So... any news on those tabs? Cygnus's new bass video makes me want to play along!
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That's incredible
Only had time to listen to Tapestry before I have to go to bed (bit ill), but it was fantastic. Having got so used to The Aurora Veil I was expecting the disappointing feeling of the new version not living up to my expectations, but nah. Love both of them
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Wooden doors > tables.

Oh you
As someone mentioned: ?
Apparently there's been a slight delay with the shirts, hopefully not too much though.
Cheers, giving it a listen now
Oh hi thur...

Album is out and free to download. I love it, been on repeat for the last few days. For those who don't know, this is Nolly's band from here on the forums. Buy a t-shirt if you wanna help support them
I've only heard the songs they uploaded on YouTube from the new album, I think I quite like it. So the rest of it is good then?
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Recently started on a Graduate Engineer program, just realised that being an engineer in a big company seems to be more about working through their stupid planning/project systems than actually doing any engineering

Unfortunately, I'm really not surprised How is it, other than that, though?

Going into my last year of Electronic Engineering now. Should REALLY start looking for jobs. Sigh, it's pretty scary. I wanna work for an interesting software company. Feel I don't know enough though, compared to, say, a computer scientist.
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Agreed, although I wish Lamentations had at least a few pre-bwp songs on it.

Yeah, same, shame about the licensing issues.
Both RHT and RAH pale in comparison with Lamentations. Just sayin'.
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According to that logic, this:

Should be taken off the shelves, because lightning strikes kill 24,000 people a year. Also, remember before you start saying that Ride the Lightning has very little to do with lightning strikes, this shirt has only a very slight connotation to domestic abuse, that honestly is probably a massively unsubstantiated leap.

People are way too easily offended these days. And yes, I agree that the shirts are unfunny and stupid.

Surely people would be more likely to be offended because of the electric chair, rather than lightning strikes?

Also, the first shirt in OP is clearly about beastiality. That's fine, get over it!
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the incurable sexual transmitted infection, the Daily Mail

Ha. At least, that's how I read it.
Sorry, if you can't find it then it's probably not there.
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I'm really surprised that no one else has mentioned Danny's YT page..

I won't mention the videos that he recently "favourited" *coughcough*.
But he now deleted them.


So yeah, I checked out the recommendations and promptly bought WHBWH and Judgement after listening to them. Great stuff.
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Wtf is a window?

Well played.
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Apart from the people on the JCRC and any other committee haha. They get really fired up. I got rejected for being a STYC for making fun of the application form... They didn't like someone not taking their meaningless roles seriously...

They wanted people to come back and take care of the freshers, and like everyone else I wanted to so I could go back to my old accommodation and meet new people. They didn't have enough people but their pride was still such that they rejected me anyway haha.

Ha. Some of my friends were 'parents' in James college last year, apparently if you do get to do it they give you a lecture about not having sex with the freshers.

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I live in North Yorkshire! In Filey to be exact, which is pretty much Eats Yorkshire.

Om nom nom Yorkshire?
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Nah just kidding, colleges mean pretty much nothing apart from which name you put in the chant "*college* till I die! I'm *college* till I die!", but still people will always claim their college is best. The whole college system is pretty much useless really, it's just a way of breaking down administration.

And let's face it, no one really cares that much anyway
There's a big PMT (lol) in Leeds which is pretty close to York.
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Thanks for that, mang. I'm indeed surprised that they'd bother with a tuning like that, but whatever, their kick, not mine. The whole "backing track" thing was reinforced when I saw them, though. I was really disappointed, because half of the time I was expecting one guitar playing the cleans and the other doing the distortion, it was both of them playing THE EXACT SAME RIFF and all the clean guitars were playing on a tape. Combined with their vocalist almost deliberately (from what I could tell) doing a half-arsed job because of the amount of backing tapes HE had, it was just so annoying. I mean, really, they can bitch about them having "up to six guitar tracks at once", but 99% of the time, there's really only 2 or 3 tracks repeated over each other. It doesn't strike me as the sort of sound that NEEDS so much effort put into it, especially when they're not gonna play the damn parts anyway...

