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Why does everyone say the body is plywood? I have looked at several bullet strat bodies and I have never seen a plywood one before.

Well I actually cut into mine to add a neck pickup. It's plywood at least in my case.
Plywood body, neck warps easily, hardware is made of really "soft" metal, electronics are no good.

Regardless I learned to play on one and still have it. It's also my practice guitar for mods.
It may work if you're really quick with it. I had to use a soldering gun before (emergency) and as long as you're not on it too long you should be ok.
lol I know how that is with trades. As far as the volume thing I'll occasionally go 25% volume if I have the chance.

I also have a switch in the back that runs the amp at 50 watts. Probably a better idea to go that route, I just don't like to wear out tubes unevenly. I guess I should since tubes are cheaper than a repair.

Thanks for the replies I might shoot him an e-mail and see what happens.
My question is regarding a Celestion G12H-30 heritage, not the anniversary model. There is a guy wanting to trade locally for a V30 which I happen to have a spare.

First question. I have a 2x12 that the V30 came out of, I'm running the other V30 as well as an Eminence Legend V12 and the pair sounds awesome. How would the G12H-30 fit in with either of these?

Next question, is it bad to run different speakers with each other considering the different wattage? The V30 is 60w, the V12 is 120w (I think) and the G12 is 30w. The head I'm using is a Mesa Roadster and I never really crank it (no chance living in an apartment).
I have an old Squier bullet that I just can't leave alone. I play it about as much as my main guitars, really a love/hate thing sometimes lol. It originally came with one humbucker and a volume pot. Now it has 2 humbuckers both with coil tap, 1 volume, 1 tone, partially scalloped frets from 12-21 and a tortoise shell pickguard. Maybe a bit excessive for a guitar that originally retailed at $99 but it was my first and I'll be keeping it forever.
I second the Roadster. I played one this past weekend and fell in love with it. Couldn't stop playing it. I tried the dual rec solo head immediately after 30 mins straight on the Roadster and the difference was huge. The Roadster to me has way more useable cleans, darker sounding which for me was way better and just the amount of options it gives you. I much prefer the higher gain stuff on the Roadster which might sound odd.

Some people are ok with 2 and even 1 channel amps but I started with a 3 channel and made it a habit to switch around a lot between sounds. Having 4 is just awesome.
I just got a used Mesa Roadster head and have a slight problem with it. The switch in the back of the amp that bypasses FX loop, output Level and solo Level is where the problem seems to begin.

With the switch in bypass mode, everything sounds killer. I have no issues and no complaints. Then I try to turn the fx loop and everything on that's when the volumes start to fluctuate. I played for 5-10 minutes no real issues then it sounded like someone was slowly cranking the volume. I had to stop playing and turn it down, got way too loud.

I don't know what to make of this, I could easily disengage it and be happy but I like the sound of my delay in the loop better. Plus I don't know if this is an issue that could cause damage later on or not. Any ideas?
Yup, Canada Post is not to be trusted. I wouldn't want my new amp kicking around -30 C weather either.
I keep everything on a 5 space guitar stand. If I keep them in a case i find the strings mysteriously rust faster and I play them less than the ones that stay out. Plus I have different tunings for all of them so they're within reach should I need them.
Will have a watch soon
I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but I want to reduce if not eliminate the hum that comes from not touching your strings (or any other metal part on the guitar).

What I'm looking for here is, realistically, whether or not that bridge ground wire needs to be there. All I've read so far is opinions with no real findings to support their claim (this is the strat without the backplate all over again).

I plan on doing a full shielding as well. It's not a very loud hum or anything I just want something to do while one of my guitars is in pieces.
Depends how sweaty your hands get too. My buddy went 1 year before changing strings yet I can't go 2 months. Just use your shirt or something to give the neck a quick wipe before putting it down.

Also in case you were wondering Dean Markley Blue Steel strings don't last any longer that Ive noticed. I only use Dean Marley so it's either those or NickleSteel and they seem to be very same-y.
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Do you mean the Les Paul? Because fret access is waaaaay better on an SG than a Les Paul. I own a Les Paul and the SG I played was basically unobstructed up to the 22nd fret.

Oops yeah the Les Paul is the one with the tough higher fret access.

Personal choice though, I would get the Les Paul if I were you, regardless of the higher fret issue. If it really does have Gibson humbuckers on there at least that much makes it more worthwhile, I hear they are pretty good but I've never tried those before.
^ I agree. The only difference is whether you want an SG or a Les Paul. I may have someone prove me wrong but when it comes to cheap guitars you really won't get the "true" SG or Les Paul sounds so it only comes down to shape. I've spent time with both those exact guitars and I din't notice a huge difference. I will warn you fret access is hard with the SG (maybe it was just me though)
I don't live in a good area at all. A kid was stabbed outside my house last year around this time, he died in my friends arms and he was kind of upset about it for awhile. Another woman was killed and left in a semi just across the street. Last year some little boy was riding his BMX and some guy kicked him to the ground and took off with the bike. Just last week the police (and some welfare workers I assume) came to pick up a very young child running around with pajamas and no shoes. There are a lot of fights and gang activity within a few blocks so these people tend to make their way down my street. Nope not a nice area.
Maple sounds odd for a body wood, though I've heard of that before. Thanks for the reply btw. Guess I'll try to get the serial off him and just email Godin, not sure if he's got it though..
I'm trying to find out more about this guitar I may get off a guy on Kijiji but info on it is limited. It's a Godin G-series, rosewood board, 24 fret, birdseye maple neck and that's all I know. It's been modded but I think that's the stock pickguard (Just cut up) Here are some pictures as he sent them:

