Everybody knows they go into the compost. Plenty of amino acids in there guys.
Hey guys,

Thanks for coming in. I wanted to share our band's cover of Sexy and I know it. Maybe you could share your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Let me know what you think.
I've got a question!

Why do the people get mad when you are a werewolf?

Werewolves in Skyrim do not need to feed.. they become them at will(so actually they are shapeshifters).

I wanted to kill that first dragon in that wolf form, but the guards tended to target me because I am way more a threat than that dragon was. of course.
May give you a dry throat.
I thought this thread was about something else.
meh, the game got released 2 months before date. give it some time to get patched and stuff.
bad update=bad update.
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Can anyone find a mod that lets you walk faster that normal



Have you tried Zombe's mod pack? He has something with a function like that. called the class system (I believe).

check it out.
We(my friends and I) defeated Skeletron, however we always call him Skeletor.
Makes it more epic.
So, has anyone here come pretty far yet?
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They may not focus on exactly the same thing

Exactly my point.
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Give it some time. You will start seeing replicas of the Empire state building and Mario monuments once it blows up like Minecraft did.

I doubt that. however, always a fool.
Stop comparing it to minecraft's building aspect then.
Is there anyone here who has this full and who can host a server?
< got full. and institutions, if you really say games are alike by judging their looks, you could say minecraft looks bloody much like Doom 1? amirite?

Well it's not like the game at all. Minecraft is more build based. and Terraria is Character based.
It's nothing like minecraft really.

Cuz zombies don't raid your home like they do in terraria, Plus Terraria is an RPG whereas Minecraft isn't really. (well less)
European server FTW

Cho Gath FTW. Said enough

inb4 lock?
Holland is the warmest country of Europe atm.

Yet, you don't see me complaining.
I am rooting for the LP.
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Damn newbie.

She good.
I play in EU my name = Archimaus
You abandoned me!
you people! come now
ok. topic is solved. However it surprises me that we dont have how to create that effect thread. would be damn handy
haha. that's more authentic ofcourse.

So you think a slide with light overdrive would do? I'm gonna try that. I've played slide with a pencil once. :p
Can't I just play the slide on regular tuning with the E chord like this


I never played with a slide. but I guess this would be hard to do.
I would've if it was that easy. But going Open A for one song in a setlist of 35 songs isn't going to work. That's why I'm searching for solutions. :p
hmm but there isn't a way to recreate that sound without buying a slide? if the slide is what makes the chorus.
ya I mean the thing between verses.
Does anyone know how to get a sound like it on a Boss GT-8 pedal? I couldn't find anything on google.
Just call that cave city underground city whatever; Undercity. and build a castle on top of it.
well look a page back. I posted a screenie about the super upgrade. why won't you see that?

There is indeed a super update!

and after that you can buy new set items. Like sunglasses and hyperboots!

Good find.
Shit can't bother me.
I prefer being killed.
I would answer people who send private messages instead of putting it as a signature and ignoring the message, I would let the You Laugh You Lose return, not as a thread but as a new section, like the pit. so that the pit doesn't only get wtf subjects like it has now. And in the meanwhile I would be awesome.

Guess we can't all be me