Overall, the video has a good point. I reached the same conclusion in high school when I realized I was denying myself happiness by worrying about what other thought. Happiness is choice, don't let other people ruin it.
Bob, dont worry, I got your back.
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I feel like a fair amount of people work extensively just to be able to buy things, things that they probably don't need, when they could be using their time doing something beautiful and gaining joy from actual experiences and not material possessions. But then again people are entitled to live their life however makes them happy and I probably shouldn't judge.

On the flip side, money might not buy happiness but I'm pretty sure poverty doesn't.

Seems like most people who graduate have the post-uni blues, for pretty much the same reasons you mentioned. There is a silver lining though, it does make it easier to meet people because everyone is in the same boat. You just have be open to meeting people who are different than your friends at uni.

imo, the best way to combat this feeling is to work toward, and not lose sight of, your long term goals.

And don't fall into the trap I see so many others fall into: Getting into a relationship because you are lonely. Getting into a relationship because you need to fill the void of loneliness rather than really caring about someone probably isn't going anywhere good, but thats just my take on it.
Already been touched on, but working out and getting a job (if you dont have one) do wonders.
Now lets hear sports commentators talk about how much Texas has improved. GTFO ESPN. Looking forward to the ass beating that will be the OU-UT game.
On Alabama:

Was a good game, although I wish our defense was existent. Still feel good about it though, if you are going to lose it might as well be to a respectable team.

Also, got to see McCarron after the game and he seemed like a real good guy. So props to Bama.

To Ole Miss: Thanks for putting t.u. in their place, that was beautiful.
Not a music gig, but I saw Dave Chappelle 2 weeks ago....and it was rather disappointing.
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If you're ugly, you're not getting any pussy, no matter how big that dick is. If you're sexy, you will be getting all the girls and they won't know about your mini wiener until it's too late, so who cares lol

Mark Knopfler. Not for technical ability, but very tasteful. In a similar boat to Lyndsey Buckingham.
$100 says its some 15 year old who thought it was funny


What ^he said
When I tried the 500T I found it to be too fuzzy for my liking. If you are going for an articulate distortion as opposed to fuzz, I would say DiMarzio is the way to go.
No help with your question, but damn that guitar is sexy. Nicely done.
As the other half the Sacamano brotherhood, I have to suggest short hair is the way forward
A little insight into Japanese. I was lucky enough to spend 5 months in Japan in 2011, and started learning Japanese then. I thought it was a pretty cool language, and I continued to study after returning to the US and completed all the Japanese courses my uni had to offer, and passed JLPT N4 (not great, but its something).

I would say I struggle to get through newspapers, and sometimes get stuck during conversation, even after 3 years of study. The kanji isn't that bad if you are a visual learner and decent at memorization. The hardest part about Japanese is the shear volume of content you have to memorize.

Bottom line is, if you are really passionate about Japanese and are willing to dedicate hours a week for several years, then you can master it. 90% of the people in my class though just watched anime, knew a few phrases and BSed their way though class. If you really want to learn it, it takes immense self motivation.

I really wouldn't recommend it for anything more than a hobby. I don't know about India, but I have only randomly encountered a Japanese person 1 time in the US so I wouldn't say it is a useful language unless you get the chance to work in Japan.
No. This question reminds me of how much I want the 30 minutes back that I spent reading the 'nate the snake' joke earlier though.
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Saw this in the YLYL thread. Best joke I've read in a while.

Get some tea boiling. It's a long read but it was so funny I fell off my chair .

Worth the read.

I have never been more disappointed
In other news, I hit a bird with my car the other day
Yup, pretty ridiculous.
For Africa/Asia/South America I would budget $1000 a month. For Europe, North America and Australia, I imagine the cost would be considerably higher but I cant put a dollar amount on it.


You may want to consider starting by working in Australia on a working holiday:
As with any virus you want to get to the root of the problem, which in the case of mono is the spleen. You will want to apply as much blunt force to your spleen as possible, to beat the virus into submission.
Rockets, you're killing me.
"Many New Yorkers were very interested in hearing the other side of the story,” it said. “Over 100 leaflets were distributed.”

That's right folks. 100.
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As a Ron Paul fan boy, I support this message
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My view on it.

"Which of these cultural activities do you take part in?"

"Go to stately homes"

If you are going out for the express purpose of scoring, your gonna have a bad time.
Your wheel is too small.
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You aint even gotta work to go to college really, my brother just sits on loans and grants. Granted, you gonna be paying back loans for a while, but you're still gonna be better off than making 7.25 at McDonalds.

And how are you asking us to contribute? Just throw down my pay and expenses or what?

Student loans yo

Just make sure you are serious about school and are going to come out with a degree you can use to pay them off.
I jailbroke mine and now I cant update my iOS. From this, no its not really worth it.
One again, Louis CK knows all.


God damn, Cosmos beat me to it! Oh well, its worth the double.
Not cult but good twists:

The Game w/ Michael Douglas

Real talk, I am the man form of Ellen.