Maria - Ratm

Epic riff.
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wow. those both suck, weve played hendrix, incubus, fu manchu,nirvana,blink,tool, give me more...

what fu manchu do you play?

Would love to do one of their songs but rest of my band probably wouldn't want to...

Different mind - different person.
Probably best to start out on a four string.

There's not much call for 5 strings as it's rare for a band to use them.
Give him a Metallica album with the theme being shit music.
Fight 2008ers fight!
buy some heavy guage strings.
Kwik fix? Halfords?
Fall out boy
Green Day
Foo Fighters
Pearl Jam

there we go.
Fall out boy
Pearl Jam.

Guns and Roses - Limp Bizket
What if you're mistaken for a fat ugly girl?

Then you're ugly AND feminine,
kudos my friend, kudos.
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Quick history lesson... What you hear is a radio station. Rage have a no samples, no synths thing with recording. The radio noise is a result of Tom Morello using a really old pedal that malfunctioned and picked up the local radio broadcast. Tom says technically he "played" that little snippet of radio as its recording was a result of his guitar gear.

There's an interview somewhere online that goes into all the specifics of it but I can't remember where I found it.

Yeah it's a korean radio station that he picked up on his amp, they thought it sounded cool so left it in.
Comedy rock.
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HUH wtf you mean

he means it makes no difference whether we know the song or not to you.

If we knew the song we'd probably be more willing to help you out.
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Have you ever noticed tiny nuances, or just errors left in songs, on albums, after being mastered, that might or might not be intentional?

An example would be in the Audioslave song, "What You Are" at 0:48 ish, listen to Chris Cornell's voice, and you'll notice something that'll bother you for the rest of time.

So, Pit, do you have any things that just plain bother you in albums?

haha he soudns like he's sucking out milkshake.

that's my favourite lyric as well
You're not going get a guitar you described for that price.

Unless maybe you ebay one.
'Does this rag smell like chloroform?'
what song(s)?
Could you not just say you were going to practice at someone elses house then go?
Do what you want.
Mystical Ninja Goemon!
What about 'Problems with you'?

or 'The problem with/of you'?
What did Stevie Wonder say?

I'm blind.

How did Stevie Wonder hurt his ear?

Tried to answer the phone but picked up the iron.

How did he hurt his other ear?

Tried to ring for an ambulance.
Aurora - Foo Fighters
I worked in an instrument store.

Boring as ****.
Licorice Chameleon

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Sounds like a porno

basically is.
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The Blink 182 avatar doesn't help you buddy.

Oh god no! I'm a horrible person for liking something I like!

get over yourself.
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I've seen 120 days of sodomy.

Haha, trying to be clever.

You just made yourself look like a twat.
Doesn't make a difference to whether i'm attraced to them or not really.
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no posting in reported threads, it's against the rules

just a heads up

Oh snap
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Me to jdd:

Go piss off!

EDIT: I'm confused. Wait, are you saying UG is the best or the shit [that it sucks]?

'shit' = bad
'the shit' = good
Round back acoustics?

You: 'blah blah'
Me: 'I had a very erotic evening with your mother last night.'
You: 'She's dead'
Me: 'I know, it was a bitch to dig her up.'