I prefer using a rackmount tuner myself, that way i'm not looking down, and i can check mid song if need be. They are a tad more pricey, but the convienance and ease of use is totally worth it. Try looking into the Korg 1000 model.
My other guitarist cannot get a decent tone out of this head, does anyone know any good high distortion settings for this head?

what would putting it through the effects loop actually do?
seee i was wondering about that, and didn't knw if i should run it through the effets loop or not.
ok guys, so this is the deal.

This is my Current Chain

Guitar>Alesis Compressor/gate>BBE 362>Peavey supreme head>5150 Cab

Is that how i should be running it or is it possible to find a better way to set that up?
So i've just picked up a BBE 326, and i'd like to know if it's sculpted your tone much? I've noticed a slght difference, any tips on how i can help it really.....maximize?
is your Squier an SSS or an SSH? that'll make a huge difference. also it depends on the amp your using which pick-ups are gonna be suitable or really make a difference
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lol, and emo isn't something you can really be, its a way you think

people kinda blew it out of proportion

and by people i mean pop culture
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Are you emo?

what would that have anything to do with this? lol
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This is not worth getting banned over...

This is not worth getting banned over...

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I just realized that going to college is in small ways like playing FFT

You have to choose what class you start in, and based on your masteries you gain access to more advanced classes....

I wanna be a summoner =3

You can't major in being a summoner can you?
Bugera's not bad, but i'd rather save up the scratch and get a peavey 6505+, or even a used 5150, since thats what bugera was aiming for when they made that amp, you can kinda see it in the name lol. I never liked ibanez that much, they usually lack the body thickness to get a good thick heavy ton.

And theres a reason so many metalheads are using schecter. They're amazing lol. I jsut have a discontinued LP that JT dosn't make anymore, and its got special inlays and has been broken in like butter, but my back-up will likely be a schecter
I personally paly the same style of music, and i use a Jay Turser Les Paul with Seymour Duncan SH-6's in n + b. Its the most playable neck i've ever touched, its jsut heavy, i highly recommend them, or getting a schecter hellraiser, or Omen 6, and throw REAL Seymour duncans in the guitar, and you'll be set for that sound perfectly.

The real question is what amp you have, because thats about 70% of your tone
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yeah a genre of music will deff help me crit
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I've succesfully added a rackmount to my stack and i felt like showing it off

I'll list the Gear with the price i got it for

Jay Turser JT-200V w/Seymour Duncan SH-6 in n+b - 460 USD
Peavey Supreme Head - 250 USD
Peavey 5150 Oversized 4x12 slant Cab - 250 USD
Alesis Compressor/Limiter/Noise Gate - 50 USD
Beringer Racktuner - 62 USD
Case is my other guitarists, i'm getting a four space one for 50 USD

also, no i don't know how to turn it =[
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Thanks a lot, i was telling him about his snare earlier actually, Your sweet honey was uploaded from a bad file, its got a better ening, just it hasn't been replaced yet is it

Thanks for the Crit!
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Yep, it was, didn't realise I had my sub all the way up. I still think the guitar could come up a little bit though.

The drum sound on that Buffalo Bill track is very strange, it sounded horrible when it kicked in, but now the track has got going it fits. Well done

Yeah our drummer hates the set we recorded on, it was a rare brazillian set, but i thought it sounded fine lol

And yeah, we have two of them working in my grocery store, i keep expecting them to battle it out
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sorry, i hate the vocals

Acquired taste, understood lol
I think it might be the speakers bro, i've never heard that before =/

We arn't metal though =[
xD Deathcore really?

Someone dosn't have their genres in check for one lol but we are supposed to look goofy. we have a lighthearted approach instead of every other band trying to look like hardasses all the time lol
We're currently shopping ourselves out to record labels, and i wanna know what you guys think, do we have an image a band of our style could get signed with? Is our sound decent? How do the recordings sound?

let me know guys, i'm curious to see what you think
I jsut know i have 200 to spend, 250 pushing it
I'm double checking those specs for you guys, i'm also considering this one

and as far as building my own ,if it were a tower, yeah i'm A+ certified, as far as a laptop, no lol
lol well taken, but for 200 bucks i figure i can do a lot worse
I have the oppertunity to pick up a Gateway M520 used for 200 bucks

Dealer says there isn't anything wrong with it, you guys hear anything about this model?
From the Jag and stang guitars, i'll go with alternative, maybe some higher gain progressive
hahah, i can't wait to play it! I have to wait until i get to practice tomorrow to play with it on my cab though, through my 5150 cab this thing should roar
Girl jeans are actually a majority of the clothes i wear, and there is a difference between girls and womens.

I actually modified the girl jeans i bought into knee length cut-offs, and i highly reccomend someone else do the same, most comfortable thing ever
how much do they cost? I'm interested to try it out
What exactly does a tubescreamer do? I know lots of artists use it in their set-up, but i've no idea what it is
haha, i'll have clips up soon, i'm taking my 5150 cab home tomorrow from the practice space, so i'll record some for you guys

I was thinking of getting a tube screamer to help the tone, and an NS-2, i havn't played with EQ pedals though
I enjoy it, do you know any pedals that would compliment this amp?