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Low Self-Esteem it seems.
He needs to think better of himself.

But that is his choice, and his life to live.
That last line is totally harsh to himself.

If he really thinks that, I feel sad for him honestly.

Firstly he has to stop thinking that way, I mean seriously.

"Whether you think you can or you can't either way your right" - Henry Ford
New song by Every Minute Can Kill on their myspace.
Hey if you like Hardcore, Screamo or Progressive. Check out Every Minute Can Kill or

Myspace page:

A friend of mine's band. Their good in my opinion.
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Is MMPR the one where there was that dude with the long hair and that old guy in the desert that talked to them?

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the only plus to the show is that Buckethead wrote the intro song.

He did not write it.

Ron Wasserman did.
Why not him Drum and sing? Sure it would be hard, but other bands have their singer as their drummer too. Just like, a guitarist that sings while he plays. See if he can do both, or wants to try it.
The FDA has made a law that, if something is said to cure this or something is said to help aid in this, then it is classified as a drug. And Cheerios is aiding of lowering Cholesterol.
FDA how much more money do you want?
I have about the same problem, I soldered the one back on, but now my guitar sounds like the tone is cut.
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blemish means a scratch or a nick so it shouldnt effect the playing.

That's all it is? If thats the case then, that is one heck of a price cut, from 1,000 that I normally see for it as new. And thanks.
Maybe you could raise your pups just a little.
I seen for a Dave Mustaine VMNT Blemished you can get it for 630.
I was wondering if you guys think that it is a good deal or not?
I was going to get a VMNTX one but then I seen for just twice as much I can get this but since it's blemished will that effect how it plays and what not. Has anyone here bought a blemished via online website. Here is where I seen it:
Thanks Guys.
Interesting...I like it. Keep it up bro.
In your opinion what is the Best Music Theory Guide/Column/Lessons that is on UG..
That you have found that helped you the most in learning Music Theory.
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i said its an 8gig. and i dont want to jailbreak it. i just want to be able to use my email app.

I believe he was asking is it a 2nd Generation (2G), not the Gig's
Mortification anyone??
Thank You to Everyone
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Poe was a poet, not a lyricist, BUT -

I'm gonna throw my vote in for Maynard.

If not him, then Chris Cornell or Layne from AIC.

He wasn't just a poet, he wrote short stories too, and thats what lyrics are
I want to know who you guys think are the top 5 best lyrcist, and it doesn't matter the genre. Now when I say lyricist I am refering to as this: An Edgar Allan Poe type of lyricst, by all means im not saying totally evil here, just having that mysterious, twisting, story like Poe, and its not straight forward you have to really use your brain to understand it, and its very creative. I have no clue, so thats why I made this thread haha Thanks everyone.
Wow, Awesome, Looks like I have some songs now to play, Thanks Everyone
Thanks Guys, some good stuff here
Hey all, since Halloween is coming up soon, next Friday actually, I want to play some Halloween type music and well..

I am looking for suggestions, right now my brain is dead, I can't think of a single song.
Anyone know some Halloween Themes and/or Halloween type Songs.

Thank You, and Keep Rockin'
no, you can play them:
this is an E5, E power chord
The second one, I forget Dang it
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you're obviously new around here.
why dont you go for an MG while you're at it

i would have to say a Roland Cube 30x, they sell for about...$220?
well worth the price in my opinion.

Just checked it, and the price at musiciansfriend is 229.
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The word that you must focus on, on this statement is sick like sick

So your opinion on it, is it sucks?
Hey guys, I am looking for the a good sounding amp, being a metalhead, I would like a amp that would have a close sound to Megadeth, or Metallica or both or any amp that would be good for metal, thrahs/speed Metal. Price Range 100 to 300 bucks. I don't know much about amps, so thats why I am asking. Thanks everyone, Peace Out!!
Hey all, I would like to see if anyone can tab any of the songs of the Megaman X6 game.
Thank You all for your help. Well on one reviewer had 5 out 5, and said he has been playing for 16 years. Another person had 5 out of 5 stars, and he said he has been playing for 15 years. And in the review it sounds like they know what they are talking about.
In No way is it cheating. When I use tabs, I use them as a base or a guide line. And if I think something sounds better another way, I will just change it.
I am just looking for a cheap (cheap as in price not quality,) guitar, and I seen the Dean Vendetta XM around 100 dollars, and I checked out the reviews and a lot were very positive. Anyone here have or play the Dean Vendetta XM, I would like to have more opinions about the guitar. Specifically, the action on it, and the pick-ups, and the neck what shape is it and is it fat wide, or thin smaller. Thanks Everyone, Peace Out!!
I play 2 string power chords with my 1st and 3rd fingers no matter where the 2 string power chord is at, unless it further than 2 frets apart, like what your talking about what your learning, I would use the 2-4 frets with my 1st and 3rd finger and then fret the 5 fret with my pinky or the 4th finger. I am starting to learn spider-riffing, which is Dave Mustaine technique.
Anyway about your pain, it will go away, but just do it for a little bit or how long it feels comfortable to you, and when it starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable stop playing, and take a break on it. I know it's not set in stone, but I would highly recommend using your 1st and 3rd fingers for 2 string power chords, it will make it easier doing other stuff, and down the road, but you don't have to just something I recommend to do, and I also recommend you try some scales to stretch out those fingers, again take your time and play until you start to feel some kind of pain or feels uncomfortable just stop, good luck to you, take care and God Bless!!
Hey all, I need some help on a riff in Set The World Afire, it's were Dave uses his spider riffing techinque, if that doesn't help to know where it is at here is a link to a live vid on youtube, it starts at 1:20 and ends at 1:30. Heres the link:
I have checked tabs on here and on different sites, just what I have seen on the tabs doesn't seem right, and I have tried my-self to get it, and can't, which ticks me off even more, I really need more ear training!! I did get most most of it up to that point by my-self, little help from tabs tho. I appreciate any help on this, God Bless, and Rock ON!!
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There's a Megadeth son with the same title, not sure if there's a relevance....?

Probably not : (

EDIT: Never read the book, what is it about? I'm curious now :P

The Megadeth song is almost like Dave's autobiography in a song, How Dave scewed up back in the day(no pun intended). I don't really think it has to do anything with the book but then again I never read the book, so really I ouldn't know, but hopefully that clears up on what the song means, and good luck to you on this project, PEACE!!
Yes you can add to the list, and that is a very good question, considering Dave himself said that the necks on his Dean felt better and a solid feel than any of his previous guitars.
I put this in the pit, and now to here, anyway,

Hey, I wanna know how many of you out there that have Dave Mustaine Dean Sig. V VMNT1 The price is around 1,000 buck, well also to those who have it, how do you like, it?? Hows the pick-ups sound, hows the neck on it, and considering its a V is it comfortable to play?? Thanks for all of your responses I really Appreciate it, Peace Out and Rock On!!! God Bless!!
Hey, I wanna know how many of you out there that have Dave Mustaine Dean Sig. V VMNT1 The price is around 1,000 buck, well also to those who have it, how do you like, it?? Hows the pick-ups sound, hows the neck on it, and considering its a V is it comfortable to play?? Thansk for all of your responses I really Appreciate it, Peace Out and Rock On!!! God Bless!!
It's really all about preference, what you like, how the guitar feels to you, and what type of style your playing.