Agiles are great guitars for the money.

I don't personally own one, but the general consensus says they're great.
Might I suggest this:

Perfectly solid guitar, without that icky Edge III. It can hold tuning for a long ass time.
One of the requirements for my music class assignment is starting my composition on an up beat. I cannot recall how this is done, and internet searches aren't being helpful.
It's not that new strings sound "bad" but they do sometimes sound abundantly bright, which an individual may or may not like.
So yeah, I wrote a bluesey song about being a stalker. Don't ask what inspired me. >_>;;

This isn't really meant to be musically original at all, I wrote it with the intention of being one of those basic 12 bar blues songs you always hear.

Anyways, rate it and hate it. Let me know what you think.

Woke up this morning, had nothing to do
So I took a seat, and I dreamt of you
Your long brown hair and those amber eyes
Everything about you is just my size
We'll live the life just you and I
I'll love ya babe till the day I die
Life is great yeah, all is well
I then woke up and was back in hell

I was feelin' blue so I looked around
I grabbed my keys and I drove to town
Stopped somewhere, to grab a bite to eat
I took my lunch and drove across the street
I parked my car outside your store
And lord I knew what I was waiting for
-Break + Wankery-

Well you get off work around 5 o'clock
And I was watching like a hawk
There you were babe, right on time
You knocked me out, you looked so fine
Your white sedan, you got into
You started to drive, so I followed you

You drove for awhile, then you came to a stop
You then walked in to the clothing shop
You strode out the store in a cute black dress
You were goin' out, that was my guess
You parked your car at a fancy cafe
You met your man, much to my dismay
-Break + Wank-

I wasn't hungry, I had already ate
But I followed you in just to watch your date
You smiled at him, as you took your seat
The risk was high, so I had to be discreet
I ordered a sandwich, with jack and swiss
Looked over at you you, his lips you kissed

Seeing you with him, was a painful sight
It was getting late, so you called it a night
You kissed again, as you said goodbye
You turned to leave and I caught your eye
It felt so good babe, I hit the floor
You walked away, you ain't seen me before
-Break and wank-

Well, I was feelin' blue so I looked around
I grabbed my keys and drove out of town
Pulled up to my home, opened the door
Feelin' the same as the night before
So I sat down, took off my shoes
And I went to bed, singing the Lurking Man Blues
That's...... awesome. How does it sound / play?

I would totally rock that on stage.
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Guitar is an Ibanez RG321, 2 humbuckers. Amp is a 120w Peavey Vypyr.

Basically, I'm sick of the icky-ness of the stock pickups. Looking for something good for metal / classic rock for the bridge, and something that can play good cleans for the neck.

Preferably passives, also.

Just bought a Vypyr 120 today, love it thus far. But, this is my first tube amp, and I noticed a slight burning smell coming from the back of my amp, not like an overpowering OMG SOMETHING IS ON FIRE burning smell, more of just a twinge. Kinda like the smell of a hot curling iron.

Also, I noticed it gets quite warm back there, which I would think is normal, right?

Here is your RG my friend:

Perfectly solid guitar, with a pickup swap somewhere down the road, it'll be a beast.
Quote by RhoadsLivesOn
I wasn't looking for recommendations really. More just distinguishing between them so I know which ones to try.

What is the difference between a Metal Core and a Metal Zone? Or Turbo Distortion and Mega Distortion? Or Overdrive and Super Overdrive?

The Metal Core has more low end to it, and sounds a bit less digital than the Metal Zone.

In my opinion, at least
Ask yourself this: What would Lemmy do?
Get an explorer instead :P

But, if I had to choose, I would get the V.
Explorer maybe? They can play pretty much anything.
The 321 can be a beast with a pickup change. Nothing bad about it at all, good body wood too.
In my opinion, the tuners would require a lot less work to install, but they should fix your tuning problem. Most store should sell them.
Hate to sound like an ass, but that's what you get for driving 110mph without wearing a seat belt.
Bought a buffer today... need some compound of course

What's a good brand to get/where do I get it at?