I think I heard them mention at some point the fact that they like having the repetition of F-Bb-Eb on the top 3 strings and the next 3 too. I dunno why they started like that in the first place, but hey, whatever works for them.

As for the backing tracks, it's a shame you felt like that. I never really noticed the overuse of backing for the guitars. When I saw them it was obvious that there was backing for the vocals but it was more to reinforce them, rather than to make up for a poor performance, and I thought it worked well in that respect.

For anyone who needs convincing near the end of Acle's video.
Bb - F - Bb - Eb - F - Bb - Eb. For some songs the low Bb goes to Ab. (Note this is not Drop A#).

Quick Google search told me that I knew it wasn't as simple as a drop tuning.
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They've basically written a really haphazard song and dressed it up as "progressive".

Yeah, that's kinda how I feel...

I feel as though they've got rid of the stuff that made Opeth really listenable, and kept some stuff that made them 'unique'. Sure, you can tell it's Opeth, but I don't really care...
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Honestly, I was really disappointed by Misha Mansoor. He didn't seem very happy to talk to anyone.. I went up to see him after his set, bought a shirt, and got his autograph ("buLb" with a dot in each "b", and an uppercase L. It's kinda cool) on my Periphery Cd booklet. I was like "You played so great, man. It was awesome to finally see and meet you" we shook hands, but he never said thank you or anything. Just nodded without even a smile..

Idk, i'm just a butthurt fan

Alex Bois certainly made up for it. Ran into him after the show, talked for like 15 minutes, got pictures, it was just great. He seemed so grateful towards us as fans.

Late reply, but I'm guessing you caught him on a bad night. He seemed really sociable after the show when I saw Periphery
Sweet, can't wait until it arrives
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York is a nice place but I think the uni is a few miles out of the city centre, though public transport is pretty good and if you have a bike then you'd be fine.

A few miles out of the city centre and you'll be outside of York altogether, it's a pretty small place

I'm in York and the uni is about a 20 minute walk from the centre. By bike it's a lot quicker.

There's a good Electronic Engineering department here, but I dunno much about Computer Science except that they've got a nice new building.
Sweet, just finished uni for the year today, so I'll check out the recommendations in the coming weeks
Whatever you do, don't carry on. Give it a major rest until it's better, and consult a doctor soon if it carries on.

My wrist/hand has been hurting since last September because I overdid it last summer, so I've barely been able to play guitar since then
These guys supported Porcupine Tree a few years ago when I went to see them, but I didn't get there in time for Anathema

Anyway, I have Alternative 4 and love it. Recommendations for another album I might like?
It's not misuse, it's hyperbole. I've never understood why people have a problem with it. I perfectly understand what it means and how to use it, but I choose to use it in a different way to create an effect.
Hey, sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thread. I'm not at home right now, but I should get the payment to you tomorrow.

Glad this is going ahead
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In other news NeO will be supporting Nevermore on the Melb leg of their Australian tour in June.

You could try a delay pedal with one repeat and a short delay time (just short enough so that you can't hear the repeat separately).

I use this on my high-gain sound to thicken it up. It's kind of a trick to try to imitate the sound of double tracked guitars (doesn't quite work out like that, but can sound good anyway).
Anyone else been to see them on the UK tour yet? I saw them in Manchester the other day for the first time, it was great! I think I was the first one in and last one out
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I had a copy of the instrumental version. Found it on a blogspot, mp3 and everything. 320kb/s too.

Had a search for it with the word 'blogspot' and found it. Thanks for the help

I'm seeing them next Wednesday with Tesseract, so I'll probably buy the actual album there anyway, just wanted the instrumental in the meantime
Is there any way to get hold of the instrumental version of the CD in the UK? Alternatively, could I download it in a non-m4a format?

I'm still not sold on the vocals, but I may buy the CD anyway and let them grow on me, but I'd like the instrumental version too.
Right, time to do this.

Number: 602
Donation: £10

PM being sent in a second.
I checked the Behemoth site the other day and that wasn't on there, so thanks for posting. Good to hear!