Hello.If I was to run a wire from my speaker out jack to my computer and record using audacity would this damage anything?I have a vox AD50VT
Hello. I have an ibanex gio. An epiphone les paul and Vox AD50VT amp. Does anyone have any tips for a achieving an exellent metal tone.
Hello. In my playing I have realised my pinky is VERY weak. Any ideas on how to strengthen it? any exersises maybe?
[quote="'[P|E|R|S|O|N"]']I'm afraid that if I post mine I'll get banned

GRRR!!! Avatar stealer!!!
I would have but I like all my guitars. My GH one just seemed. "imperfect".

Also As you can seefrom the paint I dont really trust myself for painting something of value.
Killswitch basically does the same thing as strumming down on the thing-a-mo-bob wherethe strings should be. Il put neck pics up tommorow. Heres a video of someone elsewith a killswitch. not me but same thing
Ok first off. This was for fun because I was bored. Please dont rip my balls off.
(Can I say balls?)

I began with a simple plan. A brutal SG to wipe the floor with my oppenents.
Alas all I had to start with was this.

two days later my weapon of death was complete. BEHOLD

A closer view of my installed killswitch and carvings. Also some paint mess ups.

Im quite proudof myself As This is the first time Ive EVER soldered or painted and both came out great for my first time. (I wanted the paint to look uneven so I brought the spray can in and out at times)

What I did:::------

Broke off whammy bar for easier accesibility

Installed killswitch for badass jordan runs.

Painted body white

Painted the back of the neck white (not shown)

Carved lines in the sides

SOOOOOOO. what ya think???
i see. The thing is I already have the tab but right where my playing stopsi dont know what to play.
no one cares..........
Ok so after a month of serouis playling I decided I wanted to learn highway to hell as my first solo. Im trying but I dont know what to do after a certain part. I have tabs but it just sounds slow or wrong or fast when I play it. Can someone give me some tips? Also anyone hear anything I did wrong in the first few seconds? (CHECK MY PROFILE FOR THE CLIP)

Have you ever met slash?
"Woah. Stairway. Denied!" Waynes world FTW
Ok so I know theres a no stairway to heaven rule but well...............WHY? I just dont get it. Its just a song. Why cant you play it?
^ ah i see. well then. Im apoligize for my confusion.
yeah yeah i got some titles wrong so sue me.
I thought this was going to be p0rn.

There are several songs listed here all i know is

loser baby--beck
Bullet With Butterfly Wings --smashing pumpkins
black hole sun---soundgarden
basket case--greenday
Stone Temple Pilots -- Sex Type Thing
What are those other songs in there tho?
Hey. I want some new pickups to really make my epi LP pop. I want a classic rockins kinda sound. --AC/DC---Guns and roses--Led zeppelin---But still be able to play some metal like---Judas preist--metallica. Maybe some seymour duncans or something? Also I cant offord like $100 a pick up i need like $100 or les for a SET
I second this!

Epic fail.. but I tried..

It's 50x50 though

I call it!
Right. I got guitar lessons with three different teachers and then found one that was awsome. Start off with chords and scales if you can then maybe after finnishing major and minor chords try asking the student what they would like to play. Just have LOTS of patience and encourage a little. Just a few tips. not a schedule. Sorry if my post sounded bossy.
I have the standard andI love it. Play the standard and the custom and then pick.
I played a cube. Still liked the vox. Great
Cool. Thanks guys. Any pedal suggestions for a really metal tone tho?
Ok so ive been looking for a new amp with many tones andeffects that has a good sound and I went to the store to try out some amps. It was my absolute favorite in all the storeexept for a orange rocker head thatwas WAY out of my reach. BUT, and thats a big but. I couldnt crank it. Is it easily loud enough to get over a drummer? Any cons?
I like hard rock-- Metallica--

Vintage rock-- Van halen -- AC/DC

And blues-- Steve vai----BB king

Is there any difference in string brands?
im using some tab myguitar teacher gave me. I look atthe one on the site.
Hi first off Im not sure where this goes so i put it here. Ok then. Now Im trying to learn seek and destroy by metallica and I play thetab but it sounds off from the song.
Does it sound right when I play it? Im aware my stringsbuzz once or twice as this is a fast recording i threw together butit sounds how i normally play it. TO HEAR IT ITS IN MY PROFILE. Am I muting things i shouldnt? or playing the wrong notes?
Can someone tell my what I do wrong aside from my pick slips?

EDIT:: Also I know it cuts out at the end something got messed up while turning it to a mp3
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So know any websites that wouldgive my guitar effects while i play through my computer speakers?
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I cried a lot when I saw bridge to Terabithia.

And in the Guardian, and A Walk to Remember.

WAHHHH!!!! leslie............. Icried for two hours and had to constatly remind myself it was a movie.

I also criedin -- the buterfly effect, aramagedon, and some other disney movie.
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Hey is there anyway to get new games or get my iPod nano to play video?
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Don't bother getting too healthy, it's not like we have to hunt dinosaurs or fight pirates anymore. Just healthy enough to not be dying should be fine

Coming from to to me thats not much help.

you have::??????

Im:: and asmatic, diabetic, with a high heart attack risk,High cholestorol. Great. OH and I havean A1C of 11.2. It should be 4-5 for meto be healthy. Also I cant spell.
I literally just hit my keyboard. this is sick and twisted.
so no more ordering four plain cheeseburgers at mcdonalds?
Hello. Now I will start at the begginging. Two years ago I was strong thin and fast. a year ago I broke my femer badly. Now Im just begging to walk again so Ive seen my self in the mirror and MAN. Im fourteen and only weigh 98 pounds but holy mama jamma. I have a huge stomach outwards where i once had a six pack. I have goddamn love handles. And Im pretty sure a few inches of my wing doodle have been sucked into my now flabby body. I cant run or bike yet but I know to do exersizes. IE:push ups, sit ups, wieghts. But what do I eat? I have REALLY bad taste buds and the only meat i like is salmon, chicken, turkey. and the only greens i like are broccoli and beans. I like almost all fruit but is that enough?