I recently acquired a DigiTech hot head pedal. I didn't know it wasnt working. I didn't pay for it Anyway, I was going to put new battery in but when I took the old oneoiut it was so corroded the negative terminal came off the battery connector on the pedal. So I went to plug it in to a power supply on my pedal board. The light came on but could not shut it off. Very faint light I might add. So I know it gets power.

I finally got the back off the board came out and upon inspection of the PC board I noticed that one section of the board was corroded as much as the battery terminals were. As of right now I've been scratching the corrosion off with a small pocket knife. While doing this I am also scratching the green silicone off of the copper leads to make sure that there are no broken connections. I am doing this randomly as I don't feel the need to look at all connections.

So what I'm wondering is this: is it possible that the corrosion was affecting the proper voltages to flow through the circuit properly. Could it be that after cleaning the contacts, current flows will be what they should and I'll be able to use this pedal? Or since I've been reading the very few articles I could find, could this thing be toast and probably not worth the effort to repair?

The resisiters and ICS are so damn tiny I doubt I'll be able to get all the corrosion from some of the contacts but I will be trying!

Anyway, any advice about something like this would be greatly appreciated!

I'm no electronics guy but I know a little. It looks like there are no less than three sections of components. There is only one section that has corrosion build up but not a lot. Every contact is corroded. On the reverse side of the pedal I had to scrape some of the plastic to remove corrosion from those. They look way better now than they did. None of the chips or resisters seems to be exploded or deformed at all but I understand this means nothing when it comes to electronics.

Thanks y'all!
I own a crate vtx212. I bought at a pawn shop a few months ago. I realized pretty quick that there was a 60 cycle hum coming out. I have tried multiple things to reduce this him but nothing works. I bought a vtx200 to replace. Anyway, was wondering if someone could lead me in the right direction to find the him. Capacitor/resister that maybe the problem or if I should just use the speakers as extensions to the vtx200. I have tried different outlets, different homes, different wiring but nothing has changed.

I am competent in soldering. I am competent working on electronics but not when it comes to tracing problems any and all help suggestions is appreciated
specifically long beach. i just moved here about 2 months ago. im looking for some people to jam with really. i dont have my own guitar anymore....sold them all to come here....but i canjam and im damn good. want/ need to jam some besides sit on my ass here since no one will hire me to mop floors or wash dishes or whatever. Anyway, let me know something!
hey yall. I was wondering about being able to get some of my music off of my profile. I have lost all of the recordings for my music and would like to see if its possible to get thh actual mp3 from off the server and if it is, can you please tell me how to do so. I think I read once on UG that it wasnt possible but could not find it earlier when I looked. But if it is I would be mighty pround of the person that can help me!
lots of things. broke things. said shit I shouldnt have said. punched shit. broke my hand. broke distortion boxes, smashed pick guards. Ive done many a stupid thing being pissed off and I hope that my wife can or will forgive me for some of the things I ve done personally to her while pissed.....
ne werd thtas mispeled is anoying to me. especially when im reading a book and theres bad spellings or bad grammar which is more than enough to make me reread a sentence 10 times before i understand what theyre trying to say
First you question my answer: I would downpick all the 0's and up pick the 5-7 and 8 notes myself. and the the 0's in the middle, id probably do an alt pick thing there. but it would depend on how it sounded to me.

When I first started learning the guitar I was heavily into metallica and all the articles I read was downpick this and downpick that. Since then ive learned that not all those songs can be played with JUST downpicking. there are times when alt. picking works better. Listen to whats going on rhythmically and then decide which will be better for YOU.

One of those songs I like to dispute in my head is Creeping Death. I would try to do all downpicks in that tune but the more I tried the more I failed. So one day I decided to try alt picking and I nailed it the first time and have done so since so......
if it were an electric with an amp: something like master of puppets or my personal fav fade to black.

Acoustic: cumbersome, knockin on heavens door, cant you see.....

And really quite possibly whatever came to mind since I draw blanks when someone asks me to play whatever I want so.....
ok guys, heres my problem. I was married in 95 divorced in 01 and now remarried. My first wife and I had 2 children. I havent seen them since 2001, but only because I decided I wasnt good enough to be a part of their lives. How shitty huh? so 9 yrs go by no word from me to them. I wish so much I had done things differently. Ok so now here I am. ****ed up in the head, depressed as hell and just basically a pile of shit! Anyway, I want to write a letter to my ex wife. I would like to be able to at least try to get back into my kids lives and then stay in their lives. (NOT TO MOVE IN OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT) i mean even if they said they hate me I owuldnt care. Yeah it would hurt, buit at least theyd be talking to me right?

I dont know where to begin with writing a letter to the ex. My wife read my first letter behind my back of course, and got quite upset with me....enough that I had to sleep outside in the weather last night. I didnt mention her in the letter, but because I feel that she doesnt need to know anything about me or my life. I dont need to know about hers, (the ex's). I dont need her to know anything so it wont cloud her judgement on whether shell let me see or talk to the kids.

