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they'll be fine as long as they're all the same impedance and you don't exceed like... 240W.


Make sure your Impedance (Ohms) match up appropriately.
I use a vox tone lab and skullcandy/roc nation aviator head phones. Couldn't be happier with the sound.
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You the man! Thanks a bunch.


Rhoads did coke, for a fact. I mean, he only did a pinky nail at a a time when everyone else was doing mountians. But he still did it.

I think ZW would be hard pressed to keep a staight face and tell you he's never used any illicit substances besides alcohol...
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Get the "Original" Floyd Rose. The one made in Germany by Schaller.

The reason why I say that is because they are built right - the Licensed ones you posted are cheap (usually Chinese made) copies that are built with soft steel and parts that will wear out quickly. It might last a year or so, but sooner or later you will need to have it replaced again. If you buy the Original German-made version, it is all that you will ever need for the next 20 years.

Don't skimp out on a Floyd - get a good one, and take care of it.
The Gotoh someone else posted is good too.

Also, make sure of what size nut you need. This isn't just a one-size-fits-all part, it needs to match your neck so that the height, spacing, and string radius is correct that specific guitar.

Warmoth has the real deal, for about $100 less than what you posted. Warmoth is a top-notch company - I've bought parts from them many times before - I'd trust that before some random link on Amazon.

And the nut (get the one that works with your neck, or have a tech figure it out. This is critical) (look at chart on bottom of page)

This x10^23
I bought a gibson faded V a few years ago. The day I brought it home I was walking down stairs to the garage where I keep my rig. My strap broke at the top of the stairs. Dropped the guitar, it slid down to the bottom. Broke 2 tuners and a tone knob.
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It's also a shit tone more expensive. You can get an NS2 that can do your FX loop as well for under the price of the regular ISP Decimator.

I had an ns-2 and used it for a about a year. I hated it the entire time. It either cut out to much or not enough. The isp is in another league in simplicity of use and effectiveness. Money well spent.
ISP Decimator or go home. It is easily the best noise gate pedal by a wide margin.
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^hey Derek!

morning guys

Well now it's a party. How have you been?
Holy sheet this thread hasn't slowed down at all.

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I'm 1 degree deep, working on #2. What you studying?

Engineering. Specialty in manufacturing and mechanical.

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I see the house that Dave built is still in good order.
I run a vox tone-lab processor (the old desktop version) into a fender blues jr. (small tube amp, similar-ish to the VJ), and I think it works great. Solid tones, and a multitude of them at that. Even for teh br00talz.

I don't know too much about amp modding, and those tone lab boxes can be had for under $200 used (they don't make them anymore). IMO it's a great deal. If you get a chance to play one of the larger valvetronix amps it's the same processor those come out of the box with.

Good luck
That amp/cab combo will cover all of the genre's and sounds you mentioned. Avoid the Boss MT-2 at all costs. I had one for a couple years and could never make it sound right. I don't know much about the metal muff, but I'd put money on the marshall making a better thrash noise on it's own. Maybe not at low volumes, but at gig levels you should be gravy with that set up.

The JCM2000's are more modern sounding, more versitile, and have more gain avaliable. People say the JCM 800s and 900's sound "better". This may be true, but the difference is not very noticable. It still sounds like a marshall.
I had a bos mt-2 for a while and hated it. I've tried the ml-2 and wasn't much impressed by it.

The ds-1 is an awesome little box. It's very basic, but it works well enough. It has enough gain to do the heavy stuff too.
I had a Peavey XXX for a while. It is really aimed at doing the br00tal stuff. Exodus used them on the Shovel Headed Kill Machine album. IMO, listen to Raze off that album and that's what an XXX sounds like, at least mine always sounded about like that.

If you're really interested in versatility, you might check out the vox valvetronix stuff. I know it's a little old school, but I've tried most all of the processing stuff and withen the realms of affordability Vox are way ahead of the competition (IMO).

Now, really for the best tone possible you could try looking into a smaller tube amp. A brand new fender blues jr. can be had for about $400 last I checked. I have one and it's a fantastic little amp. You could also check out a used peavey classic 30. Those are recieved pretty well around here. I know they're small, but since you're miking it that shouldn't be a problem. I've gigged with my blues jr. plenty, miced or not, and never had any problems being heard.

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Hey, buddy.

We're holding it down. Still a few old timers here. How are you?

Oh ya know. Went off to College. Doin that whole university gig. Yourself?
It Lives!

Hey TN. Long time. How's this place been?
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sup derek

not much man. school mostly. engineering degree plans suck. I've also taken up racing.

course jenny and dae are still around. i don't think we'll ever be rid of them.

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Derek. Happy Thanksgiving.

Howdy Kyle. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and to all.
hahaha i think you're right. the green machine got sold though.
Howdy guys, it's been a while

but i'm dropping in to say i'm selling some stuff if anyone is interested
Gibson Flying V (faded) $500
Epiphone les paul standard $300
Ibanez PF acoustic w/ hard case $200
Peavey XXX 2x12

I'd prefer to deal locally if anyone is from around either corpus christi or college station TX, but whatever works.

How is everyone (old enough to remember me anyway). Jenny and Dave still around?
two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff... ba dum chhhh

go horn frogs? might as well. let's go TCU (they know how to party, trust me).
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Is it loud enough to play with a drummer and does it sound good at lower volumes?

yes yes.
they're pretty good. i think i love mine.
hey dave.

EDIT: WHOOP! go cowboys! skunked 'em.
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hmm too bad..

Take that Brady. Thanks Schuab and Johnson

WHOOP! and now the cowboys are up.

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^ If it wasn't for the nonsensical lyrics and cover of a supremely shitty song, I might have watched more than 20 seconds of it.

oh c'mon it's adorable.
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no probs. They are a little different in response but only a dog or a whale would be able to tell teh difference

did you do the trade?

Game was sad. Special teams were horrible. I'm're aware but wow. How's shreiveport? Tso was bad ass.
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Im driving up tomorrow morning. WHOOP. front row tickets! ill be sporting an ESPN sign.

dude bad ass. i'll be driving to austin in the morning, watching the game with a shit ton of aggies on sixth street then going to a trans siberian orchestra show.
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Texans won today, so dallas needs to as well.

and then tomorrow the Aggies are gonne BTHO georgia!

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hissss go cowboys!
anyone else find it iron we make it to page 666 on christmas?
that's true. but at least you're not in minnesota.
anybody want a puppy per chance? i rescued a litter of stray lab puppies the other day, given 4 away so far, got 2 left. anyone who lives in south texas or the byran-college station area?