Thanks a bunch, both of you.
Can somebody maybe shed some light on why this would be happening? I was thinking it could be pickup height, but it's not something I fully understand what's going on. I get this almost hiss out of my amp when I'm not playing. And it feels like it's really based on pickup height, but I just have no idea........and I can't afford to pay some guy to look at it for an outrageous price. Does anyone think they might be able to point me in the right direction?'s not grounding. It doesn't go away when I'm touching metal. It's also more of a hiss, and it lessens when I turn mids and highs down. It's a Ernie Ball Sterling. It also isn't there if I play extremely soft, but if I play harder, it buzzes terribly.

I'm at a loss.....I don't know if I can afford to go have a techie charge me an assload of money just for something I might be able to fix........
I think it could be a grounding problem, because it's the bass only, not the amps.

Can I just google what to do or does somebody wanna help me out? I'm sort of nub at this stuff.
Yeah. It's like a high-pitched hum. When I play, it's just a distorted mess.
My bass is making buzzing noises through both of my amps. I am sure it's amp distortion, I can't even begin to try to pinpoint the problem, or what it could be, or how to fix it...........I have active pickups and I have very very recently changed my battery. My bass was sort of out of tune, so I had tuned it back up(a fairly substantial amount).
Yeah, it does have active electronics, I didn't even think about that.
I am getting an awful buzz, not fret buzz, but buzz from the amp. I have tried various amps and it sounds ****ing awful. It just buzzes on everything, and is muddy as hell. I have no idea where to even start looking for problems.......and I don't know if the bass needs repaired.
If the fret buzz is on the second fret by way of the first position, is that a truss or action problem?
After sort of fixing my fret buzz problem (IE it's only present when I fret like a pansy or play really hard) I've been wondering if fret buzz DOES come through the amp in the guise of less sustain and a "lifeless" sounding note? My MM Sterling has a tiny bit of buzz at the first position, but my situation doesn't allow me to play through an amp at the house, so I can't really tell if this is case. Any advice, knowledge and flame is welcome.
a bump with another question.........
I'm have a bit of trouble turning the rod at the bottom. It's pretty stiff(I assume because it's brand new), and I don't want to force it. Should I just take it to a professional? I can easily do Action and truss rod adjustments, but I get really nervous when it doesn't turn.
Yes. Only that position on the entire instrument.
I recently purchased a musicman sterling, and I have found that on the E string, fretting the first note causes buzz. I have located that it is buzzing on the second fret. Now, should I simply go have this bass completely re-set up, or should I simply do it myself? And how so?
SWIM's dad totally knows SWIM smokes pot, and is totally cool with it.

Is this awesome y/n
1. Name one bassist who’s influenced your playing. Which bassist is closest to your personality?
Ray Shulman. I don't know any bassists personally enough to answer the second half.

2. Which musician (not a bassist) influences/ed how you approach playing bass?
Jack White.

3. What was the first CD/LP/Mp3 download you ever owned (and be honest)?
Painkiller - Judas Preist.

4. You’re stranded on an island for a week. What CD would be your desert island disk and why?
Man, hard one. I'll have to get back to you on that.

5. Name one person who supports your musical aspirations and how they support you.
My dad. He's just a big supporter and advocate of being a musician.
Everyone enjoy your day.
D: some disgusting hybrid of bass and guitar
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
My, such a lovely post.
Perhaps you could include a picture to more accurately describe what you're feeling right now.

Funny, but he has a point. You're absolutely intolerant of anyone dissenting you. Belittling everybody doesn't make you seem any better.
Quote by Aerokizzombie
still not seein your point.

She believes one thing, he believes another. She shouldn't be trying to make him believe what she does.

He's most likely referring to the "I don't care if I live under her roof" statement.
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
Parent imprint us with their values. That's part of their ROLE as parents.
Another is to teach us to think for ourselves.
Yet another is to teach us how to make decisions.

Time and place for everything. Balance.

