All that needs to be said is, what the hell? Why would you WANT to super glue your fingers together? seriously?
I didin't want to read all the comments, so I didin't. But I just wanted to say I almost had a seizure when I saw the pictures. It's so cute! OMG!
ppl, i seriously am like retarded and don't kno how to use guitar pro. I tried, and I can't get it. u guys are so helpful! no not really. . .
o common pplz, i really need help. pointing out that the notes are written above the music isn't help.
k ppl, i have the music up now. plz help!
ok, I started another thread and i need to post like 2 pics, but i don't kno how. could someone plz help me? thx
I'm kind of a beginner and I need help transfering sheet music into tabs. I really need help because I'm going to play this song in a concert about a month from now with my band, which is a school band with like clarinets and **** like that. it's "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, and I need it exactly the same as the music I have. Plz help me. I now actually have the music so if someone could be awesome and help me plz. . . i would love you forever. Thank you!

side 1

side 2
K ppl, thx for the suggestions, and the completely retarded rips on my spelling.
exiledsoul, all I can say is that your a ****ing retard. You're how old, and you're on here ripping on teenagers spelling? you obviously don't have a GF. . . Well, I guess when you're done masturbating, go look for a Gf and get a REAL life.
Thank you
exiledsoul, you're an asshole. I can spell just fine, as I'm sure you can tell about 98% of people shorten words so they don't have to type the whole thing, you ****ing retard. . .
See, the problem is, I've gotten highlights twice in the last year, well actually low-lights cause they're dark blonde. But they last about a month, and they jsut make the rest of my hair darker, so ya. Idk. . .
Ya, it works pretty good, I have it and used it a while back. But it makes ur face SOOOO dry, i had to stop using it. But I'd give it a try.
Well, I want to dye my hair because it's boring. My bf sez I should dye it all black but I'm kinda not that willing to get rid of my natural blond-ness. So, i was thinking of dying the underside black, or somthing like that. I really want black hair, but like i sed, i can't part with the blonde. So, anybody got any suggestions on what I could do with it, that would look good? Obviosly, just look on my profile, and see what I look like, THEN tell me if u have any suggestions. THX!
ok, I really can't read anymore of these replies. Dude, if ur serious about ****ing a chick who's 11, u need serious help, omg. If your just BS-ing us, then you've kept quite a few people entertained. Yay! You prevented probably half these people from raping their hands long enought to read this thread. . . Anyways, Dude, i'm thinkin that u might possibly be serious so i'll say this for everyone, You sir, are a sick ****!
OMG, dude neards are grose (neard=neck-beard). Neards are only ment for nasty rapists who need somewhere to keep their spare body parts, condoms, and vaseline.
You guys are pussy's, for the love of god. . . that is wierd, well the raping part kinda freaked me out, but it didn't scare me. . . . w/e
I just got mine off a little over 2 weeks ago, and I have to say my teeth look pretty good now. I had mine on for nearly 3 years though, well it would have been 3 years this February, but they told me it would only be 2. . . w/e

Now that mine are off, I can laugh at you for having them. . . : )

I hate you.

"yeah, get an abortion, i dont care, brb, just gonna tell Ug about it, its funny as hell isnt it, it wont scar you mentally at all, bye, im gonna go and do something else that will **** up someones life, see ya!"

i hope you get hit by a bus.

took the words right out of my mouth. Dude you're an asshole, seriously. If you think it's funny, you seriously shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.
sex pistols

didn't read through the whole thing so don't know if this ones been used yet
I've only been in love once, and still am in love. . . so I is happy : )
Reminds me of that Mad TV skit with the fat black guy that kept passing out during masturbation and telling everybody about it

That was hilarious. . .and yet sick
In our computer lab in school some "gangsta" in our class took all of the balls out of the mouses.

Same thing happened at our school a few years back, but it was a bunch of kids that were like 13. They took like 20 of 'em. . .the teachers were so pissed. . .
If you don't have any of the same interests or you don't know already how to talk to her, you're going to go down in a blaze of un-glory. Friends first, date second. If you aren't friends with her and can't already talk to her like a friend, it's just going to be an awkward and annoying time for both of you. If you can't talk to a friend for an extended period of time, you definitely can't go on a date with that friend.

sry dude, but no, you can't be like an actual friend. An if you do become friends, don't become to close of friends. Other than that, no! You can't become friends then ask her out, now that's awkward, trust me. . .

