I have a super distortion in my Explorer. It's a strange pick up but it soundds nice once you get the EQ right on your amp. It has a lot of bass and very little high end.

For cleans you have to play very lightly or you'll get a grit sound even through a solid state or a nice Fender tube amp. But on the other hand if you do play hard you get that unique sound.

BUT when I use it for distortion OH MY GOD this pick up is like gold. Gives you that Metallica feel but you gotta crank the highs and lower the bass cause of the lack of high end response so you might get a lot of noise depending on your rig.

Hope this helps you out and I'm not giving a close minded review. Remember it's all about the sound you're going for even though you're not really loooking for one.
do something different that you feel you are lacking in ability or stop playing for a while and just listen to music. Usually when I take a break I come back with fresh ideas. You're probably just bored
I wouldn't spend the amount of money they charge to wear them as a daily shoe... but IF I was atheletic enough to care about that... i'd probably get em.
A while back I remember someone asking about what to do about not wearing socks while wearing shoes... these might make you look ridiculous like Grimmace from Mc Donald's but hey... worth a shot right?
Yeah its a pretty beasty amp dio. I got a LTD EX-400 but i swapped out the emgz and put a dimarzio super dist in the bridge and a dimebucker in the neck... strange combo but it sounds sweet
Thanks a lot guys. Yeah my amp is hooked up to the same circuit as my comp but my basement is ghetto rigged as hell. I have an extention cord running from the washing machine room over to this room with like 10 things hooked up into a monster power strip.... that's probably the cause of it right there. I do want to get it looked at though.
I'm trying to figure out why my amp (Madison Divinity) has a terrible hum when I turn on the distortion channels. It happens regardless of the Gain level and EQ's and such... Could it be my amp or gutiar? I've tried using a a Hush Pedal before the chain and in the loop but that really had no effect except for killing my feedback and most of my sustain lol. Any suggestions? Is this the wrong thread? Will I ever find out?
So I've been working on my chord shapes and stuff by learning a few songs... nothing crazy just like Hey You by Pink Floyd to start off.... but after i play the intro my fretting hand starts to cramp up... is there anything i can do to remedy this or will it just stop happening after a while.

ps i'm using an electric.
So I've been working on my chord shapes and stuff by learning a few songs... nothing crazy just like Hey You by Pink Floyd to start off.... but after i play the intro my fretting hand starts to cramp up... is there anything i can do to remedy this or will it just stop happening after a while.

ps i'm using an electric.
my personalitiy sucks and im not attrractive.
I had some crazy abcess in my tonsils a few years ago. both tonsils were about the size of golf balls and i couldnt even swallow my spit. they drained 10 cc's of puss out of each of them.
Even if the earth and moon could speak and hear... there is no way they'd be able to hear each other through the vacuum of spaceee!!!
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nah. If you did a little happy-dance that might make you a bad person.

Tell the truth, man. Did you dance?

I did, but only in my head haha. These have been the best responses to anything every.
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Did he throw her out of the car before it exploded? Because then that would be very heroic and impressive. Sounds like a good guy to me.

lol.... nah dude totally wasn't the scenario... although that sounds epic. it was sorta like domestic abuse via 25mph and hitting the asphalt.
br00tal lol
I think I should write a song about this... and call it... No Remorse.... oh wait... thats been done....
Yeah I met him a few times, didnt really seem like the nicest dude... turns out at one point he threw her out of his car while it was moving.
My ex girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, in which replaced me, just got into a serious accident and his car blew up. He is no longer living and I have no feeling of sorrow, sadness, or antying that you normally would have when someone you know dies. Does this make me a bad person?
Best inhale scream song ever is Waking the Cadaver - Walking through the Woods being chased by a rapist.
I have two cats... they both will stare at me for no reason. That gurling noise is probably some sorta purr, as cats can make something like 1000 different noises. One of my cats has a speech impediment so I call her the grunty cat. She could probably do vocals for a deathcore band.
just slide out wards till you run out of frets. this is usually done very quickly
I would like to know what an Eighteenth note would be like.... probably would blow your mind.
What ever way feels comfortable for you. Write it how you imagine the song... don't fear change!
I get more creative when I smoke pot or do some adderoll (cause thats what that shit was designed to do was make you focus). Coke does nothing... it makes my guitar playing impossible.

Don't do drugs =]
I mean that in the best way possible. I totally hear some crazy power metal stuff behind it, pretty awesome
Thats a pretty dissonant chord. I'd say either use less gain or use another chord
If anyone actually cared to look at that link.... it has a pump in there which sucks in the used up tooth paste. So you dont have to swallow or spit.
The attempts of making games with the same storyline and format are repetitive enough.

I do like the point about Geno and Megaman, but the only thing that is preventing that is that NINTENDO does not own the rights to either character. In reality, Geno is owned by Square Enix now and Megaman has and will forever be owned by Capcom.

And I have been playing SSB since 64 till now with friends. The game sucks on its own but if you play with some good people and are really good at the game you'll love it. Sometimes we whipout the ol' 64 and do some slow motion SSB.
okay so check it out. this is my theory

its alrigt till everyone does it.

but buy the crap that you want and stop being cheap. go get a damn job/ be sucessful. then you wont have to worry about destroying the economy further.

k thanks
Weird... yesterday I posted on facebook this same question. I said I would stop DimeBag's Murder. Others said they'd stop the 9/11 attacks.
so what should i call it then? cause i've never heard of thrashcore
pretty awesome dude... reminds me of iron maiden kinda cause they have a song about an albatross. what kinda music is that going over?
This is our first recording of a song called PREMONITION . Songs about the end of the world really crazy.

This is a project that's been worked on for about 6 months, but we have sub par gear and so the mix isnt so great. Either way, any feed bad will be taken!
There can be only one!
Have you tried reinstalling the program? Most fixes on that program is done by doing that. If not have you changed any midi settings on your sound card lately? That could be it, but no promises. There are no settings in GP5 to change the tuning, there should be tho... pantera fans will be sooo happy.
Thanks a lot guys, I'm thinking The Demise sounds better cause it sums up how we sound, and Nightmare Evil kinda sounds like either a power metal band or something to the likes to me. Maybe The Demise is going to work. Thanks a lot everyone you helped me out big time.