If I think for myself, and my choices are rejected, what does that say?
Parents should not imprint their values on their children. My father doesn't. He is very tolerant of my ideas.
Quote by Zaphikh




Elaborate for me, please?
Quote by Zoot Allures
only one way to sort this out.

Tune to drop B

turn gain up to max

scoop mids

Chug br00talz metulz

edit: to make this a proper reply i'll state the obvious (or what i think should be obvious) which is that no child should be forced to go to church if they dont believe in the religion. Religion is a personal thign and shouldn't be forced

best advice ever
brb chugging
Quote by Jackal58
I f you were my kid I'd flush your cell phone down the toilet.

Glad you're not my parent, then.
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
Don't worry about that, Junior. The big people will continue with that matter.

Just focus your attention to post #59 where I put dissected your abortion of an attempt to advise.
In case it was too subtle for you to comprehend, the bolded part was your clue that you don't get to decide a parent's fitness.

People might respect you, if you quit acting like a condescending dickhead.
You bring good points to the table, but completely ruin them by your delivery.

Just sayin'.

EDIT: there's an M in them. I swear. <___<
Quote by poopsmith666
don't get me wrong dude, i voice my opinions about shit/argue with my mom all the time, its just that it never comes to anything. She will never see my point, no matter how stupid hers is or how good mine is. If you want to keep up your opinions, by all means, but know that it wont just result in her saying "oh bassnguitar you were always right and i'm eternally wrong and everything you say forever is right", it will just result in more arguing so, if you wanna argue, go ahead, but if you don't wanna argue, try to see her side of shit sometimes, its actually not that hard

:p Wasn't directed at you, you've been particularly supportive. I think I could get through my mom's head eventually, I feel it could happen. I definitely can see her side, as well. It's her house, I'm not 18, her religion tells her as such, etc. I still feel strongly against the punishment I received for it. If it was lesser, I would most likely not be as miffed about it. It still bothers me that she can't accept what I have decided on. Who knows what could be next? I can't go to college for what I want to?
I seem to be getting a lot of " lol u r 16 jus wait 2 years and stop whining LAWLZ".
I disagree with this. I should get my choice in what I believe in. Regardless of if I live under her roof. In my opinion at least.

To the "we all went through this, suck it up" remarks, I'm going to flatly say no. Just because it was cool for you to sit and take it, doesn't mean that I want to do the same. I am very vocal about my thoughts, and don't like them being suppressed by illogical behavior.
Quote by dudetheman
Quite frankly, you have no idea how TS communicated with his mother.

Sure, if he spoke to his mother in the same way he expressed his feelings in his OP then he was offensive, but you don't know that he did.

Obviously he was angry when he typed the OP; who wouldn't be? He's just been punished for his religious beliefs.

Stop jumping to conclusions about someone's communication skills and listen to the issue at hand.

F*ck, beat me to it. XD
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew
Your OP lead us to believe otherwise.

You don't communicate your thoughts well on an internet forum. It would be surprising if you were able to do it during face-to-face with a parent on an issue you disagree on.

Fair doesn't matter. If you're an adult, you make your own decisions. But until that time, your parents make decisions for you and allow you to make the decisions THEY decide you can make. Simple as.

Stop whining and start actually communicating. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much more respect you'll get.

Good luck

I am actually known for being able to speak well, so don't come an insinuate that I'm linguistically challenged. I do have a problem with putting the correct tone in posts on the internet, of course. But that does not = I suck at talking, and am unable to communicate. Unless you have talked to me, face-to-face, you have zero area to assume. Text and speech are two wildly different things.

Don't tell me I haven't tried it "communicate" to my mom about it. Because I have. I don't whine to my mom about going to church. That's not my problem. And despite popular belief, I don't swear at my mom, and insult her religion. I honestly do not CARE what anybody on the planet believes in, just don't MAKE ME. To be fair, the OP does have an air that would insinuate those things, so I'll go edit it.

