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I always say that if you feel that things are going downhill, then it's best for everyone to end it as soon as possible. It's not impossible to get things back on track, but if it's bad enough to actually notice something, then the relationship is usually doomed. The fact that you've stopped putting in effort means that you don't have the same feelings and to me, it sounds like you'd rather end it.

The first thing is that it's not for you to worry about what she will do if you break it off. It's not your fault that you feel this way. So don't let that be the determination for not breaking up. You can offer support to her, but in the end she's out of your life if you end it and you have to let her know that.

If you still truly do love her still, things might be able to be fixed by having a talk with her about the arguments (I assume trust issues and insecurities). But if it's your feelings that are fading, then it might be best to end it.

Thanks man, I think I just needed to hear some other neutral person to say it. We did talk last night but it just ended in her shouting for me to just end it then so I'll go and have another think. Thanks again.
This one might take a while but I'm at my wits end. I have been with my current girlfriend for nearly 4 years, she's been nothing but great to me but she has her own issues that mainly derive from her previous relationship where she was cheated on multiple times. These problems usually lead to arguments between us that have been getting worse and a lot more ferocious the past few months.

I still love her but I know I feel differently about her, something's changed and I'm unsure as to whether it's me looking to end it but not having the guts or something else. Another thing bothering me is what she would do to herself if I did end it, she's never threatened anything in that way but she's cut herself before and she'd have literally no one else if I ended it. I'd really appreciate any help because I've basically stopped putting in any effort and I'm afraid of dragging it on and hurting her even more. Thanks guys, feels good to get it off my chest.
In a bit of a situation sex thread.
My girlfriends on the pill and last month her period came for just an hour and left. Since she started the pill she's had regular periods so we freaked a bit and took a pregnancy test which came up negative.
Now her period is extremely light again, any ideas whats up? I'm gonna get her another test to take anyway
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from the bands that i've seen:

Best- Iron Maiden, Metallica

Worst- Trivium, Testament (was in the mosh pit most of the time so its kinda unfair them being in the worst), and, as much as it pains me to say this, Megadeth. They never really interacted with the crowd and you couldn't hear the vocals or Brodericks guitar

Was that Priestfest?
Yea Testament were pretty awful and Megadeth were surprisingly boring, even made a few mistakes. I love Megadeth so was extremely disappointed
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My girlfriend and I have spoken about doing it in the bath..

Now, I dont feel too comfortable with water being forced in and out of her. Is it.. safe?

Doesnt sound too good, to me..

Me and my girlfriend tried it last week and it couldn't have went better, both really enjoyed it so i'd recommend it
I would forgive depending on circumstances (who it was with, was it underhanded or was it a complete accident) but i don't think it would last much longer after that due to feeling betrayed
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So assuming you tried it...what made you try it and what is it supposed to do , to relieve the Hickey?

Coz as you rightly said, it does sound stupid.

Yea my girlfriend, knowing my hatred of hickies, spitefully sucked my neck like a vampire

So read about that, tried it out and it worked. Meant to release the build up in the area, because a hickey is just a bruise really.
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How do I remove a hickey fast?!?! I am getting a haircut later today and it will be short enough for my parents to see my hickeys, and we can't have that.

Rub it with the flat (negative) end of a battery, quite hard, for about a minute or so. Sounds stupid but worked for me once
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Thanks for your time, forget it. I'm done here.

Imagine this:
you finally get to have sex with her after much persuasion/begging and you feel great. She goes quiet for a few days and you keep asking whats wrong but deep down you know what it is, you forced her into doing something she really didn't want to do because it was against her religion which she clearly strongly believes in. The one reason she had sex with you was because she was afraid of losing you. You have to live with the feeling you forced her into betraying her beliefs and she feels horrible for it, most likely eventually leading to a break up anyway
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If they do it, it's justified in their minds. We have to see it from their perspective if we can get any kind of resolution.

No, just no. They have no real political motive anymore, the type of people doing this would be still be gangsters and murderers like in any other country even if Ireland was united. Only difference with Northern irish criminals is they can put a political/religious label on themselves
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Darkness imprisoning me!
All that I see!

First thing that came to my mind when I read it
Reggae Reggae Chicken

A in Politics
B in English Lit
C in Business Studies and History
Bloody AS's, think I've done alright apart from Business Studies,was a right and royal fuck up
I this thread

Anyway to contribute:
My family used to live in a rather old house. Below the stairs was a cupboard/store kind of thing with a small door and I always used to get the creeps walking past it never mind going in it.

Well one day my auntie decided to drop round when it was just me in the house. She knocked the door and looked through the front window (which was frosted a bit) and saw someone leave the cupboard and walk out back. Then I came down the stairs and answered the door.

When I told her no one else was in the house she freaked and described the person as a woman with long dark hair. Well it turns out the living room was a murder scene years ago
Northern Ireland, Troubles, lots of shit

Also Liam Neeson was shooting part of a film not far from where I live

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I'd be interested to see what people's preferred aftercare is. Everything I've read/heard is conflicting. I'll go with whatever the artist says, but it's interesting all the same.

I just got my first tattoo yesterday and it seems to be healing quite nicely, no real bother. I took the bandage off after 2 hours and washed it in warm, not hot, soapy water.
I've been applying bepanthen cream in the morning after my first wash and last thing before i go to bed, it's very good.
Rob Trujillo sucks at bass?

Listen to Infectious Grooves for an example of what he can do on bass. Yes metal may not be his key area but he's still extrememly competent at it
Hey a new thread
1st September

World War 2 began
Beslan School Siege began

Such a horrible birthday
Such a kind man, RIP
Tool's Lateralus album in whatever order you want, probably because I've tripped to it a few times
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- get more hours at work
* unsuccessful. reason: no hours available.

Same here, its a bitch

-build some muscle
-get fitter
-practice guitar at least 20 hours a week
Nobody wants us, we're too much of a financial burden for the south at the moment, England has got to be sick of giving all the handouts and the only thing keeping us united at the moment really is the politicians who want to keep their paycheck as high as it is.

I would like a united ireland but only when the timings right and they can support us
Trance music and some hip-hop
Yea you can, Josh Homme plays through a Bass Amp I think
SHawshank definitely

King of The Rodeo-Kings of leon
No 1 only if someone is watching
He was never a great live guitar player,solos were never up to par
But his writing and studio solos are what i respect him for
Pearl Jam-Black especially the MTV unplugged version after a break up
Could be she was also stuck in the traffic, hope she's ok man
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This is a very very broad generalization.

I smoke because I enjoy smoking.

Do you masturbate? Do you enjoy it? Well some people may say masturbation is a sin and call you out on it.

Why do I continue smoking even though, as you listed, it makes me smell and other things around me smell, not to mention the dreaded "C" word. Well because I don't care. It's me, I smoke and I enjoy it thoroughly. Maybe if I have children I may stop because it would be best to stay around for as long as I can to help them, but honestly I really don't want children.

All I want to do is enjoy life while I have life to enjoy. While that may mean to you to live life as long as you can, it means to me that if there are enhancements out there that liven up my mood then hell what reason isn't there to try them.

Yes it could mean that I am stressed and need a cig, or it could mean that it is such a nice day out that a cig just puts that much more of a smile on my face.

Don't call me a moron because you don't enjoy something I do.

Easily the greatest post I've seen in a long time
Lately I've been real into Megadeth and convinced myself I need an Angel of Deth guitar even though I know it would be of very little use to me because i like to play alot of other genres,not just metal,rarely play metal infact
So i know where you're coming from kinda