I've also tried to modify and add some presets. I can handle pretty well the delay and reverb functions, and made a few U2 and Satch delays. However I can't handle stompboxes at all.
To me, good sounding presets are located in Legend Tones (Satch, Zakk Time, Single, Andy, ...). But many of those use Stompboxes like E24, E26, ..., and I can't find those in the Amp Tones Presets, so I still don't know what they stand for. Modulation, that's for sure, but whether it is a vibrato/autowah/tremolo/flanger, this I don't know. There are also nice sounding amps like A11 which aren't used in Amp Tones.

Is there some sort of list/guide somewhere, to translate those "Names" ?
(For example A01=Vox AC30; A02=Fender Deluxe Reverb; A03=Fender Blues Deluxe; A04=Marshall JTM45; ...)
I don't play much metal in fact.

The kind of sounds i like to have while playing rythm guitar are for example Hate to say I told you so (The Hives) or Pride (U2) or Argent Trop Cher (Telephone)
I think 1000€ or 1200€.

I was thinking about the Vox AC30 CC2X. In Europe it costs 1600€, except in UK where it is possible to get it at 1100€.
Ok thanks. I have a Gibson SG Special and an Ibanez TS9. I guess all I need now is a good tube amp and maybe the ZW44.

I was just wondering one thing (that might be useful for the next effects or amps I would buy).

After listening to the solo (2:35) in Dreamer (Ozzy Osbourne)

I was wondering what the guitarist is using to get that sound?
Which guitar ? (apparently a Les Paul)
What kind of amp ?
What kind of gear/effects pedals ?

I love the SG playability and comfort. But I also like the sound produced

1. Sounds like humbrucker sounds. Can't tell you that in english, but anyway, there are different Gibson Humbruckers sounding different. (Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3, Burstbucker Pro, Classic 57, 490R/498T). The Classic57 and the 498T sound a bit harder than the 490T and Burstbuckers.

2.Listen to ACDC. Anyway I like the sound. A humbrucker sound.

3.I love the clean warm tone.

Edit: you can listen to the differences here:
Ok, thank you ^^

If it sounds exactly the same, i'll take the head. And if I had to plug it to another cabinet, it is possible. (I don't know if the combo can also be plugged to other speakers/cabinets ? But I suppose it can't if it's a combo)

And in fact, at MusicStore-Köln, buying the head + the 2X12 cabinet is cheaper than buying the CC2X. So my choice is made if the sound is the same ^^

I've tried Vox AC30 CC2 and CC2X amps and I definitely want to buy a Vox AC30 CC2X. The problem is I haven't got enough money actually. So I was thinking of buying a head, which would allow me to buy the cabinet I want. (the one with Alnico Blues in a few months for example.) And if some day I need more than two speaker, it will at least still be possible to buy a 4X12 cab instead of 2X12.

Anyway, I was wondering if a Vox AC30 CCH head plugged on a 2X12 Celestion Blue sounded exactly the same as a Vox AC30 CC2X?
Are the stuffs/materials/tubes/settings... exactly the same with a combo CC2X and with a head CCH? (And does the head also have the two channels Normal/Top Boost and the tremolo settings?)

Thank you in advance,

(PS:Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Belgium and speak french )
I'd say the tubescreamer is different. I have both of them.

The Ibanez tubescreamer TS9 is better for a warm bluesy sound. I usually use it for solos, but when you play chords with it it sounds a bit like The Hives ("Hate to say I told you so", e.g.). You can also activate the TS9 while you already are in the disto channel of the amp. Using both at the same time can sound quite metal.

The EHX Big Muff is better for an fender-like overdrive (an overdrive sounding like fender amps). I usually use it while playing chords to get a sound a bit like Green Day, but it can also sound jazzy for solos. Also good for metal when used with the right settings.

The choice is yours, it depends what wou want to play and it depends the sound you're searching for. If you have a lot of money, I'd suggest to buy both. Otherwise, try those two before you choose.

Anyway, you also have to know the tubescreamer TS9 (~155&euro is much more expensive than the Big Muff (~80&euro.