Explosions in the Sky. 'Nuff said.
Open C#, no?
Funeral>Suburbs>Neon Bible.
For Fuzz, the Swollen Pickle is very cool, I'd say also try the analogman Sun Face, as well as the obvious ZVex Fuzz Factory.

As far as delay goes, I love my MXR Carbon Copy, definitely at least give it a try, if nothing else.

And for Wah, try a Morley Wah as well. But the Ibanez is still pretty sweet.

And for power, I use a DC Brick, and it works ok for me.
Freddie all the way. Not to say that they're all not great. Every one of them (almost) is legendary, and we''-deserving of that status. But Freddie was on a whole other level.
they are used by some artists, just not nearly as often as power chords, because they are a bit harder to get to, and they sound a bit different. and i'm pretty sure you can solo over them with those scales. i don't see why that would change just due to different inversions.
hahahaha! hats off to you sir, that was great! funny story too. very nice job.
George Carlin, all the way. The man was a huge inspiration for me. Genius as well.
great cover bro. sounds nice. it's by Ben E. King though, not BB.
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All Jam bands and I haven't met another person that likes Gogol Bordello...

i like gogol bordello...
PRS>Carvin>PRS SE. But even the SEs are good guitars.
bach-gavotte en rondeau.
sounds really good, no lie.
it depends on how much you want to make music, or how much you want to be sure that youre guaranteed to make money. its called doing it for the love of the art.
thought it was an ibanez or charvel at first glance with that finish.
sounds really good, no lie, sounds, you know, like a rough mix, but that's how every great song starts out. anyways, it has a lot of potential.
bob dylan-ish voice, i hear. not bad, keep working on it and it should be there.
i'd have to say thats pretty metal.
Just out of curiosity, what does the C major scale you were using look like?
whichever is most present in the person.
sounds really good actually man. drums? i see them there in the back!
right now...sounds terribly off tempo. but, sync it up, and repost it. it has potential for sure!
yeah, you do apparently have alot of time on your hands. but its time well spent. i like both the comic preview as well as the song preview. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!
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Join date elitism is silly.
Let's all sit down, have some lemonade, listen to Mediterranean Sundance by Al Di Meloda, and have a good time.

ill bring the hookers.
repetition. repetition. repetition. repetition. see? i typed that last one without looking at my hands.
RIP man.

so sad. he was one of the few metal drummers around who had awesome chops and could still kick a groove. he will be missed.
its all in the player. teles are usually thought as country/blues guitars, but modded a little bit, and put in the hands of excellent players, like john 5 and jim root, they can completely metal. same with any other model.
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glad to see im not the only one who noticed that.

not sure you get the idea of the website bro.
whoever is singing has a great voice. the whole thing is really great.
oh, and try some arctic monkeys, like when the a certain romance, or some editors, like racing rats.
tokyo police club-cheer it on
bloc party-helicopter
the strokes-reptillia/meet me in the bathroom

a ton of famous indie bands like those have real fun stuff.
took a little while, but i grew to enjoy it actually.
wow....gotta ALOT
cybaline pretty much summed it up.