I'm down. my guild is inactive anyway.
Q: how is a duck like a laser?
A: neither one can whistle
I would like to formally request an attack on the wall of spam
band: Nonparametric Regression
album: a choice to take action
single: one also?
yeah your reed is probably broken. Or check the keys that go down to the low F and make sure the pads are still covering the holes completely.

edit: check the register key too
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Underwater basket weaving.

EXTREME underwater basket weaving.
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University of Michigan. Woohoo.

Are you there now? I was just accepted
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Yeah, I live in Durham, which, being the next town over, is only about 15 minutes away from the UNC campus.

I have some friends going to State, though. Out of state is quite expensive, partially why I decided on UNC.

Oh cool, I live in Apex/Cary. UNC has a nice campus and I know a few people going there who seem to love it.
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UGA was a safety school of mine, as well. I just got into UNC-Chapel Hill though (found out today) and it's my top choice, so I'll be going there. Also got into Tulane with around $22,000 a year in scholarships.

Anyone else going to UNC?

Do you live in NC?

I'm waiting to hear from Northwestern and Michigan. Has anybody else not received their response from Michigan? They're over a month late so far... I'll be going to NC State if I can't get the money to go out of state.
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Go see a dermatologist

I've been. I've gone through a treatment of accutane and it just keeps coming back.

Is there any way to take away the redness right after a shower? or do I just suck it up
So I've had acne for a while now, and I'm not bitching about it. Just had a quick question.

Why does it seem to get worse right after getting out of the shower? And is there a way to reverse that?

also, any tricks on dealing with it in general are welcome
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I don't know if the standards are as high, but I know with a lot of my musician friends who went to college to study music, they had been saving since they were like 8 to buy these ridiculously expensive instruments. My one friend spent something like $20,000 on a new bassoon. The reason being they said was that they would indeed get judged negatively for playing a lower grade instrument. So, I'd say if it's at all similar then yes, those stickers are going to impact you negatively.

that's because bassoons cost a lot more than a guitar does. $20,000 sounds low on the range of prices for bassoons. At least from what I've heard.

And it shouldn't really matter? I wouldnt know, but I cant imagine it would make that much of a difference.
I should win because i'm the average, every-day lurker. I mean, I'm not affraid of posting there's just nothing I feel strongly enough to post about. So really, I should win because I don't spam. Or because I have a cool avatar. Take your pick.
Yes, christmas wasnt originally about jesus.
It's kind of sad how the rest of the world hates the US for "thinking we're better than everyone else", yet in this thread all of you have been completely bashing America. I hope you realize how hypocritical that is. American stereotypes are not always true, and I'm tired of seeing my country bashed.
another fantasy question. Should I bench Matt Forte and put in Donald Brown? I only ask because Forte hasn't really been producing and Indy plays St. Louis this week
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I wish they'd run it in the spring when my NFL withdrawal is running high.

That's what I was thinking too. Arena football just isn't the same
hey guys, should i start - Romo vs. the Chiefs or Campbell vs. the Panthers? you think the pit would be ok with redirecting some of the missile silo fund?
hell, i'll pay his salary if it keeps him in miami
I really hope they re-sign brown after this year. I dont know why they wouldn't that is a tough loss
voted. vote number 213
no way. I live in the Raleigh area too and i know there are always a lot of shows goin on, so there are definitely bands in the area. That being said, im not in one either
any news on guildwars 2?
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has neither a qwerty or a touchscreen as far as i know... lol

he didn't say it HAD to be qwerty or touchscreen...?
w760. The walkman phone, i have one and i love it


Do you use tobacco products regularly? (Cigarettes, dip, snuff, etc.):

How many organized sports teams do you play on? (School and otherwise)?

On average, how much money do you spend a week on your leisure, for your own enjoyment?

If you use tobacco, on average, how much of that money goes towards tobacco products?
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i feel so left out

sorry, I'm not quite sure why this is only for Americans. I didn't make it up

and thanks for the replies guys
I have a survey for AP environmental and I figured I'd bring it to you guys

so if you wouldnt mind rating these risks on a scale of 1-10, a 10 being an activity or event which you perceive as a great risk to US citizens, and a 1 being an activity of minor risk to US citizens. A great risk would be likley to cause death, injury, or a decreasted life span to many US citizens.

first name -

Natural disasters -

Structure fires -

Drowning -

Driving an automobile -

Drinking tap water -

Tobacco use -

Bicycling -

Indoor air pollution -

Outdoor air pollution -

Alcohol use -

Medical X-rays -

Flying commercial airlines -

Being overweight(10-20 lbs) -

Being obese(BMI>30) -

Pesticide residues on food -


Living with a smoker -

Toxic waste -

Drug abuse -

Living in poverty -
I'm doing a project on litter/waste/recycling for environmental science, and I need some depressing statistics about litter, I've looked but I haven't been able to find much of anything which is weird because you'd think the internet would be full of that stuff. But any help is appreciated
am I the only person who never got a weedle?
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

well some guy called the cops on me the other day for driving in circles in his culdesac, and the police came to my house and said i could've been charged with reckless driving. So who knows what will happen..
So Long- Guster. the album is lost and gone forever
You do know that fingering a girl isn't the same as going down on a girl, right?

^pretty much that. also you need to reverse in a straight line...and for the love of god stay right on the speed limit.