wtf, its probably better to know more about nazism, cuz if u think about it, if no one knew alot about nazism, they wouldnt know how it started and how hitler came to power, so it could easily be done again, if people know how it started, it can be prevented

knowledge is power
CASE CLOSED, -the best show ever
BB king, eric clapton, duane allman, albert king, stevie ray vaughan just to name the big guns
if u need a lead guitarist i can do it, i can do pretty much do any kind of soloing but i tend to stick to the sorta jane's addiction solo style, and yes i understand scales and know how to work off chords and all that good stuff, im also pretty spiffy at making kickass fills
u should take the " lamb of god" name and turn it into "sheep of jesus" lol
this one dude (likes nu metal) said that pink floyd must be gay cuz they have a rainbow on their dark side of the moon album cover.........felt like punchin him in the face
ummmm, or just go to and type in the search bar "herman li bird"

o and btw, heres that pic u guys were talkin

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try to do "rock on" by david essex, that has some wicked delay, but i doubt theres any tab for it
meh, y not, i got nothing better to do with my time, i can help sum people out, i play lead electric guitar, i can solo over anything, and i can take music and add that "extra piece" that makes it complete, i can play any style but i choose to stay close to that jane's addiction sound, if anybody needs me just email me at
YYZ, .......ok, that might be pushing it a lil bit, maybe u can try out warpigs, idk
golden rule-strangeway