I need an imangiary product for a school product. Make it awesome team!
So your the one...
I think you would be better off saving up your money and buying an upright. Acoustic basses in general have pretty bad tone and are basically useless. The only reason you would get one is if you are playing a gig where playing a electric bass is unacceptable. Tell us the reason you want one and then we might be able to tell you what you need.
All they do is limit the expression you can produce with your right hand. That is two more inches that you cant play. Even though I usually play closer to the neck I want the option to play closer to the bridge if I want to. Same reason I support the NRA ironically. They are basically pointless.
I only actually learn other peoples bassline's when I have to. But I guess I know a couple.

Oscar Pettiford's bassline to Duke Ellington's "C Jam Blues"

I can also play the head to Charlie Parkers Billie's Bounce which is much harder.

But really you are way better off listing to the bassist who wrote those basslines and applying the knowledge you gain to your own original basslines. It will make you a way better bass player in the end.
Thanks for the Help all of you. As much as I hate to I will tough it tomorrow playing with my un-blistered index finger. I go to Jazz Camp on Sunday and Hopefully it will be down alot by then.
That's awful! Uprights use flatwounds right?

Ya but they are big strings, and harder to pull.
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drain it (don't break it, use a needle) put some gauze on it, tape it and then superglue latex to the tape, just don't end up gluing the latex or the tape to your finger.

Wait, so I should play the strings with the latex?
So I was playing my upright today when I noticed my finger was hurting. I looked down and saw this.

Anyway, Its the Forth of July, and in my town that means the hight of tourist season. Me and my friend were making some serious money playing on the streets. So:

1. Do you think that if I tape my finger up I can still play tomorrow.

2. Is there anything I can do to heal this stupid thing.

3. What can I do to prevent this ever happening again.
Truss rods are a delicate thing to mess with. I would get it to a luthier, or a repair shop. You could screw up your bass really bad if you goof up the truss rod.
Whats his face from tool does that. Bass player posted his entire rig in one of their issues. Another way is to split your bass between your amp and the PA.
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Yes, the monster is called distance and his food is gasoline. This is why I don't go to a GC often. The nearest one is a good 70 miles away. Yeah

I agree with Ben, if you have the know-how defretting a bass shouldn't be that rough. By know how I men some carpentry experience.

If you do defret it get a how to guide of google, or there might even be one kicking around here somewhere. I defretted mine and I did a pretty good job on the fretboard but in the process I threw the truss rod out of ajustment. So even though it looked good, only three notes played on the whole thing.
It could come down to a number of things. If it is an option I would take it to a Luthier or a Repair center. Theres no way its that big of a deal, and at least in Wyoming, just about anybody would fix that for free, espically if you bought some strings from them or something. You could make a mountain out of an ant hill if you start turning your truss rod. But on your own you could do what sexothemonkee said, but still be careful.
In my expirence, amps like Ampeg and Gallien Kruger say they have so much power and actually have less because of how they devide it amongst the ohm rating. Carvin, on the other hand you get the same or a little more than is advertised.
I have found you pay alot for the name with those kind of amps.

I would look at the selection on They are the same quality of amps but you are not paying for the name plate if you know what i mean.

You will get the most for your money with these guys IMO.

I think they are in your price range.
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So, I'm joining a thrash band but still have a few questions. What goes into writing a thrash bass line? And what kind of bass line would be better like a simpler bass line or something like Geddy Lee's bass lines?

So your going to go simple or Geddy Lee...

Thats cool.

When you playing in a group where every other instrument is playing some fast and complex, you can sit back and mostly play roots, play the complicated stuff when everyone else in the band is holding on the chord.

The best way to find out how to play anything, though is to listen to the pros do it. So id start by listening to thrash bassist.
So by the end of next week I am going to go from upright with no pickup to a upright with a pickup.

I am also going from no effects to a Boss ME-50B multi-effects pedal.

Anyway I cant wait to combine the two beasts. Who has done this and what works, and what doesn't. Also if you have any ideas Im looking for stuff try.

Well, your going to have to modify something. To change would infer some sort of modification.

If I were you I would get a finger nail filer and file the nut a little deeper and wider. Then again that might just make it worse. Id take it to a luthier, they could probably do it for free.
You have a college interview where you are playing rock songs. Which college is this that you are trying to attend?
You sound pretty good, however the bassline you were playing didnt fit the song at all. You dont need and souldnt walk everything. There I would set a grove around beats 1 and 3. Listen to everything you can get your hands on so you can figure out what fits where.
Dumb down your bass lines for a while until you can work your way back up.

And practicing with a microphone was all I ever needed, but then again I could always sing and play guitar.
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^ That's ridiculous. The headstock would be stupidly long and heavy with five in a row. I'd prefer 3+2, but 4+1 is much, much better than straight 5.

My J Bass 5 has 5 in a row and i cant tell a difference between that and my Fretless 4 P Bass. I think on this bass the 4+1 looks good.
If it really bugs you that much you could get new strings.
It looks kinda like a thunderbird looking thing. It would probally be hard to find out now, 40 years later.

This is the newest Fender J. I think I might just add it to my to get list. I cant tell but by the price i would presume that it is made in America.

What do you guys think?
Google Black diamond strings.
Play along with every song in your music library.

Once you can do that get back to us again.
For most stuff a pick will hold you back and give you poor tone. Learn both though, so you have broader horizons.

More about this in the FAQ.
I get mine straight from the chickens. They are barn.
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Omg that's a wicked sick phishing site.


I hope your star goes dark!
Wow...I cant belive it took me 8 pages to post in here.

I belive that i can speck for the entire UG Bluegrass Rocks Forum when I say we throw our entire support behind the idea. I also sent an invataion to everyone who said anything good about bluegrass in this forum.

I would be willing to bet anyone that if created this forum would be more popular than the entire "Other" Forum as soon as its created.

Some of the most technical guitarist and bass players in the world play bluegrass, country and folk. Look at people like Keller Williams and Brad Pasily. Those are the only two that alot of people will know but if there was such a forum people could dive into the world of hundreds of amazing guitarist that they would otherwise not know about.

So everyone in support please join the UG Bluegrass Rocks group that is in my sig.

Mr. Vagabond

I dont know but it smells...AMAZING!!
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Dude id start drinking caffeine for that
BEST thread ever!
I dont even know whos playing worse, Frings or Lahm.

Micheal Kang of the String Cheese Incident.

He rewrote the place of the electric mandolin in the Jam Band Setting
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