any love for the 4x4's? heres my ride:

a 60 series Landcruiser

What career(s) are you planning on going into/thinking about in university/college?
Im about to start a apprenticeship as a mechanic at Alcoa

Are you doing it because you enjoy it, because you want to make lots of money, or both/other?
both, if it all goes to plan, im gonna go up to the mines for a year and bring back at least AUD$120k

And also... Are there any non-cliche (and by this I mean not doctors/lawyers/etc of some kind) jobs that pay well that you know of?
from what i have herd, bricklayer's and plumber's get payed very well
well, like 5 days after i got my license, i was out driving, turning right on an intersection where i had to give way, i pulled out but i failed to see the motorbike coming in the other direction, we had a collision, both the bike and my car were written of and the bloke on the motorbike badly broke his arm. I then drove for the next 6 months, and when i was just going to get on my green P's i then got a summons to the court and at the end i got my license suspended for 1 year and a $350 fine.

Then I got a a letter in the post a few weeks later saying that when a P plater gets his license suspended it gets canceled, so to get it back i have to do my theory and practical driving test again....awesome
no console? like no center console?
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a glass of Cranberry juice works great.

yes! but have it with ice, for some reason, it tastes better with ice
an Albanian sprinting walrus = automatic win
saw it yesterday night, fking awesome =D its good to see a film that is directed like that, makes it different from a change, and the Italian speech scene was brilliant, along with the tavern scene xD
I would prefer to be pebble, just cus..daym...

*inserts pic of awesome pebble here if i could be bothered to find 1*
i didnt read the thread so i dont know if these are already in here

Burn Notice, Reaper, Life on Mars (British version), Ashes to Ashes, Top Gear (British version)
i wish that i didn't go out driving on the sunny December day, so i didn't have the car accident, then i could still have that car, and still have my license
i lol'd, but i swear i have seen this somewhere before....
^OMG i remeber that, freelancer was awsome, along with:
dark cloud
dino crisis, i always had to cheat on this, i cud never do those codes
ratchet and clank
and OMG i forgot ape escape
how long is a piece of string?
lol Blackadder goes forth is awesome

"we are in a stickier situation than when sticky the stick insect got stuck in a very sticky pudding"

i believe thts how it goes
car mechanic, diesel or petrol? i don't know
if your a drug....suspect childs
ye the only problems i had with it was the dry lips and i got dry skin on my arms but not on my face lol
ye i was on it, finished my treatment about a month ago..worked like magic
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i find every film better than a book

+ some ridiculously long number
Confused?! You will be.
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you harden the fuck up

lol that reminds me of this

but seriously, do something musical to cheer her up, write a song maybe?
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I can't surf. And shark attacks are incredibly rare.

there has been quite a few around Perth and Rockingham to Mandurah the past month :/
this thread makes me depressed lol, i havnt got an pics been playin for 3 years and i have is a epi les paul standerd, Peavy Bandit 112 and for pedals i have a Boss GE7 and a Original Crybaby wah.
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Aw man, that sucks hardcore. Meth will put ya there though. I could care less about pot, it's really not some hardcore drug people will sell the underwear they're wearing just to get a hit. I got a buddy doin 12-18 years for burglary and he's only 17.

its couldn't care less goddammit!
^ ahh ok, im goin to TAFE anyway so it doesn't effect me then xD, thx anyway dude.
what are these 'cutoffs'?? im originally from England and dont really know the education system fully lol
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Go fling yourself in the sea with all the dangerous sharks, jellyfish and swimming knives.

Dylan Moran FTW!

ye i live in Perth and don't have air con, so when it gets to like 40 Celsius i just usually go to the beach for like 30 mins or so

or open every window and door in your house so it creates something like a wind tunnel
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2 - Insure a parent as the main driver with you as a named driver, I think the rule is they have to use it 2 times a week for it not to be fraud :P

but then you wont be able to get your no claims bonus up, there fore you wont be able to get money of ur next insurance quote.
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its a good watch
one of my favorites

+1 and snatch as well

last film i saw was yes man, hilarious, the red bull scene was....awsome 10/10
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That's for over heating. I had a hardware failure.

ah ok, i just found this

that should help
dude you can fix it, my dad has done it a few times, one of the issues is that it keeps overheating, its some sort of gell, and it hardens up, what u need to do is justt replace the gell, simple

if u dont understand, just google it xD
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I'm kind of afraid to ask this, but what were the Metallica and Guns N' Roses albums like?

if you go for a guns n roses album go for appetite for destruction. For Metallica go for the black album maybe?
twilight, never even herd of it until a few friends invited me to see the move, i waited through that film for the awesome fight/action/death match parts, how disappointed i was

putting big exhaust pipes, racing stripes/flames or whatever, spoilers, air scoops/intakes (that are there for show and not performance) on really ****ty cars which makes em look and sound more ****y than they were.

The Beatles

ohh and amine like bleach and death note, everyone was raving about it so i tried watching some of this stuff and got bored within seconds

people bitching about the harry potter films being worse than the books, DONT READ THE ****ING BOOKS THEN!!! goddamit, i didnt and thought they were good...
War - Edwin Starr
Civil War - Guns N Roses
Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
i graduated in october i think lol, ive had forever of, but im starting TAFE in Feb, should be fun
maybe cus the vibrato sounds more epic on the neck p'up, or they want like a warmer feel to the notes in tht section?
umm yes.. who the fck doesnt like a bit of old muscle?

the dog would get justice, i would feel more broking hearted if i saw a cute harmless dog get beat, then a women gettin beat as the dog is more defenceless
i got to go on the old rules in WA, i only had to do 25 hours, did it in 3 weeks, got my license this morning