Im a medical student and it's clear that depression isn't particularly well understood at all and even some more junior doctors have a difficulty really understanding what it means.

This video/lecture (only half an hour: give it a watch!) is by far the best description of depression that I have ever heard...

'The opposite of depression isn't happiness, but vitality.'
I've been to jamaica twice and saint lucia once but i was mostly just sitting on beaches there, I have to say that my favourite place (probably just a combination of the people I was with and the break from unviersity etc) was Caye Caulker, an island of Belize, got there the day lobster season started and you can get a whole bbq lobster, bread, salad and rum punch for like 6 dollars, the place was amazing!
Nick cave and the bad seeds - breathless.
Great song and pretty romantic so should fit with the wedding vibe, would work well on just acoustic and vocals too!

Agree with all the easter over-eating posts, have had a terrible diet over the last few days mostly consisting of chocolate, curry and roast dinners and absolutely no gym.

I'm at home for the week for easter which means I don't have a gym however today I did 32 mile cycle with a buddy in 2:48 hrs with some real tough climbs so that has made me feel better but exhausted! Absolutely pissed it down for the whole cycle which was miserable!

Gonna attempt some uphill sprints tomorrow with some abs, press-ups and pull-ups on a tree near me just to get me feeling a little more pumped.
Can somebody recommend a good abs workout, I'm getting in reasonable shape through diet and weights but whenever I train abs its just leg raises and crunches till exhaustion and I don't really think thats cutting it! What works for you guys?
I learnt at 17 and passed after 7months ish and drove quite a lot. Then did a bit of travelling and didn't drive for 10 months and it didn't seem to make a difference to my driving. I know drive an automatic, have for 8 months, thought I might be forgetting how to drive a manual smoothly but tried my sister's this weekend and it was fine, I think you need a bit of confidence.
Im always torn - I hate being asleep because there are things that I could be doing however when I've just woken up the last thing I want to do is get out of bed.

But mainly its my course which is pretty heavy
I think it would be excellent, romantic and memorable if you just sang the one song, acoustic like.

Personally I would go for breathless - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, it's romantic (but sincere), catchy and easy:
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Also Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

This one.
I'd give it a go
I picked up city of evil on a whim when I was younger and enjoyed it a lot, my favourtie has got to be sidewinder, the whole song is great, strength of the world and bat country are close seconds. Never really got into any of their other stuff, it just didn't grab me the same.
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Hey, im new to this thread, got a couple questions for you experts/druggies
4 Questions...

I can only really answer your question about salvia as that is all on that list that I've had personal experience with, and yes, it was as intense as people say it is. I tried 10X extract rolled up in a cigarette paper with some tobacco to hold it together, then hold the flame on the salvia for about 10 secs so that it is as hot as possible (something to do with the chemicals in it aren't made or vaporised or something under just a normal lighter - better to use one of those propane lighter things with the blue flame) and then take as big a hit as possible and hold it in for as long as possible.

I remember starting to finally blow out and then everything started changing and I ended up locked in some weird 2D world that I could perceive from the outside as if it was drawn on paper, but knew I was one of the blocks that made it up, the blocks would move clockwise around a central pattern (sort of like a straight edged profile of super mario). I was in that state for what felt like a hell of a long time and thought I wouldn't be able to get out of it (not panicking mind! but my mind wasn't really thinking "don'tworry, you've taken drugs"). I feel like some other stuff happened but I can't quite remember it, it was very disorientating.

As I came to, I was sort of slumped over my bed with my knees on the floor anf the salvia joint was in the sink all screwed up, I found ti quite hard to balance and walk properly for the next few minutes too but after that it was fine.

All in all, it was an interesting experience, probably won't do it again but glad I have done it!
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it's SO fun to go through your parents old records.
I didn't know my parents were so awesome...

btdubs I'm a woman after your heart

ALSO: picked these up the other day each one came with a CD version. a legitimate CD, not a download link.

Well that was an embarrassing comment then! But even better to see a girl with a love of vinyl! Also, great buys, how much do they set you back with an actual CD?!

Quote by takensorryuser
I'm still looking for these records by the following artists:

*Record list*

for reasonable prices.

