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oo theyre all really good. its hard choice leeme think a bit harder on it
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I mainly use effects to add a certain flavor to a part of a song. What gets on my nerves are people who base all their playing on effects. Like "the Edge" from U2. He's incredibly awful.

i dont know what the **** your thinking. the edge has one of the best delays on the planet and it highly sought after by hundreds of guitarists.
^ you need shotrod in an awesome font or its gona look lame as. for the chunkie im assuming you want it similiar to the blackie written on the EC strat?

yea that should all work out. but really look into an awesome font
^ yeah same. i ll be prolly learning random facts from the book like i did with scar tissue

did anyone else here about the new autobiography written by Eric Clapton being published?
^ look at its serial number on
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do the ones at dick smith give off lots of noise?

not a clue. but it should be ok. the ones you get from music shops are complete rip offs. its the same as any other power adapter just 2 or 3 times more expensive. go to dick smith and look around. im sure you'll find a nice one there.
^ EC was it TB? if not, was the bypass any good? im leaning towards the 10 band eq atm..
^ when you say alot, is it usable as a solo booster? also does it have true bypass?
lol i was looking for someone who owns a mxr 6band eq!

can you tell me if you can hear a significant volume boost when say the it is used as a mid bosot? im very interested in getting one to use as a solo booster. im aware that it doesnt have a volume slider though but someone said there is a slight volume boost when all the sliders are pushed up. can you confirm this?
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What colour is the jeff beck? I love the surf green model, that one looks sexy

it comes in olympic white and surf green. olympic white is the one he actually uses although he prolly uses the green one as backup or something.

that SRV lenny guitar looks interesting. ive always been very fond of SRV and the read was very intriguing.
ok. forget the noise gate. not interested in that. i need to know if there is a significant boost in volume in either the mxr 6 band and 10 band to allow it to be used as a mid boost and volume boost simultaneously. also, im only interested in the mxr eqs so dont recommend me anything else (unless it has true bypass which i will look into).

anyone out there that owns/tried a mxr 6band eq?
^ yes, i know it wont be the greatest noise gate but i want it to reduce some noise. im not looking at a strong gain boost, maybe just a little push of gain. but for the 6 band, how much of a volume boost will there be if i pushed all the sliders up? im mean the primary thing i want out of it is a noticable volume increase with a mid boost. on top of that i want some gain increase (not too much) and a drop in white noise and such
i need some help choosing an EQ pedal. i think i really need one for several reasons:

1. as a noise gate
2. as a mid boosting unit (similar to eric clapton's active mid boost on his guitar)
3. as a gain boosting unit (similar to an overdrive)
4. as a volume boosting unit

currently i am looking at both the MXR EQs (the 6 band and the 10 band). firstly, do you think an EQ could satisfy all the criteria above and which EQ would you recommend? i noticed that the 6 band EQ doesnt have a volume im assuming this one cant be used as a volume boost? ah last thing, are these MXR pedals true bypass?

also dont recommend me the boss GE-7.
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I'm thinking of buying a Fender American Deluxe Strat. Anyone own one, impressions, plus/negatives?

i havent tried the USA deluxe strat but i have tried the USA deluxe tele. i can say that the build is absolutely awesome with cosemetics almost perfected throughout the guitar. the s-1 switching was useful which im sure will be same for the strats. if you can afford it, go for it but try out the MIA beforehand and make your decision.
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Done before...

But ok. My favs are D'Addario XLs, .10's

ahh f*** now i gotta go back and try the mid boost thing again.
i was pretty hyped about it but disappointed that i couldnt hear a clear difference. obviously because i didnt know what i was doing