Any info like what wood the body is made of and maybe the model would be awesome.
Pretty much all of my guitars after I sanded the necks. Made a big difference.
Now I want to do that on my Squier
Awesome, so maybe 3 coats is where I'll stop. That looks about where I wanted it but results may vary too. Only reason I'd want to go shorter than 24 hours is because I'm doing this to 3 guitars at once but the end results will be very much worth it.

Rosewood is ok with just lemon oil though right?
I just sanded a few necks and was wondering a few things. First off how many coats of Tung Oil is sufficient? I've heard people use 5-6 coats and I've also heard people just use lemon oil to clean it and never bother. With that in mind would 1-2 coats be ok?

This whole 24 hour cure time between coats is crazy. Which brings me to my next question, is it ok to just re-apply another thin layer after maybe 6 hours or less? I also heard it's ok to go again after 2 hours as long as you're not sanding. Any help is appreciated.
I second the Ghost Fret.

Also the Peavey Rotor EXP is 24 fret and Explorer style. It's cheap too but still great for the money.
Probably 1500-2k. 3k if I really liked it and could afford.
It`s a little fizzy but otherwise I don`t mind it. I use an eq and overdrive to get closer to what I want out of it
There`s the problem, he lives an hour or so away so I want to make sure it`s worth my time before going all the way there to try it. I am a firm believer in try before you buy but I`d just like some input before I waste my time and gas money.
Alright so I have my Mesa Rect-O-Verb combo on Kijiji just testing the waters, just got an e-mail from a guy wanting to trade straight across (I think) for "Engl 530 preamp, mesa 2:90 power amp, alesis midiverb effects processor, BBE sonic maximizer and ART power conditioner all in an 8-space SKB rack"

Now I never used a rack setup in my life so what should I expect. Is the trade worth it or should I keep what I already have
I love that show, now that you mention it I'm gonna try and find some episodes streamed online.
I honestly thought they played 7 strings but my girlfriend saw them about 3 years ago, the videos she took look like 6's. I also couldn't tell exactly what but I agree with AkiraSpectrum, one looked like a Redline for sure.
Why hasn't anyone mentioned Zombie Diaries? I mean it's not the best one but it topped a lot of the most highly rated zombie movies in my opinion. It's in the first person style like REC/Quarantine and I think they did a great job on the whole thing. Again it's my opinion but I can't stand seeing people recommending crap like Dead Alive, movies like that just ruin it for me. So cheesy it's funny does not equal a good movie.
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I do drive them all for different reasons
I don't really have anything major with my set-up, though I do play with a really light touch so that demands a bit more gain. Also sometimes I'll have the mids on the amp slightly cut then on my EQ pedal slightly boosted. Sounds like it would be redundant but it does have it's own sound there. Not sure if this counts but if I have a chorus pedal I'll put it in my chain on a low setting so you can barely hear it, but I sold mine awhile ago because it felt too pointless
It probably affected it because it's a $99 guitar, a more expensive guitar should have a more solid neck. Regardless even the most expensive guitar could succumb to the elements but the best way to keep that from happening is keeping it in a case. You can leave a guitar humidifier in there too but most of the time a hard shell case can prevent a lot. A worthwile investment imo
That's a pretty good set up for your first time. I had that exact same amp and it withstood the past 6 years of use, lot's of jamming and such. My buddy is using it right now as a keyboard amp so it will last no question. The fat strat is also a good way to go but I can't comment on the Schecter, never had one.
I went to one of the music shops in my area and noticed the same guitar I've been looking for the past 4-5 months is still there. It's a Peavey rotor EXP limited edition in white. I know the guy who owns the place so he told me he would sell it to me cheap, he wasn't set on a price but he said we'll start talking at $500, might even go lower.

Is the price he is asking good for this particular model? Also anyone who has had experience, is it a solid guitar or does it just look nice? As far as pickups go I have a spare set so not worried about electronics here. By the way the guitar is used but it doesn't show signs of use, could use new strings but that's about it.
-No one can hear the difference between PCB and PTP wiring. (99% of the people that claim there is an audible difference are gear snobs that play contrived blues licks. Ironically, their superior hearing can't detect that their cliched blues bends aren't in tune)

I absolutely loved this part of your post. I notice this a lot on these forums, too many kids bandwaggoning and being over opinionated. This forum can do more damage than good for some people trying to find their own sound while everyone here seems to think otherwise.

While I'm on that subject I wish people who don't play metal would stop giving people that DO play it advice on their tone. Oh my god...
I ****ing lol'd at "Peach (slut)"