Did you play 0.08 guage strings before you broke your hand as well?
Having nothing to do stresses me out. If I have nothing to do I tend to overthink whatever gets into my mind at the moment. It can be about a conversation I've had earlier the same day and I start to imagine different scenarios of that same conversation.
It's like a self judgemental thing that has gone way out of hand lately I would say. Probably because I've been unemployed for the last four months.
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Came in here looking for this.
Keep on playing bass if that's what you enjoy. But that doesn't mean that you can't keep on playing guitar. Not all guitarists are shredders you know?
What you should keep in mind is that most of the shredder DVD's out there, as far as I know, usually just gives you a bunch of licks that you're going to be playing with a metronome. If the only purpose is to improve speed and dexterity than yes, MAB's DVD's are great.

I've seen some of his instructional videos and he is a really great tutor when it's all about the technical side of guitar playing. When it comes to applying the licks you have learned to something else than the beat of a metronome, it gets harder.

My advice to you is, that if you're going to buy it, try to understand the theoretical side behind the different licks and riffs you learn as you are progressing through the DVD, and use them in different musical contexts.

Hope this helps
I'm learning to read music. Well I know how to read music, just not fluently while playing. So that's something I've been working on lately. Since I'm into jazz music it's a huge advantage to be able to sight read.
It's a huge advantage no matter what music you play.
I've got the Wampler Pinnacle and I can assure you that it's worth the extra buck. I've only heard the plextortion on youtube reviews, but I would choose it over the other pedals you mentioned.
I use my Pinnacle through a JCM 800 when I'm rehearsing with my band and through a TSL 100 at home, sound great and has never failed me.
Django and Joseph Reinhardt.
Alex and Eddie Van Halen.
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Picking up the guitar at a party will no longer mean your the "cool' guy. Now everyone will know how to play it no matter what and it bugs the shit out of me. Any old idiot will be able to pick it up!

I'm quite late in this discussion, but I do hope TS knows that it was never cool to begin with to be the guy that picks up the guitar at a party.
Sounds great!

Would like to hear more songs from you, so be sure to post when you have some newer material or newer mixes of these songs!
I had a listen to your songs. I hear A LOT of Zakk Wylde/John Petrucci influence in the riffs and in the solos. *thumbs up*

You guys are good but I think that the songs would be way better if you would do a better mix of them.
The guitar is to loud IMO and the drums have a good sound but I want to have them a bit louder. The snare has a good punch in it but I think it lacks "chunkiness".

The singer should be heard more.

I would love to hear a mix with less guitar overdubs. No rhythm guitar parts during the solos. It ain't bad it's just that I believe that the solos should be allowed to shine more than they already do since they are great.

You've got some good songs here but the mixes don't do them justice.
So here's my depressing thruths:

- Money is like a drug and gives only temporary happiness. Currency is essential in our time, but is often used as a measurement for happiness and satisfaction. It always has been and always will.

- I believe that mankind never ever will die. No matter what kind of disasters will happen to our planet and our population. Some ****ers will still survive and keep on tormenting this world and its environment.

- My hopes of experiencing a zombie apocalypse with my tame bear Jenkins will never happen.

- I believe that even if their is an afterlife it does not mean that their is any purpose of our existence. What would you do in the afterlife? Would you still be able to have sex?

- I do not believe that everyone is equal and have the same value as everyone else.

- If everyone was just like everyone else we wouldn't have any problems in life. It would be a dull and boring life though.

I do think about these things from time to time and it's hard to actually grasp it even a bit. But I am a happy person that enjoy life. And I do not see everything that I have listed as depressing. Just as truths.
Even thought this is really really bad. I can't say it's shit because of some reason his music makes me happy haha Especially Wondergirl. The song is a perfect cliche of every love song in the world.
I wanna have all his songs!
Love all your illustrations! Except for maybe the bald dude with no eyes.
I like them all better in black and white. IMO you shouldn't color them.
These illustrations would fit in children books, clothing and so much more.
Keep up the good work!
Well when I play funk I usually play with a very loose wrist. And if I'm jamming to a track or anything I start off with just playing with my right hand straight 8th notes or 16th notes while muting the strings with my left hand. And the key to making a groove out of this is accenting your strokes differently and hitting the strings in different places.
Then you add your notes. And if you listen to funk you often hear them combining the major and minor pentatonic box. Just keep on listenin' to that funk and you'll hear it.
Hope this helps.
Hey Joe only has major chords in it.
I'd guess because of axl's singing.
Unique approach to playing chords hahaha
I can usually find my picks in the most weird places having sex.
Oh I was just thinking about the G major 7. My bad. Well, for B minor the Bm scale. For the F# the F# major scale.
You should study intervals and chords. It's a really good thing to understand what you are playing and you will hopefully become even more creative than before.
The only advice I can give is to take it slow. Sure it will be frustrating for starters but it will become easier and easier. Don't sit for countless hours practicing this because you will only go insane if you do. Practice it for like 15 minutes a day Don't push it to much.
It's a G major 7. Just use the G Major scale and fool around with it.
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Lulz. You have ideologies, too. Everyone does. They're inescapable. You're probably in support of a form of capitalism, I presume? Well, that's an ideology.

