I love drinking Coke w/ Coffee Creamer :>
I have green eyes and dark brown hair, and I find pale boys, with blond hair and blue eyes extremely attractive(:
I'm sorry, man. I love my dog too, and if he died I just would be heartbroken.
I think 18. If you can get married at 18, you should at least be allowed to have a drink at your wedding.
Eat candy or go on the computer. Or go to the movies. Or eat candy.
Ew porcupines are nasty looking! I used to have a raccoon problem, they set up traps and everything!
I call my bestfriend Madison, Mad. I guess that dosent sound too sweet, I mean it just sounds mad.
Quote by lucky69
rude little dude? really?

and it totally is gay and random.
a bunch of guys in a guitar forum talking about heartbreak?
srsly? its gonna get called gay.

and yes, good question.
there's probably an equally good answer.

EDIT: hey, look at that. wikipedia wins.
it's psychosomatic.


Yes really. And well its not only guys, even though guys are the majority, there are a few girls. Maybe you should stop trying to act manly, and embrace your emotions! geez!
Quote by postmortem2006
Despite the increble gayness and randomness of thsi thread, thats actually a very good question :S

How is this thread gay or random? and I know, that's why I asked. You don't have to be such a rude little dude about it.
I was reading this really depressing book and honestly it made my heart hurt a little.
So, I started thinking. Why do you feel heart break in your actual heart? Or how come, when you hear something really terrible that just brings your hopes down you actually feel like your heart is sinking into you chest?

I don't get it, I mean your heart is just an organ that pumps blood. Shouldn't your head feel sad or hurt when something happens, and not your heart?
Post about it on an internet forum of course.
I don't say dirty things in the pit
I'm mainly in the pit, but I use UG for music related reasons too.
Gah, I didn't even know it was a Friday night! But it's definitely not because of my social life, I'm just on vacation in Germany with nothing to do.

I suggest you get off the computer and do something else.
I really don't like to put labels on anyone, but I've been told before I'm part of the popular group.
Well for lunch I made spagetti (: and then later I had pizza, but it was gross!
I'd see a doctor if I were you.
I've read two that were on my summer reading list and now I'm starting Eighteen minutes by Jodi Picoult, its amazing (:
I love Caucasians (:
Honestly, I don't know. I don't think I'd want to date a black guy, not because of the way he would act or his skin color, but I just don't find them attractive.
Me and my brother played some imaginary soccer and basketball.
Soccer's not that bad, but basketball just gets boring!
Touchy subject. I guess threaten to tell her parents, I know she might hate you for that. But if her parents know and monitor her, I'm sure she would stop.
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Girls hate slutty girls because they're obviously jealous.

I hate sluts, and I'm definitely not jealous. I get just as much attention, without being slutty about it. I think you guys are mistaken.
It's not really about jealousy. Most girls are glad they're not sluts. It's because sluts are nasty. \
I mean why would anybody else like sluts, unless they wanted some?
Well yesterday, I went on a mini-shopping spree. I really wanted some new skinny jeans, so we went to this store that had like millions of expensive jeans. None of them fit right, and I realized after trying on 15 pairs that I didn't even really like wearing skinny jeans, I just wanted to wear them to be part of some trend. So I said, "No more skinny jeans, lets buy shorts!" and then I proceeded to shop for anything I found cute, not whatever would fit into the mindless trend that I wanted to be apart of. So now I have clothes that I like, and I'm not wearing to make myself more part of the scene.
So I feel good (:

And I know this may sound shallow, but it was a big awakening, that I shouldn't dress like all the other mindless scene trend *****s to impress anyone, I should be myself.
A gray Hollister vneck/tanktop and green sleeping shorts with light green hearts all over, that I got from Newyorker. (:
"Remote please"

I used to say "mocan catrol" though It was a difficult word at the time
I eat like 3 times a day, without snacks. I drink water constantly, and work out every so often.
Im 5'3 and 112, compared to TS I feel incredibly fat.
I wish I was a boy sometimes, I could act so manly and stuff.
I twitch A LOT in my sleep, it scares my friends
I think, there's definitely more than one person you could fall in love with and there is someone out there for everyone.
I sort of think once you fall in love with someone, you always will be. I mean, you might not like them but there's still gonna be something in your heart for them.

But hey, I wouldn't know.
Texting, tea, and water
I like the sound of Spanish. I'm in Germany right now, and hearing them talk just pisses me off.
I sing Christmas songs and play with make-up.
I'm 5'3
Longest you've gone without
Cutting your hair: like 2 years
Taking a shower/bath: 3 or 4 days
Brushing teeth: 2 days
Posting a ridiculous thread in the Pit: I barely never post threads
Playing guitar/bass: Months
Exercise: I have no clue
Eating: 1 day and a half
I wear them to sleep, but they always slip off in the middle of the night :l

Me and my pup Toby
I love water, but I wish it tasted like something.