I'm guessing that this will be the way to go when my plexi arives! apparently there is an input and output level on the tc nova system I get friday, maybe I can get that low enough to act as the volume, I may get the volume box until I can get to the uk Voodoo Amps shop and get the gain and master volume control mods put on my amp, but with buying a plexi and a nova system this summer I doubt I can get the mods as well for a little while
it would wreck the amp and the cab putting it there, it wouldn't handle it well, you can't put something ;ike that in the effects oop unlessit's an active attenuator
for a amp thats non master volume (like a 50w plexi reissue)

does a volume box like this

in the effects loop simply act like a master volume mod that would be done to the plexi (post phase inverter). I can't go to the expense of a propper power brake attenuator and have heard they can damage transformers.

I also lan on running a tubescreamer infront with the gain maxed. would this make thewhole thing sound terrible?
Ive seen some people use a stereo jack split into to mono leads and connect them, I'm guessing that works as well?
The TC Nova system has has everything you after and is damn cheap, and is a nice small size,right now in the UK it's like £300 so it's well cheap and ery high quality
TC Nova system - don't go down the Line 6 route. Use the nova system in your effects loop and your set
guess I'll buy the boss and lump it, boss stuff is built to last anyways so no worries it'll last, plus I can at least get it locally, I may go to my oca shop and try out either if I can
cheap exp look and feel shit,my only other option is a boss fv-500, which loks pretty shitty, but boss stuff is normaly solid I guess
no I get the nova system next week, I've seen video's of people using it as an expresion pedal by connecting either a stereo to dual mono lead, or simply by connecting a single lead to the output?
A Bugera 1960 would be a fantastic shot as well, it's basically a budget copy of a Marshall Plexi
I want to use it with a TC Electronic nova system, to control the whammy feature
I gigged woth a Marshall valvestate, it wasn't great but I gotta half descent tone from it, I'd seccond ject city foryour price range right nowthere is a box damaged still warantied JC100H head on ebay for your price I think, they are awesome quality heads
Is It possible to use an Ernie Ball Volume pedal JR (VPJR) as an expression pedal, or indeed the vox volume pedal? I'm looking for a expression oedal to go on my board next to may wah that feels comfortable and looks nice unline the boss expression/volume pedals
more in the way of modern metal, I'm a little concerned then, a cranked od pedal wouldn't get me somewhere near what I'm after then?
plexi w/ tubescreamer? capable of metal? for those heavier moments?
I'd have to have it ordered in unfortunalty as with any good marshall head
I'm more over the top rock n roll than metal really,probably beef it up with an overdrive and the saturate it with a big muff for the metal moments
I'd probably consider either an attenuator or an amp mod in the long run and running a blues driver to push it harder for increased gain
We only ever really play at gig volume my TSL 60 is always set to about 7 to 9 master volume wise, I'd be trading in my tsl60 for the 1987x and getting the 50w plexi reissue at near half price so like £500ish
Don't worry about it being loud, it would be used for large room rehersals and gigs only

I play hard edged rock n roll the guns n roses but slightly more "heavy" am I able to get that beefy tone from this amp? any sugestions?

I was looking at a JCM900 as an alternative but a) plexi's look better!! (haha not really the point of an amp) and b) it's a ****ing PLEXI, like the king of amps right?
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Were you the winning bidder, iero?

noit went to about 400
SA260fml being part of that series I take it?
I'm located in the UK, and I'M A LEFT HANDED AWKWARD BASTARD
yeah Mick Mars uses floyd equiped guitars, looking at a potential 300 or so budget lkeeping an eye on ebay! potentially considering modding a strat copy to have humbuckers and a floyd, would it be more sense just to buy an ibanez 2nd hand?
the the grg bends notes both up and down with the trem system?
any idea about the trem systems on those ibanez's? I just wish they did a floyd equiped leftie mockingbird !
thats pretty hardcore!!!! looks like a beef machine, can't really justify a guitar that expensive just for a couple songs in a setlist, maybe if I use more effects like that in songs later on...
thats not loading anything up my end, says it's sold out, guess thats a good sign!! ideally I'd like passive p/up's to avoid a volume jump between my les paul and an active superstrat style guitar.
I need a cheap alternative left handed guitar to my Les Paul that has a good tremolo unit that will let me bend notes both up and down

I am currently considering an Ibanez GRG1570 with a FAT 10 bridge and and Ibanez SA260FM with am SAT PRO II bridge

are both these tremolo systems able to bend notes upwards?

I'm looking for a guitar that wil give me the ability to maintain a reasonable quality tone for live playing and give me the tremolo system I require as I need to be able to play Motley Crue solo's and bend natural harmonics

at the moment I'm playing round with his perceptions of reality
how do you guys see him being executed?
I'll give lyrics for track 18 a try?
so that would increase the volume of the guitar?
Well I want to try and sort out my guitar so that A) it sounds better & B) it's louder! (of a similar volume to my SG) my SG has a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge.

I want to know if I change my pickups in my Fender jaguar/jazzmaster hybrid copy to like Billy Corgans ones or something, would that change the output volume of the guitar?
cheers, I use an OD in fron't of my amp for slightly more gain and volume when I want it so I'll get my amp serived and get a pedal sorted!!!! thank you
that goes after my distortion, in my effects loop then?