dad once texted me informing me of how he got no sleep the previous night because his bed was filled with barnacles, two female asian pirates were tickling his feet all night and a hairy kneed indian satyr was stabbing him with a sharp steel needle. That was wierd.
hmm I cant seem to see that pic

EDIT: I see it, just go for it man if your friend gets pissed off kick him in the groin and tell him to take it like a man
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Don't go to school tomorrow.
except its not where I live
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give the teacher some bs about family problems and ask her for an extension

already done
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Why not...

Get off UG and write the damn essay?

how bout YOU get off UG and write it for me?
Alright pit, I request your help. See I'm supposed to have done some essay for english thats due in tomorrow and I, well, havent. Also there is no way in hell I can be bothered to do it tonight so what shall I do? Serious answers please, but silly ones are okay as long as I get ANSWERS.
thank you.
just today me and my friend got lost in town so we headed over to the rock shop (new zealands version of a GC) and I asked to play a dean razorback, since I havent done so before. So the staff member akes me over to the practise room they have(which has glass walls) and set it all up and stuff, so anyway I started playing some wintersun and then I notice this little 3 year old kid just outside the door headbanging and air guitaring. It was freaking epic. After me and my friend stopped laughing we started headbanging and stuff. Hilarious.

FYI the razorback was nice except there was an action problem or something so the high E wouldnt make any recognizable note :P
not that I can compare with most people here but...

SPOILER: it rhymes with google
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I don't wanna make one of those chain demotives thing so Im not gonna make another one
But they still have to paddle.Which is sorta like exercise...which is work

But seriosuly, point taken you're right I was just defending my (wrong) view. I concede.
I'd say guitar pro because I got the full version for free from my friend. but I've never tried power tab.
the kind that isnt bourbon
lol I saw cannibalcorpse coming from a mile off.

a flame shield wont save you from the mods.
[quote="'[ LiAm "]']stop myself from jumping in a pool with my phone in my pocket

now that I think about it, I'd stop myself holding my phone with my teeth while taking a leak so I wouldnt drop my phone in the toilet...
*double facepalm*
tell myself to never, EVER date a hippy.

yeah, i did that
this deserves to be stickied cause of the silliness of it. On topic, mine goes just past my shoulders and is brown and wavy, though I'm developing ringlets underneath lol. I'm constantly having to brush it out of my face because my fringe covers my whole face.
Dont you cry by kamelot or meadows of heaven by nightwish.
you're asking the wrong site, /b/ has the hackers.

there goes rule 1 and 2
equip some boots of levitation with magnitude 75 or more and levitate over to her house, but make sue you have a high sneak stat or her dad might see you and call the guards...
I love dragonforce and think dream theater are quite boring.

Jimi hendrix has boring solos.
Yes, I went there.
1.right click
2.copy url attach image in comment
sorry to crush yer hopes there, but (at least in my country) nearly all the shops are closed on good friday.
probably not
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Thanks for all the very well thought out suggestions.

no problem
kill yourself.
Best. Game. Ever.
happiest place in the world: Sunshine coast of australia. fact.
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I can't listen to music.

you poor, poor man. Hmmm I dunno, try thinking about ways to save mankind from 4chan/destroy mankind with 4chan or solve poverty or bring hitler back to life or solve hitler and bring poverty back to life. Good luck.
lol you're screwed. seriosuly, I'm sorry for you but you should take a pic and put it up with a caption saying "EBAY- its cheaper for a reason"
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Just what we need. Another movie to bring more attention to a musician who everyone will then jump on the bandwagon for. Then they'll start getting dread locks, smoking pot, talking about peace, and annoying me even more.

absolutely correct, screw bob marley, they should make a movie about you
no and never
what he means is that he wants to make a spin-off of the lol wut pear but he cant cause hes too noob and he wants to know if it'll get him banned.
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death and the healing by wintersun