And my obsession with kpop continues!

I rewrote the lyrics in English, keeping the Medusa/monster theme.
I also changed the genre. Tell me what you think of it!
I didn't cover the whole song, but... I needed this song outta my head. haha.

The song is on my profile, and I also uploaded it on YouTube.

Here is the original version with English translations for comparison's sake:
I don't know how many UG-er's listen to korean pop music... But I've grown quite attached to it! WAIT! Don't leave yet! ....My last few covers on my youtube page have been English covers of over-manufactured kpop songs, and I think this one is worth listening to.

Click here to watch "Don't Spray Perfume (Noona's Response) on my Youtube channel! ... It's also on my UG Profile.

The original song: basically talks about how this boy, who is juggling 2 women, is tell his older girlfriend to stop spraying perfume on herself or else the younger one will found out... blah blah blah. Just listen to some of it to get an idea of how the song sounds...

So I turned it around around, and made it a response. I completely changed the lyrics (from Korean into English) to fit the older woman's perspective. I slowed down the song, and used different instruments.

Tell me what you think here or go to my profile. That's cool.

Me too!! :'(

I just shared my link with an entertainment company...

Hi there! My cover of Feel In My Bones is up on my profile... I actually made this last year, but I never put it up.

I made this in one afternoon... It's messy and I was sick - Stuffy nosed and sore throaty - but I had to come up with version for a band competition.

Please listen, rate, and comment! Thank yoou

Hey everybody!

I did a cover of a song called Risky Business by The Cab.

I played the guitars, bass, keyboards. I sang all the parts. Mixed it in Garageband.
Notated the drums in Guitar Pro 5.0.

Please rate, and comment!

Hey... I did a cover of Tegan & Sara's "The Ocean" from their new album 'Sainthood'.

It's on my profile here:

Drum track made using Guitarpro 5 and Garageband.

Instruments are played kinda sloppily , but I haven't been playing in a while so blah.

C4C, kae?
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When do the playoffs start by the way?

April 14, I believe.
I think that when two people are past their teens, it doesn't get completely weird anymore.... lol. I could see myself with someone up to 8 years older than me? maybe? I used to hang out with a lot of my older siblings' friends when I was younger... I dunno... BUT...

I know for sure I wouldn't want to date someone 15+ years older... It'd probably be creepy when your significant(ly older) other starts talking about how his first car as a teenager was made in the 1970's. ...considering being born in the 90's. you know... ?
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Attention all UG NHL fans:

That is all.

I think music in general is something that's innate in every person... it just may take a little effort to make it come out the way you want to...

When children first begin to sing, it's like their just yelling/talking the words. Then there are some who just can sing from the get-go. How lucky of them!

But anyway, people just learn - and improve - by doing things and practising. Some people have to practice more than others, but the potential is definitely in everyone.

EDIT: Also, finding your own voice takes time.

I didn't really understand that I wasn't mariah carey until recently. If you're singing, and you're getting to the point where it hurts your throat... don't do it just yet.

Range is something that you can develop over time... with a few drills, you could expand it. (By practising singing scales - descending scales works best. Oh, and practising the low notes will also help with your high notes! Isn't that neat )

Anywaaaay.. practice is key, whether or not you're "naturally" good, or not.
the leafs are in the burgh today! caputi is going up against the pens for the first time since he was traded...isn't it a little... heartbreaking...? going against your former teammates? :'(

oh god, i could never be a professional athlete...
Hey, thanks for the crit on my cover. I listened to yours, and I am in awe that you're only 14. Waaaaay better than anything that I could ever do. I like the tone of your guitar. ...And, your skills are just going to get better. So, I'm very jealous.

Keep practising, and it'll become cleaner.

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The guitar is boring, is just the same struming pattern over and over... and over again... and again, it would be better if you had a bit more nuance it your playing in the different parts of the song.

Thanks for the crit. You're right, I do need to work on changing my strumming pattern. I'll work on that for my next cover.

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thats awsome! the only bad point i can find is the pic hitting the strings, it just sounds a bit wierd but amazing cover!

Thanks for listening... People have been telling me about that... I'm never using a hard pic again! :S

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AWESOME! i really like the reverb it helped it out alot

YUP. Reverb really help me out. It's my best friend. Thanks for listening.
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i always thought it would be interesting to hear female vocals on this track. love the acoustic stripped down version. you have a great voice.

covering anything from sainthood? (i wouldn't. why did you do this to us T&S?)

