I'm trying to get a more pop-punk kind of sound out of my practice amp, a Vox valvetronix AD30VT


Something like Fall Out Boy, All Time Low or Paramore (I know it sounds lame)

I've played with it a lot and can't get it just right, please help.
Anyone viewing that hopes to play this year?

If so, throw a link so I can hear your stuff.

Explains it all:
haww way to post the same thing as me right before I did
I need some new strings- idk what. I don't really play bass, but I own one and I'm playing it in a pop punk band at the moment. I want something that will be easy on the fingers but still have power- suggestions?
I have a straightedge friend who is addicted to caffeine.

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The impression has been given that guys cheat more due to inability to hide it.
Both cheat equally, guys aren't careful enough. If a woman decides to cheat she's not gonna do her boss or someone she's working with, she's gonna head to Hawaii with her girlfriends and do a dude named Dexter who has an accent.

there's no way it's equal
they look nice... do they sound any good compared to higher quality guitars?
What is it? Is it any good?
most really popular bands don't do them, but it doesn't mean they can't. kurt cobain didn't seem like a bad guitarist, (at least to me, i don't know what I base that off of) but he didn't really show what he could do.
call him sit or stay so he gets confused up when you call him/give him commands.
"This is why I'm hot, this is why im hot, this is why, this is why, this is why im hot."

the doctor said all the time but I did just at night and still do. it worked fine.
that's gay and would only be good in the way napolean dynamite got good.
it could be your shoes, make sure they have good arch support.

also, when you run on harder surfaces like concrete and an indoor track I hear that can cause pain. I had a little from running before but I got new shoes and it was better.

and it probably didn't bother you before cause it built up to this level of pain.
hell, just use the nair, what's life without a few risks?
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I put it in the shampoo of this kid who was ****ing with me and his hair fell out.

holy **** thats hilarious

*high five*
hats off to that guy, thats a perfectly good reason to kill someone. i sure as hell hope he doesn't get convicted, that will **** up his whole life and ****... he was just protecting his mother.
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probly not but he was a prodegy, i suggest learning theory because it will help alot with ur playing ability, unless u think u can be as good as hendrix

I know a little theory but its all just boring... I'll learn it more in depth when I continue lessons.
I'm just wondering, cause he's known by all as pretty much the best guitarist who ever lived. I was pretty sure he taught himself stuff but I never knew if he knew theory...
alright just cause they were ****ing weird ass losers doesn't mean they should shoot up their school.

...and we know they never got any action.
my **** ex-band got one of those too on myspace a while back, we thought it was a scam so we didn't bother. we just sucked so bad that we knew it was nothing.
thats pretty weak its on a sunday this year...

last year was my first celebrated 4/20, also my first time.
well, im gonna start eating my spinach
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My sister is about 5 foot at 18 years old. How do you think SHE feels?

girls don't count. my sister is 5 foot at 21.
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Yeaaaa I'm 17, about 5'8". blows big wood. but I weigh around 250 and I bench about 320 so people dont make fun of me too bad. Being short isnt so bad.

...250 lbs. of fat or muscle?
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im 5'10 at 15.

**** you be happy... thats average
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short people also generally have stubby fingers which put them at a disadvantage to playing guitar and piano and bass and cello, and more instruments.

no i have big hands for my size, at least i think.
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Heh. 5'8 at 13.

aww **** you. your kind is the worst.
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5' 4" at 14 isn't so bad, but sucks when your the shortest member of your friends.

yeah... my shortest friend at my age is like 5'9...
Man it sucks. I will still probably grow, but being 5'5 at age 15 isn't fun...
Anyone wanna share something?

*idk about you guys, but for me it's a bitch finding jeans.
I like them a lot. How does UG like them? idk how big they are in England even though they're from there. I just wanted to discuss them, I guess.
I've seen Fall Out Boy a number of times (yeah I like them but my sister buys tickets all the time) and they have been good every time. The only time they sucked was when I saw them on MTV a few years ago.
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We've just given our drummer a wage rise, now he gets two bananas and a packet of peanuts per gig.

Thats ****ing hilarious.
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everyband i have ever been in its like a brotherhood and you can talk about everything, i think that having a girl would restrain the brotherhood part of it all and the relationship would be less great unless you were in love with the girl.

thats a great point that i completely agree with.
get a really expensive one, sell it, then, buy the one that you really want and keep the profits