I dont want to disrupt their life in anyway. I mean they have a man already who stepped up to the plate to take them in. I can only appreciate that. Only if hes doing right by them!

Anyway, if anyone has ANY suggestions at all, please, please give me something. If you want extra info, ask me. I tell all. I wont hold anything back!

I do wonder if its even worth the effort. I cant pour my heart out to her. I cant even think of the right things to say. I would love to be able to write a letter to my kids but without a sign of life, what would be the use? someone? anyone? hello??
gatechballer - well spoken my friend! thats pretty good thinking. I swear to you one day early last week, this tune and broken..... went through my mind all day long. there was something i couldnt figure out and I had to break out the bible and read about Judas. The end result was that theat the deceptor returned the money he got and then went to his home and committed suicide.

but when he talks of pacify and sanctify, hes talking about peacefulness and "holiness." which are words "normally accepted" as associations with christianity. from life and death points of view this could be the same thing since Satan, to MY understanding, is a God. so "sell your soul" and "I will set you free" would make since.

What if what hes really saying in a roundabout way his belief in Jesus Christ as being the Son of the Father? Like when he says "when the fire is dead and gone", isnt that usually associated with something like being dead or "zombie"-like? he says "pacify your demons" meaning to "restore to a state of peace" (

Could he be saying Judas kissed Jesus because he knew that in Jesus there was peace and life in him? Because he was a follower AND teacher of christianity, so he knew but he did as evil wanted but he had no peace afterwards and committed suicide.
ok. take the lyrics of judas kiss and tell me what they mean to you:


go here: for lyrics.

their saying something special but I dont know what and I want your opionions!

keep in mind that the one they call Judas committed suicide after he realized what he had done.
HELL YEAH NIGGYHED! From the beginning to the end I was getting off on it! Very well put together man. I see myself drivin n jammin
I really didnt go for the beginning of the tune, very nirvanish especially when it went from clean to dist. (something there wasnt quite sounding right at all.

The distortion part was pretty cool though. I heard some C.O.C. in that and was really digging certain parts. And I heard vocals, (in my head), at times so thats cool.

I likey....
I listenned to this track and really thought to myself "This is song youd hear on the radio!" Very cool dude. I know the recording quality isnt that good but I liked it. At least I could hear what all was going on and where. I do agree with whoever siad that the rim shots didnt need to be there. I also think the vol-swells should be worked on. I think they should be less invasive to the ears when they cut off. Over all though: Good job. my hand
screaming growling vocals
i thought that Ibanez was a japanese company originally?? Am I wrong? Didnt they produce guitars in the early 70's and get sued by an American company because they were making high quality instruments that rivaled theirs? Now I may be wrong and occassionally I am, but I am pretty sure I am right.
Iron Maiden-Peice of Mind
Metallica- Master of Puppets
Third Day- Chronology Vol 1
Joe Satriani- Crysal Planet
Warrant- Dog Eat Dog / Skid Row- Sub-Human Race Toss up between the last 2
according to this Im 108. Under average I guess. I think average is 115 or so so I guess Im an idiot right?
Granted I dont know much about my family but as far as I know I am the only one who has any form of musical knowledge. My dad told me when he was in school many moons ago that he had played some sort of instrument. My sister had an acoustic but she never played it and Im sure she hasnt done anything with it since but I dont know. That was 20+ years ago. As far as aunts, uncles and cousins and all those other family oriented words, I dont know. Of course I am the only peice of shit in the family too so......
i am not quite sure where I went wrong listening to this one but I dont think I liked it very much. The leads were cool but something wasnt hitting me right so I quit listening to it and listened to the other one, "Lovesong."

That one I liked, was way cool dude!

EDIT: Ok I went back and listened again. I think my problem with it is that the distorted guitar maybe has to much high end. Seems like the chord tones and chord changes interfere with each other somehow. Overall its pretty cool though.
the worst thing for me is this: When I havent played for awhile, (a couple of weeks usually), and I pick up the guitar and plug it in and just getting warmed up and then someone, (my wife), will come in and want me to do something like a) spend more time with her, b) do as she tells me to do, c) listen to her bitch about all the things she can bitch about. (Sometimes she does have something for me to do that cant wait like take the trash out, watch tv, or spend more time together.)

Its just a way to keep me from playing the guitar since I dont listen to or play country. So Im the @zzHole.
I used to paint houses for a living until I got sick of it and quit. then I did nothing for the longest time. Now I am painting again and still hate it. I guess its better than playing music eh?
Normally its after I havent played in a few weeks and then it depends on what mood im in. If im pissed off, I write some pretty good metal. If Im depressed, well I write some pretty good (or decent), "bluesy" type stuff, and if Im just in an all around good mood, usually some funky upbeat something.