so the EC strat has 2 tone knobs and a mid boost knob? im confused..
so yeah, a few days ago i tried the EC strat properly (other times i just randomly picked up the closest strat to me and coincidently it was the EC strat). a question though, i realised the tone knob closest to the volume knob had a 'dent' at number 5. why is this? im guessing 5-10 is mid boost? (i actually heard a slight difference here)
but really which knob is the one controlling the mid boost? i played around with it on a few amps but i couldnt clearly identify when the mid boost was on or off (i constantly played around with the tone knobs, pickup positions etc)
he uses humbuckers mainly, HSS strats specifically however uses LPs and custom guitars. All his solos are awesome
alright! i just lowered my bypass switch on my wah (it got kinda annoying with me trying to go crazy with the wah when signal constantly changed from wah to normal). simple modification - adding a rubber washer.
it sounds killer. very aggressive with high gain getting that morello/kirk hammet wah that im looking for easily. the tiny extra sweep is also quite helpful too
^ first off, which tone knob you talking about? the one on the bottom, or the one below the volume knob? the purpose of the tone knob is to filter out the treble frequency giving it the muffled tone
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I would think the loudest ever would be Ritche blackmore, he had Jim Marshall make him a 350 watt amp once, I think Jim said it was the single loudest amp he'd ever made.

true! i remember reading an interview somewhere were he said that in British measurement it was around 350W and in american measurements somewhere close to 1000W.

PS. QUOTE from interview.

GP-How loud is your amp setting?
RB-Full up, I've always played every amp I've ever had full up, because rock and roll is supposed to be played loud. Also keeping the amp up is how you get your sustain. I turn down on the guitar for dynamics. I've also got my amps boosted. I know Jim Marshall personally, and he boosted them for me. It's pushing out about 500 watts. I guess that's maybe 1000 watts in American ratings, but it's all distortion. The people at Marshall said it's the loudest amp they'd ever heard. I had an extra stage built onto it, and a couple more valves. That's why every two weeks things just to disintegrate. The speakers really get pushed out. I usually go trough two, sometimes more, every two weeks. I only use one of my stacks. The other's just a spare in case I blow the other up.

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does anybody dig strats with a vintage tint maple one-piece neck with black body, black pickguard, chrome hardware, and white pickup covers and knobs??? i think they are really really cool.

lol isnt that a david gilmour strat? meh im not a fan of black on black..
^ mmm i love that colour combo. its my fav from the USA deluxe series
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^thats waht i'll be like soon. lol. i want my neck to come in too... its only been like 1.5weeks though. almost 2 weeks. but not quite...

did Fender change the MIM strat's neck from '05 to the current '07 models? cuz... the strat necks i see at Guitar Center are VERY light colored. and my strat neck is MUCH darker... is it just that my strat neck's dirty? o.O

wait lets not call it dirty. its... Vintage tint...

yea mine neck was literally WHITE when i got it. its cuz theyre brand new from the factory. most MIM and MIA necks are like that at first. i dont know why, but they just look vintage as you play them more.

^ ZOMG ritchie blackmore sig are they the ones with the duncans or gold lace sensors?
while the VJ is very nice (tried it yesterday - quite impressed), i would prefer the BJ due to the extra features and power capability which would be useful in future gigging situations

i've never seen such a wide selection of pedals, guitar and amps before
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I might as well be the first person to post in this thread for october... so are you going to go with the orange cab? (to Sun-burst)

yes i plan to. however, my purchase plan might be delayed

ah also, yesterday i tried the Rockerverb 50 and Tiny Terror and wow. easily the best amp i've ever tried. both were played thru V30's speakers and both sounded very nice even at low volumes. the Rockerverbs gain got very heavy - a bit to heavy for me but the Tiny Terror was absolutely perfect. Tone knob seemed a bit useless tho
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oh please, everyone worships Frusciante, so much that it has turned me off their music and him as a person.

+1 he has way too many fanbois that worship he atm which is absolutely turning me off RHCP.

Underrated guitarists: Ritchie Blackmore
supposedly the T-Rex replica delay is really awesome. not that i have tried it tho
i rarely touch my middle/bridge pickup tone knob. its always the neck tone i fiddle with
whatever cube you get, it would still kill any MG you'll ever play
^ +1. wise advice there.
you know you're a guitar player when you always keep a few picks in your wallet
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He's had a shave for the new video. (Long Road To Ruin.)

Here's a pic.

lol cant anybody else see the borat in there? to see how they turn out
Fender Blues Junior (from allans) or Laney VC15 (ebay)
i heard from somewhere he had randall SS as dummies from tube amps which were inside the SS heads at some point