And at the "parents rules go" thing, I definitely agree, BUT NOT ON THIS. This should be my choice, at this age. I am reasonably sure that I can decide for myself at this point what to believe in.

tl;dr = q.q
Quote by sketchy z
her house her rules. sory bra

I can see this side of the argument, too though. It is her house, and I should abide by said rules, BUT I should have a choice whether I want to believe in a religion or not, in my opinion.
Quote by Doctor Matthews
Oh. I was expecting eternal damnation.

Quote by Lt. Shinysides
this. don't be a tosser, don't call her beliefs "that shit" and grow up a little, and maybe she'll learn to accept your point of view.

Did you read the thread beyond the OP?
Quote by migueltherocker
How severe was the punishment?

TBH it wasn't brutal like locking my in my room for a week, but I lost my phone, can't go anywhere for the week, I have to "repent" 30 minutes a day during the week....
Quote by poopsmith666
Listen bro i have the same issue at home, the exact same...

your mom has been brought up witht his from the day she was born by her parents and its all she knows, everything she thinks is right. She NOT going to change her mind no matter what you say, because she doesn't want to believe it's not true.

the best way to go about it is to just straight up ignore/not get involved with the arguments, just go to church for an hour and listen to your ipod or some shit man, just don't create unnecessary tension

I do normally do this. But this was one week that I said **** it, I'm really not in the mood, I'm tired, etc, etc.

That still doesn't justify a punishment, in my opinion.

Enjoy the for answering me without jumping down my throat.
Quote by sticksause
Maybe because you disrespected her religion by using the words "shit" and "adult fairytale"

Okay, I have something to clarify. I DID NOT say that she follow an adult fairytale, say the word shit, or act disrespectful. I just said it here, because it was what I was thinking. I don't talk to my parents that way. I told her simply, that I don't believe in it. So get off my case on that, thanks.

lol @ the possessed thing
My mother is catholic. This morning, I didn't get up for church. Why? Because I don't believe in that shit. I don't believe in God, purgatory, or any of that stuff. She left because she would be late. About and hour and 20 minutes later, mother comes home, and starting freaking out and yelling at me. Now, I've told my mother that I don't believe in adult fairy tales, but I still got slammed with a punishment. I'm not qqing about the punishment, but I am kind of upset why I got it. tbh, I guess I should put this in the sound off thread...........



I do not swear at my mom.
I do not insult her religion.
Most of the time I go to church, because I understand that that's her rule.
I have sat her down and talked with her about it, in a civil manner.
Watch as I vote NHL.

Go ahead, ridicule me. Prick.
Grow the **** up. The world's not the same as it was 30 years ago, you ****ing idiots. You can't make me live to the principles you live you. You can't ****ing put up and argument. aAll you ever do is get pissed off and start screaming. I don't ****ing need your pestering questions every 15 seconds. LET ME LIVE HOW I WANT. I ****ing hate you too, you little shit. GROW THE **** UP. YOU'RE NOT 5 ****ING YEARS OLD. DO YOUR ****ING SCHOOLWORK AND STOP PISSING THE ENTIRE ****ING HOUSEHOLD OFF, YOU WASTE OF ****ING SPACE.

That felt good.
Hey Drug Thread. I'm a newcomer to this thread (or so I can recall). Smoked pot for the first time last friday, and it was the best day I've had in years..... . I have a few question for the very experienced cannabis and psychedelic drug users.

What, in your opinion is the best way to smoke weed?
How can you tell your parents that you get high?
What's the best Psycho-active drug, in your opinion? Why?
What kind of ways can you conceal being high?
What kind of weed is the best, in your opinion?

Anyone who answers has my thanks.
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I respect the country by standing when it's said, or when the anthem is, or anything else of that sort. But nobody will be able to force me to say anything, ever.

Also, since when is hippie an insult?

This. I stand, but I don't say anything. There's too many **** ups in that "pledge" for me to even utter it out of my mouth. It's like a presidential candidate in the primaries: Makes promises it won't keep.
Morality is subjective.