Current position: Playing through my Ashdown bass amp with my Boss ML-2. Sick of the tone, I can only get a decent sounding 80's thrash tone, can't get any good Van Halen/Zep/AC DC type tones. I feel it's time I actually buy a good guitar amp.

I played a tube Vypyr at Guitar Center a couple weeks ago (very briefly, mind you), from what I could tell it sounded really nice. Plus after further research, the idea of having 11 different amps, each with 2 channels and their own separate EQ kinda made me cream just a little.

But, since it technically IS a modeling amp, I'm kinda iffy about it. Almost seems too good to not have something crappy about it.

After seeking advice on here, I was recommended the B-52 AT-112, I looked into it, and it seems to be a contender, just the though just seems kinda underwhelming after thinking about the Vypyr.

Oh yeah, almost forgot:
Max budget: ~650
Musical tastes: Metal, classic rock, clean stuff.

Other suggestions welcome also

Any general opinions on how the tube Vypyrs sound?

Like, do the distortions have that "icky-ness" other modeling amps have?
Basically, I'm playing though an Ashdown Electric Blue bass amp right now, while it doesn't sound too bad with my distortion/chorus/reverb pedals. I think I should get a decent guitar amp to use.

Now, I'm looking for a good tube amp.

I played a Vypyr (not sure of the model, pretty sure it was a tube though) at Guitar Center a few days ago, to me is sounded very good, plus having all the different effects and modules makes me happy in the pants.

Question is, though it technically IS a modeling amp, is the Vypyr a respectable tube to get? Or should I just look at something like a B-52/Valveking/Randall?

Price range is roughly $600 - $700, I play mainly metal (Metallica/Priest/ect.) classic rock, and clean stuff.

Input appreciated
Preferably a combo, but I'm open to stacks as well.

I play mostly metal, classic rock, and clean stuff.

I played a Peavey Vypyr (not sure which model it was) the other day at Guitar Center, thought it sounded pretty good, but I already have a decent array of pedals, so all the built in effects aren't necessary. What's the general opinion on Vypyrs? Are they decent?

I've also had my eye on the Peavey Valveking 212, but I've heard mixed thoughts on it's tone. Opinions?

Other suggestions are always welcome also.

I have that same guitar in the grey nickel finish... love it to death.
Yeah, Edge III's are icky.

I would get this, as it has a hardtail, and will be easier to keep in tune and what not.

They seem to only have mahogany oil in stock there, but they make it in a grey nickel, similar to what you posted in your original post.
The look, yes. But I'd prefer a better guitar than an Epiphone.

Nothing against Epiphone though.
I really love the look of white SGs, and it seems the few they have on cost an arm and a leg. I know ESP makes white Vipers, but I don't really like the look of them.
Take it apart, and paint it all groovy like.
Jazz III's for me, ended up losing all but one of them, which I have been using for like 3 months now....

Personally, I would suggest the Boss ML-2.

It has a lot more bass to it than the MM.
Quote by IPlaySchecter
In that price range the only thing i can think of is an Ibanez RG321MH. Not a bad guitar for 280 bucks, Mahogany body, wizard II neck. And they are worth changing the pups out later on.


I love my '321.
Amp is an Ashdown Electric Blue 180 bass amp.
I play an Ibanez RG321, need to ditch the stock p-ups.

I play mostly metal (More of a Metallica sound, rather than down tuned stuff) classic rock (<3 Zep) and clean stuff.

I prefer a warmer clean tone over a treble-y tone.

I've heard good things about DiMarzio D-Activators, would a set of these be good?

Also, I would prefer passive over active.

Input appreciated.
I find the lack of Rickenbacker in this thread somewhat disturbing.

But yeah, MIM Fenders are great.
I still think this takes the cake:

Quote by Skeet UK
Did you warm the paint up? Put it in some shallow warm water for a bit.

That may loosen up the balls. Also helps the paint flow better.

Doing so now.
I had the mishap happen in to the right of the upper part of the pickup cavity on Strat style guitars, not visible at all when the pickguard is on.

I'm betting it's something with the paint not mixing right, as I said there is no little "nut" doo-hicky rattling around in my can when I shake it.