It has been over a year, this release took some patience and a lot of learning.

Anointed by the Elders by Carbonized Gnawing Mandible is released as of January 16th, 2013
Band members are Brent and Luke

Listen here:

Album art by Chris Horst

Mmm yes, I've been wanting these, I will help if I can. I've had it in mind but I still haven't gotten around to it.
- Artist: Fides Inferno
- Album: Correspondence
- Genre: Downtuned, acoustic driven, ambient, drone, death/doom.

1. Vacant 04:34
2. Translation 03:13
3. Misinterpretation 07:34
4. Transmission 06:02
5. Why Are Your Eyes So Cold 03:08
6. Immortal Response 04:24
7. My Hands Are Done 05:42




Credits to shaolinlambkiller on metal archives for creating the great artwork.
This is my first album for this project, all music and vocals was written, recorded, and mixed by me. Any comments or feedback on these strange sounds would be appreciated.
^ thank you, that helped explain things. I am trying to get this down on my own, but it's confusing.

I looked at a bunch of chord theory explanations, but none of them explained how to work backwards... finding the chord name from the given notes... help?
hey, you have skill man.

If you don't like to play at a slower pace thats fine, just ignore the ***s that discriminate against personal preference. Define you're own music.
Needs crunchy solo. I think. And expand the riff more, find some advanced chords to play or make some up on your own. That's what I do.
I hate the vocals.

Other than the EQ or whatever its called... it sounds good. My opinion on recording and such isn't worth much though.
Hmm... my guitar teacher must have emphasized staccato too much.
I had to record with low gain on the mic, so that might have something to do with it on the classical style one. That's the song I'm more worried about with technique and sound. The other two songs were just for fun fooling around with effects on the recorder, so I'm just wondering if those are enjoyable or not.
3 songs I recently recorded are here on my UG profile

Experimental/Instrumental/Metal/Drone is what I would classify my style as, maybe some more strange sub-genres would be more accurate.

I don't care how bad you're criticism is, so far I've only had uneducated positive reactions from a couple of friends...
It's D tuning. Some of the harmonics can't be done in any other tuning.

I just started tabbing it out today...
Quote by captivate
This is what I also think may be happening.

Try tying them on the normal way and see if they break. Nylon strings need a week or two of solid playing before they fully stretch out(don't use any pre-stretching methods that you would use with a steel string because the nylon strings will break). Once they stretch out, they'll stay in tune for ages.

Nylon strings retain their tone for much longer than steel strings. You shouldn't need to change them more than 3 or 4 times a year at most. Although, I'm not a classical player, so I may be wrong on that.

Thanks, I just tied it on the normal way. Is reusing the same string a good idea?
I play a lot so I change strings every 3 or three months when they get grimy.
Quote by captivate
Then why do you have ball ended strings? They should really be tied onto the bridge in the traditional manner.

Because they were made that way, and they are quicker/easier to restring. They seem to stay in tune better, though I'm not sure if the quality is that great since I'm no expert.
Quote by captivate
Hold up.

Are you playing a steel string guitar? or a nylon string guitar?

Nylon... it's a classical guitar.
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but my high E keeps either snapping off at the bridge, or pulling out of the ball end. The original plastic ball end split (italian strings, D'orazio ball end nylon) so I tied it to a bead. The bead worked fine for a week or so, then today it just snapped, didn't pull out of the bead, just snapped at the bridge. Should I use a different brand? Or is my technique just wrong? All the other strings are fine...

I don't care what you say, classical music can beat the crap out of any metal/rock/punk music I've ever heard.
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The difference is that Evolution is backed up by both observational and experimental evidence.

Creationism is backed up by nothing other than faith.

What evidence? Problem is, there's been so many theorys made up by evolutionists that have been proved wrong, so they have to come up with new "observations" to back up what they were trying to prove before. Take for example, how old the earth is. How many times has that changed? The earth can't possibly be older than even a million years old because of the rate that the earths magnetic field degenerates.
I'm trying to disprove evolution, not prove intelligent design.
How can you possibly observe evolution?
Neither evolution nor creation can be proven by science.

Both are believed because its a personal opinion. Neither can 100% prove his theory entirely.

Evolution is an accepted idea in all areas of our world today, and anyone who even thinks differently is looked down upon, and their explanations are waved off as superstition.

My opinion is that either neither or both of these two beliefs should be taught. People need to understand both sides of an argument before deciding which one makes more sense. Ignorance helps nobody.

If you haven't guessed already, I chose Creationism. My reason is that history has already proven much of the Bible, and any references to everything scientific that can be observed today is accurate.

The life of a person who believes in evolution is sad. There is no reason to live, no purpose to do anything, all your feelings, thoughts, and actons are only brain patters that mean nothing. I honestly couldn't live like that.
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Exactly as is said above... you're going to have a hard time getting $170 out of it I would imagine.

are you including the strap, case (hardcase) with that?
I bought the case, guitar, strap and stuff for 200. I want to sell for at least 170. But I dunno. I could work for lower.
well, I need the money to buy an electric guitar. And Im getting sick of acoustic.
Im actually in the states now, but It would be my parents that would sign up for ebay and they dont want to. So no I have a friend that might set me up with someone at a guitar shop. I was just looking for suggestions if that doesnt work.
model number says RD8. And I cant get an ebay account. If I could I would.
I bought a used Alvarez a year and a half ago and Im looking for a way to sell it. I dont use ebay or any online thing. Any good ideas?
I can just imagine my mom bending over like an old lady just to turn my amp off.
The only thing my mom does is turn my stereo off to talk to me.
Can't they just leave us alone?!
tubabOy, didnt I just say that I tried to delete them but their explanation of how to is too complicated? I cant find anything about 'cookies' in the computers files.
Emailing UG doesnt work. I emailed them a couple months ago and a day ago and got no replys. Im having trouble with logging off. Everytime I log out, it comes up with the "all cookies disabled!" thing, but when I go back to the home page, it says Im still logged in. Im leaving and not using this computer in a week, and someone else wants an account on this computer, but he cant cause Im always logged in.
I tried the FAQ, but their cookies disabler thing is too complicated. Help me, PLEASE!
I think Im OK, but not as good as most of the people here. Started 4 years ago and I only played classical for 2 years. But every time I see someone who can play like Kristofer Dahl, I feel extremely inferior. Maybe because I am.

I like heavy metal, rock, classical.... even rap. I like everything.
I dont have more than 300 dolars to spend so I would like a 100 to 200 dollar guitar.
Which guitar do you think I should get?
Ive spent 3 yrs playing classical guitar and I always sit with it classical style. But I found that sitting with the guitar on the right leg is better when playing acoustic.
Electric is better standing up. I like to have the strap tighter so that its easier to reach all the notes.
1st English
2nd Russian
3rd partial Ukrainian
Skillet-1-Whispers in the Dark
Stryper- To Hell With the Devil
3d bull horns.


Black with green or yellow neon designs.

a picture of your favorite band if its possible.
does it matter?
I use any kind I have.
1st: most people God killed, they were directly disobeying Him. I mean, He created us, why cant He take us out?
2nd: I wouldnt say Satan hasnt killed anyone.