reach for the sky-social distortion
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THis is the metal forum .....

Into Battle - Ensiferum

Right, my bad. I was in a different mind set when I put that up, if you know what i mean
Anti-flag - Fcuk police brutality
as I ice down the bruises from the damn riot police
As well as various other punk bands on my playlist
I hate children- Adolescents
ya the line "we stare at broken clocks" got me writing this. After that I shut off the song and wrote this (with only that one line in mind). The basis for the song wasn't the entire "suicide season" song nor was it supposed to be close. My friend was going through a rough patch and I wrote them a song to make it better (they were bringing me down and it was pissing me off). Either way I see the similarities and I'll try to do something to fix it. Thank you for pointing that out.

anyone want to help in substituting "broken clocks" for something else maybe?
yeah, no. Its all original, but as I tend to listen to music to come up with ideas, It might have been BMTH that was playing at the time that inspired it. I'll listen to the song again and see where its the same
Ok I'd like to expand my musical tastes (I assume others would like to as well). Well good news cause here is where we can talk about the craziest f ucking bands that are out there right now. Even if you don't know too much about a band, it's cool, as long as they are brutal as hell.

Well lets start this out with 3 of the craziest bands I'm listening to right now:
Brain Drill
Rose Funeral
Infermentium (<don't know the exact spelling on that)

These bands are no joke. They play some of the heaviest s hit I've ever heard. Now if you got a band that is even crazier or even better, don't be a p ussy and give 'em a shout out.

Now let's get this s hit rolling.
a metal mix with As Blood Runs Black, In Flames, Nightrage, Rose Funeral and Brain Drill (Whooooo!!!!!)
you forgot to add Brain Drill and Rose Funeral
I'm the one-Adolescents
its been awhile since i've done anything with a forum on this site.
Well recently I've been writing nothing but music but then one day I decided to write some lyrics for old times sake. There are bits and pieces that were influenced by my good friend and the hardships he was facing on the day this was written...this one is for you
Broken Clocks

We stare at broken clocks, like a reason to live is the reason to die
Lost in endless time and space subconscious motivation tends to get us by
A world covered in the gray abysmal, small-scale world we’re still looking inside
Watching our lives progress until that fateful day when we…
Lie down to sleep, body and mind as one, at peace
To forgive and to forget, to savor that final breath
Eyes are bloodshot from the sound
Of white noise seeping through the ground
The blind man speaks of what he can see
Eternal insight, of what we’ll never be
Ask yourself will you ever be whole again?
Will you pick yourself up, and help a friend?
Will you ever be whole again?
Will you ever?…

We stare at broken clocks, hands still won’t move to the sound of a life lost in endless tragedy
And yet we strive on
We travel on a desolate road, no clue of where it’ll go or if it will end
Sights set on the abyss

A rotation of expectations set to the beat of an incomplete heart
Keep us awake at night with the promises of a new start
Stare at the windowpane your reflection the only one watching your back
But be careful of the trust you put forth for your reflection will surely attack
The only thing you feel is a lie; in fact it’s nothing
All your being is numb, when the pain would be something
The anguish you crave, the hurt you push away
It’s a cycle of brutal misery, if only you could feel with me
The pain inside, kiss happiness goodbye, emotions will fall to a stand still
Contemporary art of death, blue blood and a final breath, the hands are broken because of this sickness
Ask yourself will you ever be whole again?
Will you pick yourself up, and help a friend?
Will you ever be whole again?
Will you ever?...

We stare at broken clocks, hands still won’t move to the sound of a life lost in endless tragedy
And yet we strive on
We travel on a desolate road, no clue of where it’ll go or if it will end
Sights set on the abyss
We stare at broken clocks, hands still won’t move to the sound of a life lost in endless tragedy
And yet we strive on
We travel on a desolate road, no clue of where it’ll go or if it will end
Sights set on the abyss
An abysmal world not soon to be missed.

bad religion-you
don't call me white- NoFX
the casualties, the suicide machines, bad religion, the distillers, guttermouth, iggy pop, mower, MXPX, NoFX, the offsring, pennywise, (the classic) sex pistols, strike anywhere, the unseen (my personal favorite). just some more bands for you guys. some better than others. (just wanted to see some variation)
fall apart-zebrahead
scream out- the unseen
ok other than my utter lack of paying attention to how i spell anyone have something to say about the song?
here i am-the explosion
haha i love the crusades!!! (even though you made it clear it wasnt really about that). the only criticism i have is that the whole bullets flying thing is in fact cliche, i use it in my writing sometimes and i hate when i do it but sometimes you just get stuck. all in all it was decent, obviously you didn't write it in one sit down (i do for most of mine) but since it was your first time writing a song it was good.
its good and to the point. personally i enjoy a little more poetic verses and metaphors, but the way its speaking about specific things in life is a nice way to go about it.
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and 'personalities'

sh!t did i spell that wrong too? man its just not my day.
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the main reason I came in though it this. It's multiple not multipule.