Thanks for listening Sainthood is too hardcore for me! WHY tegan?! Why sara?! One day... maybe....

SkodaATOM, Saamon: thanks for listening!
why, hello there... long time no see!!!

love something corporate... loved your cover.
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I'm not trying to bash you here, but Twilight is written at a 4th grade reading level, While you might find inspiration and topics to write about, I can't imagine picking up any writing techniques from reading it...

Back to the original question, possibly look into Edgar Allan Poe's poetry and short storys. Not exactly my cup of tea but people hail him to be a pretty talented writer as far as imagery and sound devices go. If you wanna get weird with writing try the Lord of the Rings series of books, very odd language that might inspire you to write in that style...

I'm not saying thar Twilight is the best choice to enhance actual technical skill writing, I'm saying that it inspired me to write a song. Stories and poems can emotionally charge you to create something.
You'll probably hate me for this... but I read the Twilight series and was able to come up with some pretty good stuff. But ANYWAY!

I like to read books where the characters have some sort of longing/desire that's just out of there reach. If I'm really emotionally connected with the storyline, it really inspires me to write down all my feelings.
I'm still getting into the habit of writing lyrics, and when I do... they usually suck. BUT, as sometimes, I get a really good phrase or words that I think might actually be used somewhere. My advice is to keep writing, and maybe something something might actually click.

I think reading helps too... It can give you the feel of how to feel the flow of words.
oooh oooh ooh! pick me!
beautiful cover! I love the arrangement, and how organic it sounds.

I love your voice. It kinda reminds me of Nathan Ferraro from The Midway State.
Yea, your voice does fit the song very well. I would also love to hear a clean version too. Great job! Oh, and thanks for checking my song!
Here is my cover of Paramore's cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody". :s

Check it out... I haven't recorded anything in a while and I haven' used Garageband very much before... considering I didn't have a Mac before.

Anyway, listen, please? Song is on my profile.

Thanks a bunch.
I saw The Midway State on December 19, 2008 at the Phoenix in Toronto. They were amazing... and I got a picture with the lead singer.

I was so impressed that I did this cover. Oh, I know I don't sound very audible in the bridge. Blast you, poor mixing skills! It was a really fun song to play... not so fun when you have a cold.

I don't know why I keep recording vocals when I'm sick. It just happens.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Never Again (The Midway State):

The Midway State - Never Again (Official Music Video)
.... Play Hot N Cold... Katy Perry. I'm currently obsessed with that song... not because I covered it or anything... (It's SOOOO EASY... It's not funny) though I will LOL. Anway. I'm with Zycho... play MAINSTREAM COVERS.

I hope ya'll sound good. =D Good luck.
yea, when i get a new drummer, i tend to drum talk to him. hahaa. almost beat boxing.. not quite.. ANYWAY... faith in the new guy is always a plus. it makes the drummer feel embraced as a new member and can give your sound something new!
drums took me like... 1 hour.. and the playing and the singing took me about 2 hours.

HEY Nov '03? We're like UG twins. lol.
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BEFORE it got old?

You missed the train by over 9000 years.

lol... old to me. hahaha... yes, i'm 9000 years from... now. -_-'
lol, i'm glad.
So, I haven't done a cover in a while! This one isn't one of my best... BUT, I wanted to share it with y'all before the song got old. HAHA. If I feel bored, I'll probably do it again.

i play guitar, piano, drums(ish), ukulele, xylophone, trumpet, clarinet, and some other stuff. haha. just look at my (now outdated) signature.
my sister and i were bored, so we made a mash-up of that Juno song, "Anyone Else But You" and a few other songs. My sister didn't want to record her voice, so I did all the vocals. Some of the uke/guitar parts are out of sync. DRAT.

The Songs:
Justin Timberlake - I Think She Knows (Interlude)
Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine
Alicia Keys - No One
Jordin Sparks - No Air
Miley Cyrus - See You Again
Jonas Brothers - SOS
Britney Spears - Gimme More
Daft Punk - Technologic


Crit 4 Crit?
Waiting On The World To Change was really good. =D
thread starter duuude... can you update the first post with the names/links of the contestants? it'll make it easier
i think that everyone should do the same son... so its easier to judge! LOL.
alrighty.... i'll be a judge.... it's sad when contests die out.