I wish they weren't dyed black. If they were natural they'd look amazing.
Honestly, the best advice I can give is shell out some money on a new amp. Your Spider will not cut it, I'm sorry to say. Go to the gear forum for advice on what, they'll give you some good suggestions.

I agree with Chris when he says don't bother with the Mac, you can get a better PC for a much lower price. Why waste money on a brand name unless it really offers something extra? Put this money towards an amp.

As for software guitar amp sims, there are some OK ones but honestly, if you're serious it's much better and easier (in my opinion) to mic up a good amp.

Other than that:

DAW: Reaper - Cheap and fantastic. Unlimited trial so you can try if first to see if you like it.

Drums: Superior Drummer 2.0 - The Metal Foundry expansion pack for this is great too if you want to spend some extra. There are other options to look into as well like Addictive Drums or Steven Slate drums, but I have no experience with these.

Mics: Shure SM57 - The place to start for guitars (assuming you have a good amp). You may be able to get away with it for the kind of vocals you're doing if you have a pop shield, but it won't be the best. Get another mic too if you can, may be best to try some out and see what works for your voice.

Monitors: A lot of people around here (including me) have KRK RP5G2s. Try a few out and see how they compare though, you'd be surprised how different monitors can sound.

Interface: Yeah, what Chris said. Something with one or two inputs, preferably ones that double as instrument and XLR inputs. Maybe some MIDI connections too if you want to use MIDI later on.

Any questions, just ask
Reaper has a built-in tuning plug-in, I think it's called ReaTune. I dunno how good it is for getting that effect, but I touched up some tuning using it and it sounded fine. I'd say it's worth messing around with anyway as it's free if you already have Reaper.
Good post again Chris

This is the sort of information it might be useful to make an FAQ about, considering so many people still seem so sure that egg boxes are the answer.
Impatient bastards.
^ Just so you know, it's spelled 'logarithm', nothing to do with rhythm
Already? Damn, I'm having to wait until Oct 12th I think.
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NO SMBC?!?!?!


Remember to put your mouse over the red button at the bottom.
Amp first. No point recording the MGs if you don't like the sound. Also, for the recording, if you're on a budget you can get Reaper for £30 instead of Cubase. For most people's needs it does absolutely everything at 1/10th of the price.
I like reading the paper, but I can rarely be bothered to go and buy one. If I want to look at the news (not often) I'll have a glance at the BBC news page.
I'm not really a fan, but I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one of them using Mesa Boogie amps, a Rectifier of some sort. They wouldn't need any distortion pedals with that amp.
I must say that punk is one of the few musical styles that I often really can't stand, and I'm pretty into metal.

EDIT: ^ I love metal alot
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Considering he doesn't even know how to add up series/parallel resistances, I really wouldn't trust that. As someone has pointed out, his way gives ~1ohm resistance rather than 8ohms.
I think the best advice here is to listen to some music, and pay attention to where everything is and how everything sounds. If you're really listening for it you'll begin to notice where things are placed in the stereo mix.
This should really be in the recording section, but I'll say a couple of things.

When recording, you often don't need as much gain as you'd expect, especially as you normally double track (and pan L and R) to get the sound as full as possible. Also, I doubt you'll need any compression, that kind of heavy sound is incredibly compressed as it it.
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EP Teaser!

The rerecording of the original Concealing Fate song with the new singer sounds fantastic, from the clip I've heard.

I think I'll always prefer the old version (and possibly the old singer). Still sounds pretty good though. At least they got a better singer than Periphery...
A suitable video for a hilariously awful song. Just perfect.

I mean, I've really enjoyed their last few albums, but this is just bad. I guess this is what happens when they get rid of my two favourite members.
Honestly, I don't see the appeal. Why not just do it on a computer? You could get a decent interface, microphone and DAW a similar price and have much better expandability, mixing capabilities and a much nicer user interface, making for a much more enjoyable time spent recording.

Boss BR600 - £210
Shure SM57/58 - £70 (the inbuilt microphone isn't really gonna cut it, to be honest)
TOTAL - £280


M-Audio Fast Track Pro - £130 (for example)
Shure SM-57/58 - £70
Reaper - £30
TOTAL - £230

If there's something I'm missing about these hardware recorders, then please enlighten me. I guess the only good thing I can see about them is if you don't have a decent computer and can't afford to upgrade.

