So my girlfriend of 2 and a half years broke up with me about a month ago. We had a really good relationship, and I was really happy. We'd been on overseas holidays together and had recently been organising to move in together in a house of her own. She always had self-confidence issues and towards the end it seems like she had depression. She usually opened up to me about things but I guess I didn't quite realise the extent until now.

All of a sudden out of the blue she told me she wanted a break because she thought she was a horrible person and didn't want me to change for her and needed to sort herself out before being in a relationship. The next day she decided we should end it for good.

I had had some discussions with her prior to this about how she always felt sad, and I suggested she should go and see someone about it but she refused. Without having gone through anything like it myself I didn't always know how to deal with things. I regret not realising.

I'm really struggling to come to terms with losing her still and just can't get it out of my head. The relationship wasn't perfect but I sure am not happier now than when I was with her, and I feel like she would be the same if she hasn't done anything about her depression. We're currently in exam period so I don't think we should be in contact currently, but is it worth pursuing after they are over to see if we can regain anything?
A 4x12 won't be noticeably louder than a 2x12, so I wouldn't limit your options. From a quick search that amp should be compatible with 4, 8 or 16 ohms so any cab should work.

Look for a used Marshall 1960 or anything with some half decent speakers.
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I have an ear for music sadly and yes know my amp is a pile of garbage but I am kinda stuck with it for now and I don't have anywhere to put speakers sadly. My psychopathic makes me use headphones for my amp anyways lol (love you mom...) lol

My suggestion still stands then. Use a UX1 with your headphones
If you're practicing at home, spend $100 and buy yourself a line 6 UX1 and some decent speakers and run it through your computer. Will sound 100 times better than your spider
6505 sold. Still selling cab, gsp and guitar
sounds awesome!

I enjoy it a lot more than all the covers with breakdown after breakdown everyone seems to be doing
Decimator, power conditioner and road case sold
Yeah that'll be fine, just swap out the pickups coloured wires for the ones shown for jackson in this pic -
Sorry for double post, but I will ship anywhere in Australia at buyers expense. I live in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast region of QLD for local pickup
Cleaning out all my gear!

Peavey 6505 Standard Head ($1200)
Laney 4 x 12 cab w/V30's ($600)
Digitech GSP1101 Pre-amp + Control 2 foot controller ($600)
Furman M-10Lxe Power Conditioner ($150)
ISP Decimator ($120)
3 Rack Unit Road case ($100)
ESP LTD M-200fm ($400)

Rough prices only, see thread
Clearing out all my gear because I no longer play in a band.

I'm selling at the rough prices shown:

Peavey 6505 Standard Head ($1200)
Laney 4 x 12 cab w/V30's ($600)
Digitech GSP1101 Pre-amp + Control 2 foot controller ($600)
Furman M-10Lxe Power Conditioner ($150)
ISP Decimator ($120)
3 Rack Unit Road case ($100)
ESP LTD M-200fm ($400)

I bought the Peavey after I played my last gig so it hasn't seen any live use. It's less than a year old and rarely been played as I've been living away from home without it.

The Laney cab is around ten years old and has seen some solid use, but still plays perfectly, and all it's insides are in excellent condition.

The GSP1101 is shipped over from the USA, so it requires a step-down transformer which I'll include for free. Both it and the foot controller are in as new condition. Still have the original boxes.

The furman is only a year old and hasn't seen much use other than a couple of live shows. Also as new condition, still in box.

The Decimator is in excellent condition. Note it is not the G-string model.

Road case barely has a scratch. Excellent condition.

This LTD guitar is around 4 years old. It has a large chip where the tone put is, because I drilled out a hole for a large killswitch (bad bad idea). See pics for a better description. Other than that it plays really well. Pickups have been upgraded to a Tone Zone bridge and PAF Pro neck, so it's worth it just for those alone. I'll put on a fresh set of strings and set up the floyd before I sell it.

I'm willing to do a deal if you want to bundle any of this, and I'm negotiable on prices. I'll include any extra cables I have along with power supplies etc for relevant items.

I also have a home made pedalboard suited to the control 2 with some extra room for another stompbox or two if it is of interest.

