The Who
Jimmy Page-48
Eric Clapton-46
Jimi Hendrix-47
Angus Young-4
Keith Richards- 23
Tony Iommi-34
Steve Clark-15
Phil Collen-4
Neal Schon-10 HURT
Brian May-28
Alex Lifeson- 15
Tommy Shaw-17
Pete Townshend-26 HEAL
didn't include Townhsend or many of the greats of the 60s
neil peart-19 HURT
john bonham-24
kieth moon-23 HEAL
ringo starr-19
rick allen-19
alex van halen-20
joey kramer-20
tico torres-15
steve smith-20
dennis elliot-21
bill ward-22
I live in the North Hollywood area and I'm looking for a lead guitar player. Want to start a Mod Band, influences should be The Who, The Jam, The Beatles, The Rascals, The Small Faces, etc. Should be able to rehearse about once a week.
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Sorry. Angus is good, but I don't in any way consider him a "guitar hero".

First of all man in a series of interviews with a bunch of guitar legends and asking them what to tell aspiring players to play well and they all gave long winded explanations. When they got to Angus
"Two words
Chuck Berry"
Second he is a god.

Chuck invented Rock & Roll and we'd be lost without him.
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A car? I got no idea...

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And the B-side...?

(For double points)

I'm the face

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What did roger Dalltrey buy with the money made form A Quick One.
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sinan knows he got it right. Your turn! [/pathetic attempt to start some sort of discussion]

They're actually both right.
Keith Moon's favorite Band?
Eddie Van Halen-18
Jimmy Page-24
Eric Clapton-21
Jimi Hendrix-26
Angus Young-20
Keith Richards-15
Joe Perry-14 Hurt
Tony Iommi-21
Richie Sambora-17
Steve Clark-19
Phil Collen-16
Neal Schon-18
Brian May-22
Alex Lifeson- 21
Tommy Shaw-20
Pete Townshend-22 Heal
No way nickolodeon's going to touch her.
He merely exists and is God. I truly believe he's god. My second answer would probably be Quadrophenia.
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**** you , **** your family, **** your dog, **** you cat, **** your friends, **** your coworkers, **** your book club, and I'd say **** your girlfriend but you probably don't have one.
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i listen to a lot of fugazi, bad religion, and black flag, but i didn't discover circle jerks, husker du, or mdc until many years later.

My dad almost played for the circle jerks, they're awesome and underrated.
I just recently was lent Gang of Four, Entertainment by my mom's boyfriend. I just can't believe that I'd never heard these guys, they were awesome. This ever happen to anyone else?
Learn all of Quadrophenia
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Dr.Jimmy- i play drums, bass and keyboard... thing is though, im in college and time is pretty hectic, but... i can always put time in for music. Not that i dont like metal.. well actually i dont like it. haha, but i would love to start a band thats just rad and away from all of these recent bands on the radio.. they just suck... no love and beautiful harmony you know?

Dude for the love of Townshend we gotta talk.
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Then why did you make this thread instead of asking it there?

But to answer your question, I can't, as I don't smoke.

You answered to not answer?
Fact or Myth? ( i know I know drug thread)
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MAN!!?? isnt there anyone here who doesnt listen to metal? any beatles/kinks fan? i guess people just wanna scream eh?

Hey man I hear you, What do you play because I'm trying to start a mod band.
I've got the perfect Idea. The Darkroom switch.
For anyone who bought the 2-disc version of superbad you MUST watch the trailer. This is a new movie by the same guys. It's about a weed called Pineapple Express and looks awesome. Any one else see this trailer?
Pink Floyd- 26
Led Zeppelin-20
Van Halen- 4
CCR- 15
The Beatles- 16
Aerosmith- 11 HURT
Ozzy Osbourne- 11
Black Sabbath- 19
AC/DC- 14
Jimi Hendrix- 21
The Rolling Stones- 18
The Who- 19 HEAL
This might very well be the Utmost in awesome in one song. Iggy's going nuts at the end and the guitar is just lethal. I don't think there's another stooges song to match this one.
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oh, and clearly in WWI we were supposed to bend over and take it while the germans took over?....

Defensive war is in no way contradictory of a peaceful religion

Aren't the germans christian? That's what I'm saying dumbass if they were really "christian" they would never have gone to war in the first place. and yes the Holocaust was a direct result of the economic depression in Germany caused by the treaty of Versailes and the fact that the germans took the blame for the war which was ended by a council of nine germans 7 of which were jewish and therefore hitler used that as an excuse for the Holocaust.
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Funny, we had to kill people to end the holocaust.... was that evil or hypocritical?

I knew this would come up. The holocaust was caused by WW1 therefore if the "christian countries" had never participated like their eligion mandated there would have been NO HOLOCAUST know you history
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WTF are you even talking about? The only entity that I'm accountable to is God. The "church" doesn't speak with the authority of God...neither does the pope.

What's more, supporting the war is supporting the troops...its the liberal brainwash that you've obviously bought into that says meaningless shit like, "I support the troops but not the war". There's your real hypocrisy...asshole.

Heh, you're right, we should just give the terrorists hugs. That'll teach em. Wake up hippy...the Bible outlaws know the definition of murder right?

but doesn't the pope speak with the authority of god or does the phrase "holy man on earth with closest connection to god" or "last night the pope spoke with god" not ring a bell. And if a "peaceful" religion supports ANYTHING about a war it's hypocracy.
Different sections of the church remind me of basketball teams, you all play the same game, you all entertain millions, and yet you just like to talk smack about each other for no real reason because you all play the same game.