I know this wasn't what you asked for, but I hope this helped show you the alternatives
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Only one UGer.

Actually, 3, but that's because 2 of my friends have UG accounts.

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Thoughts on new series?

It was everything I wanted it to be.
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See da pic

I did

Sure, it compresses the file, but in such a way that when you decompress it you get the exact original back again. It's the same as putting something in a zip file, it compresses the data, but you always get the exact original back.

EDIT: I hope I'm not coming across as an ass, I don't mean to.
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It's quite a feat to hear the difference between lossless and CD quality.

Especially seeing as there is no difference. Hence the term 'lossless'...
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I'm sorry. but everyone in this thread is bullshitting.

Do you know that during the mastering process, the music is compressed/limited?

Even a 320kbps MP3 doesn't show any signs of compression. You must actually be looking at the waveform or something, because no one is able to tell the difference between a standard high-quality MP3 and a lossless copy.

Wasting your time.

Audio compression: reducing the dynamic range of the music.

Data compression: reducing the file size. Lossless: can retrieve exact original data. Lossy (e.g. mp3) lose some amount of the data in the compression process.

We're talking about the latter here, so the mastering compression limiting is nothing to do with it.
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There is a list of Marshall cabs (amoungst amps), I would reccmmend that you spend your money on something better though.

Another good list here:
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Got my 1960A used for $369.

Good luck with the shipping costs sending that thing over the Atlantic

Quote by Metal_Militian
Thanks for helping........ This isn't about being flashy. This isn't about wanting the best thing out there, or wanting to get girls. (I can do that fine thanks.) This is about wanting to complete my Marshall Head with a nice Marshall cab, I don't care what model so ignore the 1960. All i want is an ANGLED MARSHALL with WHEELS. Does anybody serious and helpful know of the Marshall cabs that have wheels as well as being angled???

Surely you want the best for your money though? I don't see why the name on the front should make any difference unless it's for looks. Wouldn't you prefer something that sounds better for the price rather than a logo?
And why is a Marshall cab so important? It's all very well saying 'I know I want a Marshall cab', but without good reason this will just be ignored.
I've heard drums in a big church and honestly it was the worst thing I've ever heard. Possibly partly the drum kit but the acoustics are just awful for it. Suits choirs, not drums.
The springs on the back of the Floyd Rose ringing out?
Done, hope it helps.
You can't. I know there's a lecturer in my department at uni working on methods of doing it, but it's very complicated and requires a lot of effort and even then the results aren't great yet.
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and he really punches his voice, and when the rehersal is over he cant even speak.

He's doing it incredibly wrong and is going to really fuck up his voice very quickly. Yeah, that guitar player sounds like an ass. I agree, good job you left. Look after your voice.

Strange... when installing did it ask for a default plug-in directory or anything? If so it should have put it there. Otherwise, I dunno what to suggest, I can't remember what happened when I installed my copy.
Uh, "he had to use a compressor to amplify it"... that's not really what a compressor does. A compressor evens out dynamics, makes the loud bits quieter and the quiet bits louder and stuff.

If you're singing quietly he should just turn up the gain on the preamp. If you're doing it really quietly, surely you'd know that already?
The .dll file will probably be located in a folder here: C:\Program Files\VstPlugins

If that fails just type in ezdrummer.dll into a search on your computer.
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I'm saying, that I don't really know if it would help.
If there is no match, there is no point in doing it, so I wouldn't do it then.
If there was (even the slightest) chance it helped, I would most certainly do it, because after all, saving a life is not bad :p
and bone marrow grows back.

Well obviously you wouldn't if you didn't match, it would be useless and no one would ask you to so it's kind of beside the point. But good for you being willing to do it.

I'm actually considering putting myself on a donor list. There are two in the UK, one of them you need to donate blood first, and one you just need a spit sample.
Quote by Karel Juwet

I wouldn't even give away my bone marrow to my friends, because I think your DNA has to be similar, doesn't it?
(If it helped, I would do it for my best friend, but not for an artist I'm fond of)

You have to have the same tissue type, relatives are most likely, but most people don't have relatives with the correct type. They don't ask you to donate unless there's a match.

You seriously wouldn't give it to your friends (or anyone) despite the fact that it could save their life, just because it's a bit painful?
Do they have enough current capability? Digitech pedals need a good few hundred milliamps.