You should be able to get some of those reasonably easy with a bit of searching, although a couple of days ago I had to shell out £10 for an old used copy (good condition though) of Hendrix's are you experienced as they are so scarce around here, not sure what it's like for the others but sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and shell out a bit more. Also I am in the same boat with the Ramones records, can't seem to find them in any record stores near me, frustrating!

In other news today I just picked up Buzzcocks: Singles going steady, and The Pixies: Bossanova.
Quote by icesk8erqueen8

so we've got:
The Concert for Bangladesh
Led Zeppelin - Mothership
Ravi Shankar- Three Ragas
Modest Mouse- Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Modest Mouse- The Moon & Antarctica
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver- Bon Iver

You are a man after my own heart sir, absolutely superb taste!

I've just recently taken over my dads old turntable, but getting my own for my 21st off my gf (including amp, preamp, speakers etc, what a babe), but have been making my way through his old vinyl collection of about 400 records, loads of led zep, dylan, the cure, bowie, springsteen, todd rundgren, the smiths, pink floyd, the who, neil young, the clash, the jam etc, I am having a great summer holiday!
Curry on top then mix it all in so everything is nice and equal. If there is more than one curry, i.e family takeaway and it's all pic and mix and match style then they need to be separated, don't be mixing up my curries boyo.
Testing to see if your child has DS isn't illegal, its done routinely in every pregnancy. Genetic profiling is the illegal part. The test that is done is an anomaly scan and you can see physical features that can indicate down syndrome (or another genetic disorder) and then have amniocentesis or something similiar where a sample of fluid is taken from the amniotic sac and then cells that are floating around up in there are tested for the presence of trisomy 21 (or other). This is done so that the mother can be helped to make a fully informed decision about whether to continue with the pregnancy or not.
I'm from England and I've been to a couple of festivals in Spain, and am hoping to go to Coachella in the next few years. Also flew to Amsterdam to see Ryan Adams. They all cost quie a lot.
You'll have to get a very small engine, think 1 litre and an old, cheap car. When I first passed I had 1.4 golf and the cheapest I was quoted was £4000. When I was 20 though on the same car I managed to get insurance for £730 which is pretty damn good considering, that was through endsleigh (Im not sure if they are only for students though - and I don't know if you're a student or not). Up until then I went on a fleet insurance on my mums company, if you know someone who can get you onto one of those it should cost you about £800.
Good luck!
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Oh ****. I missed out like the biggest gig I've ever been to.

The Vaccines
The Wailers
The Stone Roses

Heaton Park, first gig in England in 20 years

SO jealous of this! Did get to see stone roses at benicassim festival and they killed it but to see the homecoming reunion gig would have been amazing!

For me:

Gigs (not in order as cannot remember too well):
Biffy Clyro
Charlie Simpson
Dinosaur Jr.
Coheed and Cambria x2
Funeral Party
Red Fang
Jack White
City and Colour
The Specials
Taking Back Sunday
Kings of Leon
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Marilyn Manson
Bat for Lashes
Florence and the Machine
Funeral for a Friend
Bring me the Horizon
The White Stripes
The Greenhornes
Modest Mouse x2
Foo Fighters
The Strokes
The Subways
Eagles of Death Metal
My Chemical Romance
The Misfits
Kanye West
Smashing Pumpkins
Blink 182
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Kings of Leon
Jamie T.
Fall Out Boy
Funeral for a Friend
Alexisonfire x2
Dizzee Rascall
Modest Mouse
Gaslight Anthem
Blink 182
Cypress Hill
Guns n Roses
Biffy Clyro x2
Gogol Bordello
Elbow x2
Enter Shikari x2
Death from above 1979
Panic at the Disco
Taking Back Sunday
Cage the Elephant
My Chemical Romance
30 Seconds to Mars
The Strokes x2
The National
Jimmy Eat world
Two Door Cinema Club x2
Seasick Steve
The Streets
The Stranglers
Arctic Monkeys
Mumford and Sons x2
Primal Scream x2
Bombay Bicycle Club x2
Arcade Fire
Bob Dylan
Chase and Status
Miles Kane
Stone Roses
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
New Order
David Guetta
The Vaccines
Ed Sheeran
BB King
Laura Marling
Tame Impalah
Chemical Brothers
Fleet Foxes
Dry the River
City and Colour
The Low Anthem
System of a Down
Mr. Big
Have three more years left (or maybe four if i do a masters degree somewhere in the middle of it) and then I will officially be a Doctor.
Compare the meerkat pisses me off to no end.