good call i obviously wasn't paying attention
rock n' roll high school-ramones
2 split personality heros, one saving lives, one slitting throats
one building dreams, the other smashing hope.
on the side of good, flip-side I'm a dark avenger
its nice to have you on our side/finally a tough contender
one must always think to theirselves why is it right?
why is it wrong to stalk innocence in the dead of night?
why must this world be full of such evil things?
and why doesn't it have more?
I implore you almighty lord
a facade if you will, a mask with a sword
cutting down ignorance and all of it's bliss
lay you to rest with a wound and a kiss.

so far i only have the 1st verse but ill post the rest when i write it. C4c
im never eating salad at your house,

rules are simple, any band and time period can count: which includes that un-godly aztec thrash metal you listen to when your drunk at a 7 year old's birthday party.

next rule, can be any sub-genre of metal, which includes but not limiting, classic metal, death metal, nu-metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, hair metal, aluminum alloy metal, copper, nickels, and dimes, black metal, silver metal, sweedish metal (gothensburg baby!), head banging metal, metal metal, and whatever other forms of metal you can either think of or make up.

third and most important, and i mean no, dumb stupid bands that no one likes!!! take for instance iron maiden, ha its not like they have a fan base of 3/4 of the world, i mean come on. but seriously, no stoopid sh!t.

in this thread we will talk about the effects music has on our lives, how music has changed and how music speaks to our souls. anyone can feel free to open to floor and let this discussion begin. (i'd recommend the difference between the music of last generation, stuff like iron maiden, the who, and the beatles, and how the music today has either suffered from the comercialism of the music industry or how there are no more bands that define a generation)<actually lets go with that topic to start off with.
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wow no **** i made a punk song called anti-hero

did you post it on this site? i'd like to take a look at it.
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dude that is a sick song, u should scream the capitolized part it would sound so awesome

ya i actually do scream that capitalized part, right after a sort of dark speech in a really deep voice, you know the big part before that. its supposed to be the anti-hero addressing his twisted thoughts in the song.
the kids arn't alright-offspring
scream out- the unseen
beat my head against the wall-suicide machines
well god forbid did a song called anti-hero so i thought i could too.
I've created a monster!!! *comense the evil laughter* go my ska thread, and together we can take over this forum!!! *continue evil laughter*
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motorhead if there classed as punk

good try though...although i have to you even know what punk is?!?
^^my a$$hole coment of the day.
The rain creates its own fog
Covering the concrete of the city streets
Lost in internal turmoil, a struggle
We all face on our own
This city is our own
It is every bit apart of us
As we are of it
It calls to us
Like the sirens calling fishermen
To their doom
We try to resist the urge
But we all succumb to temptation, eventually
City life is like heroin in our veins
We try to stop, but it keeps pulling us back
It can turn a shy harmless man
Into the next Al Capone
It turns all who enter into junkies
Sidewalk stands create a subculture
Of ethnic ignorance and bliss
Among the denizens
Of an iron and steel empire
Where have all the angels gone?
Have they been crucified?
Behind the boarded up windows and doors
Of abandoned warehouses
In the lower slums
Of a cultural wonderland
At the same time, a wasteland
Full of tarnished memories
And shattered dreams
Sin, falls into place
Into the equation of everyday life
Innocence is gone
Along with the angels
We cry for a new day
But, until that day
We endure the blistering cold winds
Slapping us in the face
Like a side-effect from an apocalyptic winter
Poetic justice serves no purpose
In a world where $10 wh0re$
Can bring you as much happiness
As opening the first present on Christmas day
It last just as long as well
When that toy breaks
The bleak, meaningless world
You try to escape
Comes rushing back at you
With twice the force as before
There is no winning
There is only suffering
But we enjoy it
I can’t possibly explain it.

Little kids play on the blacktop
Even though their hands are numb
And their faces red from the cold
They play
They play and play
Without a care in the world
No taxes to pay, no food to prepare
No worry about how they will make it to the next day.
Don’t they realize
That the world they live in
Is full of murder, rape, and drugs
All the evils one can imagine
But day after day
They return to the cracked, rocky blacktop
To enjoy life and all of its “uneven surfaces”
Only to return back home at their mother’s call
There may be hope after all
When the first fist falls.

C4C all day baby
honestly i'm surprised you guys didn't bring out stuff like anti-flag or the inquisition or even the casualties. all i'm hearing is the same stuff, ie;bad religion, dead keneddys, misfits. and wtf is up with green day and my chemical romance?! even if its a joke, its not funny!...ok maybe a little :-)
new america-bad religion