All of this has served me well, it's a shame I no longer have the time to put into having a gigging band.

Pictures here

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i have sprayed the plastic surround of a single coil , and it has been as is for a long time, no issues, krylon oddly enough maker some great spray cans for plastic.

i think that is what sammo was saying as in not literally spraying the whole pickup, but just the removable plastic.

if that is wrong let me know sammo.

That's what I meant!
Tell us where you live for starters, along with how much you want to spend. Guitarfetish has cheap pickups which you could buy covers for in any colour, but they mightn't be good enough.

I've also spray painted pickups before, but it depends how desperate/picky you are
Looks like an Epiphone LP Special II
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Lol find a girl that's not that stupid.

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Yeah well that'll be fine then, I didn't realise they were bass cabinets. You shouldn't have any problems with that setup as long as the impedance matches.
I doubt that your cabinets are that high wattage. That wattage is most likely a different rating, you need to check RMS watts. Also, despite what people may say, it doesn't matter how low your power amp is your speakers won't blow up or anything like that. 100 watts through each cabinet will work fine, it just won't be as loud as the speakers can go.

Make sure you also have the right impedance between the cabinets and the power amp.
Heads don't have headphone jacks because it is near impossible to safely run say a 40W tube head through headphones (like half a watt). The HD500 you can play through computer speakers, or headphones.

And the next step in learning to play is definitely to join a band. It will make you a way better player
Buy yourself a 72 pack of your favourite picks off ebay for around $30. They should last at least a year and they'll be ones you like. The ones that punch makes probably wouldn't be amazing
Yeah I am extremely happy with the GSP, it didn't occur to me I'd need a power amp for the axe fx

Would downgrading to a rack poweramp of some sort be of any advantage?
Wanting to trade Peavey 6505 and digitech GSP1101 for an Axe-FX of any kind. Brisbane area, message me!
Looking to trade the above (+ cash) for an Axe-FX of any sort. I know it's kinda a long shot but thought I'd give it a try. I'd also consider trading my 6505 for a power amp with some cash thrown my way. I live in the Brisbane area. Happy to hear any sort of offer so fire away
My current rig consists of a Digitech GSP1101 pre-amp into a Peavey 6505. I use the 4 cable method to use the 6505 pre-amp for distortion and the GSP's pre-amp for cleans. I bought the 6505 and then unfortunately quit my band the next week, so it's been sitting here barely being played; I've mostly been using my Line 6 UX1 through my computer. I will possibly be playing in a band again, so I don't want to downgrade and then have to buy everything again.

I've been thinking possibly an Axe-FX, although I don't want to have to spend money (no more than $500) after selling what I already have. The other option could be to run the GSP through a power amp of some kind. I hate the feeling of having all this sitting around and doing nothing. Any ideas/suggestions? What is the best way of importing/buying an Axe-FX in Australia?

Also this is a long shot, but would the control 2 footswitch for the GSP work with an Axe-FX?

EDIT: What would something like this sound like with the GSP?
You have a Marshall MG. Save the money for a better amp
I'm not too sure sorry I can't answer that for you
With those routings you can just buy a pickguard with the configuration you want and it'll fit. Just research to make sure you get the right scale length and stuff before you go ahead and buy anything
You'll have to do some research on it, but you should be able to find something decent for cheap.

These are cheap, and probably similar quality to a squier/low end ibanez
With the amount of work you're doing, you may as well buy a decent body and build it all from scratch. That way you could have a 24 fret neck and whatever else you like.
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The price is general, I just put it on there to make sure no wise cracks start suggesting JCM800's and Dual-Rectifiers and other amps I'll never be able to afford.

Then what's the maximum you will be able to afford?
Yeah it is a decent amp. Take it at that price
I don't see how that can be any better than simply leaving the ball ends on and stringing it that way

That would be awesome. I can send you the mp3
Yeah sure! What's your idea? I have to go to school now so I won't be back for a few hours..
I'm looking for someone to do vocals for this song:

Anything from a female to Hetfield style or screams/growls would be perfect.

Post away if you're interested!