Communism is very far from Nazism. The Nazis just used "socialist" in their party name in hopes of duping the German working class into thinking they were on their side.

Have you read the later stuff that I have written here?
The fact that I have compared communism and nazism does not matter. As very few people understand.
I am only talking about ideologies in general.
They have different short-term goals but the same long-term goal.
This applies to every ideology.

Why do you presume that I support capitalists? yeah I know that's an ideology. All you have done is stated the obvious.
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Not only how they will achieve it but also what they conceive as an ideal society. If your ultimate goal is to have a carrot farm and mine is to have a tomato farm and to me, tomatoes are carrots then my goal =/= your goal.

If my goal is to have a carrot farm to somehow make me happy and your goal is to have a tomato farm to make you happy. Then we share the same goal.

We are both looking for one thing, to both be happy. We share to same long-term goals. Not the short-term goals. Or maybe you want to sell your tomatoes so you can make loads of money and buy everything you have ever wanted and I don't.

We both want to be happy and that is the dream/goal we are sharing. The means of how to get to our happiness and our short-term goals are different though.

Because you never explained why we wanted our farms? Therefore, you only showed me the short-term goals.
Quote by damian_91
Then they don't share the same goal.

Yes they did. What is the goal? To create the ideal society.
The differens is how they will achieve it.
I'm only talking about the goal. Not how to get their.
Quote by damian_91
Not sure if serious. The concept of an ideal society as seen by a communist =/= the concept of an ideal society as seen by a white nationalist. Come again.

Oh come on!
No just because I said that they both share the dream of creating the ideal society I did not say that they are dreaming of the same ideal society? That is two completely different things.
Quote by I.O.T.M
(A) It didn't work for a while because it was never in place. The USSR was a state-capitalist society where the government owned the means of production, not the people, therefore it wasn't communism.
(B) Did you honestly just compare worker control of the means of production to white-nationalism?
(C) The idea of communism isn't to make people happy, dancing in the street, holding hands and giggling. The idea is to give the workers the control of the means of production, not to turn everything into sunshine and rainbows.

Yes I did compare communism to white-nationalism. Just because they both share the same goal. To create the ideal society. As all the ideologies do.
So no matter when you hear the word happy you associate it with sunshine and rainbows?
But once again, it is about making people happy, giving everybody an equal standard of life. To make everyone feel that they are a part of the society.
To contribute to this thread I'd say having heard Korn's Y'all Wanna Single (it was on repeat) a whole night and still liking it...
Well that was a long time ago so I like it now a again haha.
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Really now? It "work"ED back then and no one was ever the same. I don't support it, but I don't support those who apparently know nothing about it and just troll it.

It worked for a while, then it failed... Just like Nazism to.
The idea of an ideology is to make everyone happy. If everyone was happy, then it would not have failed.
And this does not only apply to communism but to most of the idelogogies that exist today. Just because it is not possible making everyone in the world happy and also because people change.
And I agree with you on the troll thing.

Since this doesn't really matter to the thread it will be my last post about this :P
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ITT: People who have no idea what communism is, saying communism.

Oh I know what communism is. It would only work if everyone was just the same. But since I know that's not true, communism won't work. Not by free will at least.

To TS I'd say communism, nothing new here though.
Bohemian Rhapsody and Bobby Brown! YEAH!
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Mine dull in about two days, but they still stay sounding great, feeling good and hold tune for several months. If anything I think they sound better after they've been worn-in for a month or two. I've got one set that has lasted over a year now.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Well I would recommend you to change strings a bit more often. One year?
They can't sound very good.

There ya goo! That's the one at 0.32
Any of those songs will be good, But I´d prefer The Audience is Listening.
2 Things to improve lead playing: Chords and intervals!
He is awesome!!
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tell her the truth

"i wanna do you by the end of the night and you're hot."

I have no idea what name this chord has but it's absolutely awesome.

I don't have the answer to your question. But just so you know, Burn is made by Deep Purple and MAB is only making a cover of it. That solo sequence is from the Deep Purple song Burn. If it was first used there I don't know. Are you talking about the same chords when you are refering to the melody or just the fact that they are playing arpeggios?