Porn has gotten me through some pretty HARD times.
Facebook has changed everyone.
Financial aid is always an option as well.
He stopped at my moms house before he went home.
And one penis on his face...
I have experimented with a plethora of different paints/and methods I found after all the sanding and prepping. Acrylic paint tends to work best, and a better looking finish in my opinion.
I tried the egg cartons in my room, not much luck. I found that hanging clothes everywhere helped more than the egg cartons.
Steel just as a better sound to it in my opinion, its more of a preference thing.
Clean your room? Id just play guitar.
Id go with the Peavey I have one. They are pretty reliable, I love the sound.
I hate spiders more than anything....anything.
Spray asspiss in his eyes then blindfold him prior to smacking him on the back with a CB antennae. That should do..
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womans rights

green looks pretty good. Looks pretty even tho xD
Pink Floyd - wish you were here?
Hey paw, wheres my spittoon!
I like Nickelback. Ive been to a few shows.
Black eyed blonde for sure.
hmmm could be a number of things. Check all the connections and wiring.
How did you not break a string? I would imagine attempting to tune a guitar with the locking nut locked, would cause to much pressure on the string.
Fandango, Full metal Jacket.
When I'm at work.
I just use itunes. CD every now and then maybe.
I had one, lasted about three days then it tore up.... very unreliable.
I bet he does very well in school. Nice kid.
HSS Stratocaster. They play so great and look very nice as well.
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Anything by Barry White.
I love Vo. Gratz on the amp. Enjoy!
Black dog - led Zeppelin.
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My best friend swears by Monster Cables. Ive never used them, but im going to replace my cables when they crap out with them.

Monster cables are very good quality cables. I use them a lot. Good prices too.
I enjoyed this piece a lot. Has a lot of feel.
Those black and brown ones are pretty sweet looking.
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What game was it?

If it was Pokemon... you don't deserve to live, you bastard.

AHAHAAH omg that was funny.
Black is just to sweet. Black FTW. I wish i had one. =(