Thanks I like your suggestion 24WildRovers I'll work on having a intro with the lyrics then it goes into an Instrumental for the rest of the song because to be honest I can't come up with anymore ideas for lyrics.
Clean Vocals: Vic Fuentes
Dirty/Clean Vocals: Jeremy McKinnon
Guitarist: Joey Wilson
Guitrarist: Thomas Erak
Guitarist/Vocals: Shawn Milke
Bass: ig Takeshi Taneda because he's a session and will work with probably anyone?
Drums: Takashi Kashikura
I like it. It almost gives me a sense of springtime in a gothic sense...
So tell me what you think of these lyrics I have so far.

Like the dominant chord ringing across the soundscape of life, I can't get you off of my mind, and like the coming of death this will happen in time. You and me a counter melody interweaved, there's a lot more to us than the eye can see

A smile, A laugh, sometimes tongue and cheek is all we have. A hug, a kiss, the words we say is all that will last.

Oh were will we go, the chorus is close and we don't have a verse.

and that's all I have -_-
If you want some out there stuff Trash We'd Love or A World of Pandemonium by the HIATUS, The Book About an Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety by TOE. For some Post-Hardcore I'd suggest Wires And The Concept Of Breathing by A Skylit Drive, All's Well That End's Well by Chiodos, Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil, and The Emptiness by Alesana. If you like Progressive Metal/Symphonic Metal look at Kamelot's Karma album, Design Your Universe by Epica, The Metal Opera pt1/2 by Avantasia, and Hydra by Within Temptation. As for Classic Rock you MUST listen to The Beatles Revolver, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Abbey Road.
I know we have a weird way of writing songs but that's part of what makes the music me and my partner write unique right? I don't know and I want to get some opinions from others so you can go and listen to some of our music. We would appreciate any feedback we get. SoundCloud
Thank you everyone I'll try to listen to all of these suggestions!
Thank you every one that was helpful and insightful. I'll keep in mind to try and have a variety of change for the next song I start writing drums to.
I am a guitarist and bassist. I have tried to play drums with no success. My band consist of me and a vocalist so I have to write out drum parts in a program called TuxGuitar. Could anybody give me suggestions on how I could improve my drum writing. You can hear some of it on my profile under the mp3's.
Name: Paul

Location: Zalma, Mo

Age: 18

Favourite Band: the HIATUS for Post-Hardcore... it's Chiodos at the moment

Interest: Music, My Band, Psychology, ANIME!!!!!

Do you Play a Instrument? Guitar, Bass

Are you in a Band? Yeas it's called Resisting Roses

Do you study or work: I am a highschool student hopefully a college student come fall
Not like that exactly lol it's called math rock for it's complex rhythm sections mostly putting drums at the forefront of the mix
I like the mellow vibe given off on Steal Away I can't name the specific artist but it reminds me of a Classic Rock band from the early 70's
Ok so I found the Japanese Math Rock band Toe and absolutely love their music. Would anybody happen to know any other good Math Rock bands?
Muse = Eargasm own all of their albums
Looking for Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, and Pianist (Yes a pianist though synth skills could be handy to)

The band will be a blend of Post-Hardcore and Indie Rock with some other styles thrown in. If you would like to get a feel of what we can be I'll be posting some demo's on a SoundCloud account soon. You don't have to be from Poplar Bluff necessarily but being close could help out.

Sound Cloud
I love the Coffee house vibe with the dark more metal lyrics that come along with it.
Dude I love The Mystical Lady of the Lake! That's the gold I love ^_^