Anyways, talk to her and find out wat she's in to, then go from there. If she's real in to movies, then maybe that is a better choice for a first date, but the dinner thing is a better idea. You're gonna have to get better at starting a conversation and keeping it going, otherwise. . . ur fucked.
Originally Posted by fenderdude06
so i had this dream last night...

it starts off with my brother and i in this abandoned mental hospital sleeping in one of the rooms on beds for some reason.

so as the night goes on, i start hearing noises. the door to our room is made of glass, and i look out of it and i see this girl with long black hair, covering her face. she's wearing a white dress and looks like she's been beaten severely.

so then she stops, turns toward my room and starts banging on the door. i wake my brother to show him what's going on, and he just tells me that the door is locked and i should go back to sleep. ?????

so next, she gives up on the door and walks away.

just as i think we're in the clear, she comes back again and throws herself against the door, breaking it and falling into the room on the ground in front of me.

so she gets up, my brother and i are in awe, looking at each other then back at her.
she steps towards me, and reaches of for my neck.

you know when sometimes you're in trouble in a dream, but you can't do anything about it? yeah, so my arms aren't working for some reason.

she grabs my neck and pulls me to her, face to face and my mom got scared
She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in bel Air

whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab is rare
But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air'

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air

I bet that's how it really ends....?am i right?

I thought that was how it ended. . . Dude! Tell us the ****ing ending!
Originally Posted by JvL
Who tells us that the colors and sounds we see and hear are really those colors/sounds and not something different?

I thought I was the only one who wondered that. . . .
hell yes drummer's are musicians but if you want to argue and say im not a musician i have to let yuo know that i can play guitar/bass/keyboard and drums so i would keep your mouth shut about drummers not being a musician because if rock music didnt have drums where would we be

I only play guitar and drums, but he said exactly what I wanted to say. Woulda posted this originally had I actually gone through and read some of the other posts. . . w/e
Why wouldn't drummers be musicians? Common, this thread is kinda pointless I think. . . .
I got a Jackson Flying V named Sam. How creative, huh? I couldn't think of anything else, so w/e. . .
well, it's a good idea, and a stupid piece of **** of an idea also. It'll teach kids how to play, but come on! They could have probably had anyone else teachin' the kids, but Drake Bell. . . ? They more than likely didn't have to pay the pretty boy as much as they would have had to pay a real guitarist.
drums (hell yes), guitar, and I think the flute and sax are pretty cool soundin somtimes.
I can't help it, I hate the idea of abortions. I think that it's unfair and cruel, the baby doesn't have a fighting chance and it has no choice but to die if the mother says so. I think that there should only be certain reasons for getting an abortion: rape, pregnancy could kill/harm the mother, mother can't support the child, the baby has serious medical condition, or anything else along those lines. But otherwise, if it's someone who just doesn't want another kid, or doesn't think their ready for one, too bad, sry to say. It should only be aborted if there is no other choice.
umm, what are you smokin? Wait, can I have some? Anyways, like someone else said, where we gonna run, there will be no universe. . . .
I used to bite mine, then I realized that they looked really cool when I didn't bite them and they got really long (btw, I'm a chick). Anyways, I would chew gum, or just look at my fingers and think about how grose biting my nails is. Just think about it. . .disgusting. Well, good luck stopping!
Last night I went to an amazing concert and I wanted to know if I was the only one on UG who was there. It was at the Dodge County Fair, in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. . . not sure if anyone here even lives near there. But obviously, it was an Alice Cooper concert, so I wanna know what your favorite parts were. . .if you saw it anyway.
Dumbass! Dude you gotta be kidding me, I think the guard suffered head trauma when he was a child to. . . seriously. What did he expect to happen? anyways, I'm done spazzing. . .thank you, have a nice day!
Ok, I'm a drummer. . .obviously. I been playing for nearly 6 years and am desperately looking for a band, in my area, to join. I can pretty much play anything, and anything I can't play, I'm willing to learn how to play. I live in the Beaver Dam area, and will go almost anywhere in Dodge/ Columbia county. . . and anywhere else in that area, if need be. Plz PM me for details/questions. . .or, especially, if you're interested in meeting me.
wow, I'm going to Level 5, that's a little creepy. . .
O man, that was really sweet. . .btw, i'm a chick who loves that stuff. Anyways, of course you'll miss her, but think about it, you'll be like 100+ times happier together when she gets back. I'm sure that really didn't help much, but w/e, try not to drive yourself crazy thinkin about her, she'll be back. . .