On another note the southern comfort advert with the huge guy on the beach was pure gold.
Yo DT its been a while, just got back from a couple months in central america (honduras, belize, guatemala and el salvador) and let me tell you the weed is so so ridiculously cheap. A bag that would normally cost £20 (about $30) was about $2-4 and it was reasonable. We met a group of aussie guys who went to buy some and after about half an hour they managed to get him to sell them 2 ounces, that was the lowest amount he would go! They had to cross a border soon after I met them so it was just blunts all round, ridiculous!

Also managed to get my hands on a bit of oral morphine sulphate solution (oramorph) with a measuring pipette so I know the right amount. I've dabbled with opiates but don't know too much about morphine, what would you all recommend?

EDIT: took 30mg of the morphine about an hour ago, feels okay but quite weak, gonna redose again, no nausea at all so should be fine.

Also if anybody has the opportunity to get to Central A (looking at all you USAers, I definitely recommend it,amazing place)

EDITEDIT: Also how have I not found the notorious xx before (It's Notorious B.I.G mixed with the first XX album), mind blowingly good, if you've not heard it I would thoroughly recommend!
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Frankly, it's more depressing than Jeremy Kyle.

I feel Jeremy Kyle is more uplifting than depressing.
diabetic nephropathy causing extracellular water retention, does your face look like a moon?
The girl - City and colour, seriously girls love that shit it is ridiculous!

Don't tremble - The low anthem, another great one!

Or really any songs that they love
When buying guitars or amps you obviously can't bring the price down massively (we're not at a market in Egypt) so I find the best thing to start with is: 'is that the best price you can do on that', this will usually bring the price down slightly and then you can further ask, 'is that the very lowest' or something along those lines.

When you get to where you think the lowest price, maybe something like £50 off if its expensive, you could then ask for 'could you throw in a few picks or a strap or a lead', don't ask for anything expensive like a pedal. Or if that fails then say, if I buy this good lead with it then can I get it for £10 instead of £20.

The best thing to do is not to worry and don't feel awkward about asking for many off as it is the done thing and the salespeople will usually be expecting it, just hope for the best but don't expect too much.
Yeah just ask for the specs, although I would be tempted to by three seperate ones in case this falls out of the wall (highly unlikely but I still worry), if that happened you could potentially be left with three damaged guitars rather than just one!
My favourite horror of all time is hellraiser, so so good, you should definitely watch it!
Also the hold steady, brilliant rock with story style lyrics, so so so good. One of the few bands I am desperate to see before they break up!

I love beer! like alcohol is DA BOMBoej right now! yes son
Modest Mouse, although pretty big I dont know many people who know them.

Red fang if youre looking for some sludgy metal
The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse, that album just blew me away, the lyrics, vocals, music, everything about it was interesting and innovative and most importantly incredible songs.

Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams, I would love to listen to this all the way through for the first time as when I started listening to Ryan Adams I only ever picked out occasional songs, but now I realise how brilliant this album is I wish I could've got the opportunity to really take it in as a whole for the first time.
A-level = Elizabeth I to Charles I, Russian revolution (from the fall of the Tsar's to Stalin, in my coursework I chose to focus on the role of Trotsky), Germany from Kaiser to Fuhrer, European reformation.

GCSE = WWII, vietnam war, American civil rights movement, Cold war
Ive lost one of my best friends and to be honest I didn't really want 'support' from people who weren't my other best friends, everybody else are just sort of annoying really. Sounds harsh but it's true, if you're not really close the best thing to do is offer you're condolences and let them deal with it with their best friend group.

However if you are best friends with any of them then just let them know that your're there for them if they ever need to talk. Don't be offended if they don't want to talk to you for a while, everybody deals with it differently.

Don't buy gifts, just seems a strange thing to do.
Clearly School of Rock is the best answer!