EDIT: And no matter what mood Im in I never get to write lyrics to any music I write.
heres what i do: i tune the e then the a, d and g normally. When I get to the b string I tune it with the 4th string D and 2nd string 3rd fret and the high e 3rd fret with the open 3rd string; (also known as "an octave higher"). After that I sound a 2 note power chord beginning at the low e and work myself up using open chords. When I get to the the D chord, I use root, 5th and octave. If these waver some, I tune the b string either up or down. then I tune the high e with a open g, 2nd string third fret d and 1st string 3rd fret g. If these waver I tune the high e string. Most times this works for me. I have found though that sometimes a power chord played higher on the neck will sound funny. Why? Because the intonation is out of whack. This may not work for some but may for others.
Ive heard everything there is to hear about Metallica. To me the truth is this: They kick ass. However, after Master Of Puppets, they went downhill. ClifF Burton was Metallica, (to me anyway), and the day he died, they sucked. I learned all of the first 3 albums and a few off off the others. I will always buy their albums, I will always learn at least one song off each album and I will always consider them to be major influences in my music, (no matter what I play). BUt they have difinitly lost their touch!
when i was younger Id play Whiplash when I was pissed off. Fast and bada**! Now I play my own fast stuff but that one would chill me out pretty quickly.

edit: I wouldnt have posted either if I had read the dates! 2007 and then today? What?? Sorry yall!
a brass or bone nut (i really want the LSR roller nut but since my last experience ended with losing 2 of the bearings afetr like 2 months, i would want one thats really tough.), and maybe a tone circuit similar to E.C.'s, something more suited for me, but since Im not E.C. I cant afford to have someone custom build a circuit for me.
basically its a decoration. It wasnt there as a "so they dont scratch the wood" thing. after all dont you scratch the pickguard? On non pg guitars you dont scratch the wood but you put light scratches on the clear coat or whatever they call it
AirForge, see thats what I pretty much understand through 20 years of messing around with cars.

The bolt came loose on right side, the one wheel i DIDNT supervise as I was inside talking to my wife about the brakes.

On the fornt brakes the pads have a certain way to go on. There are clips that hold them in place on the outside of rotor and a center clip to pushed into the piston on caliper on the inside of rotor.

But I wasnt aware of any set left or right configuration. and they did work just fine till the bolt came loose. We got it fixed but my wife thinks Im a complete idiot about it and now I know she wont ever let me do anything again which is really fine with me.

edit ShaunDiel thanks man i appreciate it
USA lies cheats and steals to further their agendas around the world so as not to diminish our "SuperPower" status.

And apparantly pretty good at it as no one has ever ventured onto US soil to attack us without being b**ches about it and hijacking planes.

However as Americans who are not politically motivated, we tend to come together when the country needs it or pretty much, once again, around the world wherever its needed. Probably more than any other country around the globe. I mean like medial suppies, food supplies, clothing and other things. Hurricanes, tornados and other natural diasters, stuff like that.

But Im sure other countries are pretty good at it too.
I know that like me someone has a hobby or things they like to do besides play guitar. It could working on cars, (maybe its their day job), or scuba diving or whatever, but I need a question anwsered about brakes.

Vehicle is 2002 Ford F150 5.4 V8. I am under the assumption that brake pads are fitted for inside the rotor and outside the rotor. Right? Or are they Left Inside and Left Oustide and Right Inside and Right Outside?

Heres what happened: Ive done brake work many times on my own vehicles. MY cars not others normally as a rule. So my wifes truck we just got needed rotors turned and so I did all the taking apart and had them turned, bought new pads and put them on. However, I had a helper who told my wife that he's done all this and more on cars. Being he was military mechanic, I trusted this and realized that he really hadnt done much before, as theres only one way to take take the calipers off to get rotors off, correct? OK so I didnt pay attention when he was putting right side brakes together as one of the bolts came loose and apparently the other was about to come out also. Imagine what could have happened!!

Well, another guy came over this weekend and siad that we had put mixed up the left and right sides of pads and this and that.

Now I know there is only one way to put pads on th ecalipers but Im not so sure there is a suck thing as a left and right sides for pads. I have never heard that from any one in my entire life and my brakes have never failed. EVER! So is what they say correct or what I say correct?
just give it away

just use the tabs from here dude and enjoy it....they may not be perfect but their damn good enough!
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Only if your living a year ahead of everyone else...

Now that was phookin fuuunnny!
iron man, i know it but not by heart. I can play it if im at 0 on the volume knob; None of Freebird except first chord (isnt that a c/g maj#11b9) Oh I dont know! Or any of those other overplayed songs that sound really good the first few thousand times youve heard them but then get old really fast.
any band I played with
i can hear it now blah blah blah.....Its gods will but who am i to say? Thast what I believe though we can be helpful in our paths by doing whats right
Stairway to heaven. Still dont know it!
I have in the past but the consequences arent worth it now. Im too ol dfor that ****
well i9 wouldnt do it right now as I cant just be given a new one...but if I did Id break one every day till the money ran out!