Alot of people have said for sweeps and scales etc. this is one of the main reasons, but I have another, with alot of people trying to get new guitar sounds today they utilise odd things...i.e. the 24th fret on the low E, why you ask? Listen to the tone, play some basic melody on the B and high E...then move that some melody to the area around the top of the neck on the low E, hear the difference? Anywho, thats my two cents, cheers.
I'm sorry but I disagree with those above...strats are great, but they can't play everything, I dunno what specifically to say you should consider, but you should test them out for yourself if you have a local music store that lets you try things out...or some other means....I'm afraid it's another thing thats more sorta personal preference. Anyway, this is just my opinion. Hope you get the right axe for you.
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stickers wont hurt the sound quality if its not touching any parts...

Well if thats the case than do you mean all parts, or just some, like pickups and stuff?
hey, this is gonna sound really noob, but i was just wondering if there was an incredibly easy way of customising my guitar and/or my bass. I was gonna put stickers on it, but i thought this might ruin the sound quality of please
I basically do all of the above lol
Ive got a Samick Flying V, my dream guitar would be a Black Caparison Orbit w/Tremolo Bridge and black hardware, 27 frets.......damn that'd be nice
Well Drop B for my medium gauge strings, surprisngly not too much string buzz......I don't really need it for much.....gotta say straight tunings always sound better to me, like not drop D, straight D like in Children of Bodom, just my opinion, easier to play scales in aswell, so improvising is always easier in that because its basic.