trayvon was a member of the grove street families street gang, just sayin
do you guys know anybody from the pit in real life or on other websites? is the pit bringing the world together for the better you think?
i love living in america theres a taco bell or mcdonalds every three blocks
TS is so busted
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It looks like a woman being ****ed by a goose

i think it might be a swan named stewie
So Cal Zombie Walks!!! Representinnnnn
It means your music is something they can fap too...right?
I wish Bigfoot was in San Andreas, gosh I spent so much time looking for him, still not sure if he's there or not
If it didn't work in San Andreas chances are it will in the real world
Sharlie cheen
Favorite kite is the classic gayla brand diamond!!
I fly my American flag printed kite all the time! Over at Venice beach aw yeah!!
i have a vox da5 mini amp

a while ago it stopped working on battery power, it would still work with the wall adapter but not on batteries

i let my friend borrow it for a few weeks and i just got it back, now it dosent work with the wall adapter, in fact it dosent work at all anymore, i took it to an electronic music shop and they tried it with another adapter and no power, they said itd be 100 dollars to fix it and thats about how much the thing is worth

is there anything i can do myself? when i open it up what will i see? any thoughts on what it could be, lights dont turn on, nothing


This thread needs bob dole
Unban nick Grundy!
I was watching scared straight and I was wondering, is anybody in the pit in a gang? Does your gang make money? Do you drive a certain car? How does your gang work?
I'm all for speed but keep it on the salt flats please
I poop standing up
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Youre the one who poops after you shower

I thought pooping was something the whole pit could relate too, I was trying to bring the pit together with a thread everyone can voice an opinion about
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It's a shame you don't even have half a brain to come up with even an average thread. This is pointless and spam.

Sorry this thread offends you so bad, what do you mean average you'd rather me ask "did you guys do your taxes yet?" geez I'm just trying to have some fun. I guess I forgot girls don't poop
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What a f*cking shit thread. Why would you even make this?

Too close to home? Sorry it isn't about sopa, it's called the pit
Here's a trick buy something but leave it in the snack retrieval area and when some hot chick comes to get a snack shell get two and you'll be like hey do you need someone to eat that other snack there and bam you're laid, doesn't work with fat people though
How does the pit feel about it? I think it's a terrible phenomena that haunts many people.
I kinda feel kinda
Oh yeah and the riviera posted is awesome too, I want that

Although it's semi hollow
This isn't working out
Is it wrong to look at porn during the day? Are you an addict if you look at it during the day or is it just awkward because you could be out throwing frisbee?
Vince you missed the thread earlier?
Yesssss everyone's blindddd!!!
I'm pissed about that damn security guard cop type guy taking a picture of my band and then asking what the name of my band was I'm just trying to make some freaking money pig screwer
Oh I get it you're all blind from the fapping
I just found out that blind people use Facebook and I was wondering is anyone in the pit blind?
Stapler in jello
Since UG is charging people for their smartphone app does that mean contributers should get some money since its their contributions to the site that make the app possible and profitable? Or is UG just using tabs from unregistered users?
Just wondering not trying to troll I love UG but you know, I like money too
It's pretty much the coolest people around who do stuff alone seriously
get a better job I ludda money

Maybe play more shows with my band, maybe get into a better band
I'm gonna be so bored! My cars in the shop and my friends can't jam today
good job, pretty disturbing
how about a collection of the worst threads? like threads that where really awkward and went nowhere?