1. Cynic - Traced in Air
2. In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
3. Opeth - Watershed
4. Meshuggah - obZen
5. ...?
How much do you think postage would be for the bass?

I'm in Bristol so I might be able to collect it, but I'm a quite busy at the moment and I'm going back to York for uni in a week and half.

Let me know and I'll get back to you
There's nothing wrong with GOOD modelling amps. The Roland Cube is generally considered a good one, as is the Vox and the Vypyrs.
Just record everything. Even if you don't put them on the album, you can use them as extras later
After I saw 'rated power at 16 ohms' I stopped reading.
Isn't there a Kerry King MXR 10 band EQ? Hopefully they didn't make her pay extra for that...
Hey, Tim or Xenoyr,

I won a giveaway on Metal Obsession at the beginning of November for a signed copy of the Aurora Veil. Brendan from M.O. said he gave my address to you guys and it should have been sent off, but it hasn't arrived yet. Any idea what happened to it?

I ordered two t-shirts a little while after that and they've got here fine, so I expected the cd to be here also.

Anyway, I'm dead chuffed with the t-shirts, been waiting to get home from uni to try them on, so thanks for them
Sweet, thanks Tim, I'll just download now
Jesus Christ I missed it.

Stupid lecture, if they'd have been on at 11.30am (London time) it would have been fine.

Hopefully someone recorded it...
So... is that a yes?

I looked over it and deduced it should be now.

Aren't they supposed to be on the radio now/soon?

Or am I being dense?
So... when's this happening?
Indeed, pizzicato is a technique used on violin, namely plucking the notes, rather than bowing them.
Christ, don't do 3 bumps in a day, read the rules.
Pizzicato violin?
Hwhat exactly is interesting, may I ask?
Haha, I love it, especially the guitar recording. Pretty damn good for a cup of water.

Seems to be a lot of resonance on the low end, cut that down a bit somehow and that'll be a sweet watermic.
Could you PM me if the deal falls through? I may be very interested in this.

Anyway you could test your electricity supply?
Quote by DigUpHerBones
I had the biggest PRS GAS ever at the gig
Roadies brought them on and I was like 'nooo! DON'T TOUCH WITH YOUR SILLY FINGER TWIDDLING!'

Did you get pissed off with their main roadie playing a low E power chord forever? And also the BLOODY mic tester... how can you say 'one, two' in a MORE annoying way?
Quote by Magero
In my experience;

Doors : 8:30pm
First band : 9:00pm
First band finishes: 9:30pm
Second band starts: 10:00pm
Second band finishes: 10:45pm
Third band starts: 11:15pm

Standard set up/pack down time is 15 minutes at each end. Band gets 15 minutes to get on stage, 15 minutes to get off.

Considering Opeth finished at 10.30 in Manchester, that MAY not be all that reliable...
Agreed for Manchester
I have no doubt you were/are I met a few people on the way there/back, all nice people

Yay, more pics to make me jealous...
Quote by DigUpHerBones
^ Front row, exactly central, ha

I'll put some pics up when I'm sent them, didn't take any myself.

I didn't have any backstage pass... so we waited out in the cold for an hour til they came out

God damnit, I SO should have waited around. I had 2.5 hours to wait for my train... Plenty of time. I was by myself though and would've felt silly just standing outside. I also had to find Piccadilly station (never been to Manchester before).

I missed out bad
Quote by 2mins2midnite
I just come back from the opeth gig @manchester with support from cynic and the ocean

opeth = amazing
the ocean = ok could be better

cynic = i thought they were gonna be awsome but no, they were ****e, i like their records and what not but live they picked the worse songs to play, it was just a no no

What the fuck? Cynic were the highlight of that show! If the vocals rhythm guitar were louder it would have been PERFECT. Some cunt threw beer at Paul though. The way he took it made me laugh though, "To whoever threw that, that was not an act of kindness" and carried on.

The Ocean were meh, I was expecting better to be honest. Started off nice and groovy, but got worse as it went on, in my opinion.

Argh, I can't believe they didn't play Bleak again, I keep on going to the wrong shows (I was at Manchester last night). Other than that, it was great, though a bit more variety on songs would have been nice.

I was 2/3 back from the front, right in the centre in front of Mikael. Excellent viewing.

I got back at 4am, and met some guys on the train back to York with me who had backstage passes and got to meet the band, lucky bastards. Apparently Per walked out of the shower in front of them with just his boxers on. No pictures unfortunately, lol.
Nice to hear stuff's being sent off, I can't wait to get home for Christmas with all my NeO stuff waiting for me. Signed cd and two t-shirts, gonna be great
Excellent playlist, I thoroughly enjoyed it

I know the In Mourning song, and I think I've heard The Trees by Morningside, but only once. Other than that it was all new (heard of Tyr, but never listened). All good stuff.
The Drapery Falls, The Moor and Bleak by Opeth.
1k2 means 1.2k, so 1200 ohms. 1k is just 1000 ohms, so you'll be about 20% out. You can probably order one off the internet for less than a dollar including postage. I'm sure someone can give you a useful website for it, if not use google
Sweet Can't wait for the real thing.
That looks like an amazing stand, I'd have been drawn over from across the room.

Nice one man
T-shirts ordered
That sounds amazing. I'm hoping to learn some stuff about programming DSP chips in the next few years, so I'd love to give that a go.
If you have that much money for an amp, surely you can afford to travel a bit to play one?
Am I the only one who really doesn't like their Metal Muff?
It's tap tempo... You tap it twice and the number that comes up is the speed in bpm that you tapped it. The faster you tap it, the faster the bpm etc.
Hey there Tom,
I'm just writing to let you know that you've won a signed copy of Australian band Ne Obliviscaris' 'The Aurora Veil, on a giveaway that you entered here on Australian Metal site
This is the first 'official' signed copy with the band's new guitarist Benjamin Baret, so i could easily become a bit of a collectors item given the massive grounds well on interest created with the band's first release!
Just to confirm your mailing address so it gets to you safely, can you please type out/edit the below address exactly how it should be written to recieve a parcel from Australia to England!
*my address*
Just a note, if you don't reply before Friday 7th of November (Australian Eastern time), we will have to pass the prize onto a runner up!
Congratulations, and thanks for support the website, Ne Obliviscaris and Australian heavy metal!
Brendan AmosMetal Obsession.

Sweet, thanks for keeping us updated, as usual. I'm looking forward to my new clothes already
By the way, if anyone was wondering, the second part of the interview with Tim is up on the website he linked to.

Always an interesting read
That Tiger is now my background, as an inspiration.