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No worries dude! Not sure if you saw, but I got my custom 7 from Dylan just over a week ago, here's the NGD thread if you didn't:

Yeah I just found that thread too, lovely guitar. It must have been there went I went, but I can't remember seeing it. Next time I have an excuse to go down I'm gonna have a better look at his guitars.

Between that, your Blackmachine and the Diezel I think it's fair to say I'm pretty envious... maybe it's time I get a proper job.
Whoa, I went down to Tom Waghorn's shop the other week, didn't realise this guy had his own metal guitar business there too! I was slightly confused by all the rather metal looking guitars when Tom mainly does acoustics...

Both awesome guys when I met them, thanks for bringing this to my attention Nolly
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2 bands, 1 good stage presence, 1 bad. No prizes for guessing which is which

Meshuggah look dignified, Dillinger look retarded...?
Ne Obliviscaris. They have two singers, but they're both pretty prominent. The violinist does all the clean vocals. Progressive black/death metal, probably not your thing if you're into folk but they are really good

Both of their singers post here occasionally.
Solid state basically means it uses transistors instead. Solid state means a device only uses components where the electrons stay in the solid material, unlike valves where they travel through a vacuum.

I think hollow state is the term for when valves are used.
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EDIT: And when i get excited about something small. I was smiling walking home the other day because i knew there was a cheesecake in my fridge at home. How empty is my life if that shit makes my day?

There's nothing wrong with being excited by cheesecake.
I have one I'd sell. Won't be able to get to it until late September/October though, if that's an issue?
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So yea. That's basically that. Should I just tell her that's she's ****ing homophobic or something? And about long hair, it's gay only as long as it's in "ponytail" style. Basically that bugs the crap out of me.

The 8s will have a lower extension of their bass response. However, unless your room is acoustically treated with bass traps and such the bass response will be largely affected by room modes making large peaks and nulls.

Not to say don't buy them, but you could always buy the 6s and get a sub later when you can afford to treat the room properly? Just an idea. Other people may have different suggestions.
Import the song into Cubase and open Amplitube as a plugin in Cubase?
Cool, glad it worked

I know this frustrated me to hell when I first tried to sort it out, even the second time round, lol.
OK what operating system are you running? This is easy in Vista, but I dunno about XP or whatever. Also I use Reaper and not Cubase but the same (or similar) principles should apply.

I assume you're using the phono outs rather than the SPDIF outs? If so, then when you aren't using Cubase, set your audio device by right clicking the speaker icon on the far right of the start bar and click playback devices. From there select the M-Audio phono out as the default. Run Windows Media player and it should hopefully work.

Now, before I use Reaper, I have to change the default sound device in Windows to my laptop's own speakers, so Reaper can use the Fast Track. This may be the case for Cubase too, I can't remember.

I just know that in my experience DAWs tend to take complete control of the relevant sound card to make most efficient use of it, so this may be what is happening to you, or something similar. Play around with it, if it's still an issue I'll try to help some more

Avoid Behringer, but other than that there should be a good few to look at in there.
Surely it also depends a lot on how much RAM you have and how fast it is? If you have 4GB of fast RAM HD speed won't come into play nearly as much as if you only had 1GB.
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I was wondering if any of you knew the names of these two books. One is where a man creates a microscope capable of seeing at a atomic level and below. And sees that all atoms are planets with their own atoms and he eventually goes mad. And the other one is where a gardener becomes able to hear plants, and he hears them screaming, can't take it then kills himself. Thanks for any responses, and to answer a great man: Just more black.

The second one sounds like a Roald Dahl short story.
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yeah, my main problem is that the song i'm wanting to record the drummer half the time times off the guitarist and i can't keep time perfectly through the blank spots with the guitar and i loathe metronomes, i dunno what it is about them it just throws me way off

It's just something you have to practice, unfortunately. I couldn't stay in time for shit when I first started using one, but it really helps if you can do it.
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The Bluebird mics are quite nice for the price. I still say starting out with a Rode NT1A is a good thing to do but the BlueBird isn't a bad step from the Rode.

How does the NT1A do for acoustic guitars? I'm considering getting both a large and small diaphragm condenser microphone for experimenting recording my acoustic.

A website in the UK currently has a deal where I can get a Rode M3 for 0.50p if I bought an NT1A (for £135 + p&p), so this looks like a good deal on a tight budget.
Search for noise reduction VSTs and you'll probably find what you're looking for.
Assuming it's just EQ, and your signal chain is fine, it should probably work. The pedal may work dynamically though, i.e. it responds according to the amplitude envelope of the input, and this is something that impulse responses can't capture on their own. This could be nothing to do with your problem, I dunno how the pedal works, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.
Katatonia - My Twin:

I've just started doing drums for my own cover of this song. It's quite straightforward, but getting it to sound good is never easy.
^ I've also heard that ribbons are more susceptible to damage, but I'm not sure why other than they're generally more fragile.
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I will either have to settle for using 2 separate effects for each track, making it out of sync

Have you tried this? I don't see why the effects would be out of synch.
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Using something like 2 tremolo effects out of sync on each pan would sound weird.

Why would they be out of synch?
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I would say use a smaller bedroom as you'll have less reverb and such to deal with in there. You don't want to be too cramped with studio monitors really close together though.

Small rooms usually aren't good acoustically, you can get problems with room modes, especially at the lower end of the frequency spectrum. and shapes
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These are my guesses: 1st base is kissing(holding hands?), 2nd base is being intimate whilst unclothed?(anal?)And 3rd base is indulging in sexual intercourse. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, holding hands -> anal -> intercourse is the proper sequence.
Yeah it's mastered and everything, so they should announce a release date sometime soon hopefully. Somehow I missed that they got signed...
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tweaker is gonna be a little too costy and i'm really not going to ever crank the 6505 up past 3oclock probably so that's useless

Good luck getting it to 3 o'clock

I can't really turn my amp up past 9 o'clock, sounds fine. It really is worth getting a proper metal amp and keeping it on 'low' volume rather than a low wattage amp and cranking it.

EDIT: Also, where do you live? You say"up to 400", but 400 what? Dollars, Sterling, Euros?
To be honest, when does anyone ever use 22nd fret low E string, or notes around there? Even if you did, the frets are so close together up there that there probably wouldn't be much use in using your pinky, you can reach it with your ring finger.
So, apparently Tesseract are gonna be touring with Devin Townsend in N. America. Damn I'm jealous of you Americans right now.
Why do you need it in stereo? Do you have a stereo guitar signal or two mono signals?
Alternatively, in Reaper you can make a blank track, and turn it into a folder track (there's a button on the track for this, if you click it again it makes that track the end of a folder). Any effect you apply to the folder will affect all the tracks in the folder.

Hope that makes sense, if not give it a try and you'll probably see what I mean.
For the bridge section in my Placebo cover I used a bunch of mics that were lying around in the studio: SM57, AKG C1000S, Shure D112 and an AKG C414, and just put them in front of my amp at slightly varying distances, out of phase and all. Then messed with the levels to get an interesting sound.
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The orchestral album's one is a bit rubbish though, but Opeth with a fucking orchestra would give me more erections than I am physically able to have.


Someone had to say it...
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Does anyone know why Markus Lindberg was credited as playing 3 eggs on Blackwater Park?

I know there's what sounds like an egg shaker in Bleak, around 2.40 where the drums and rhythm cut and there's just acoustic guitar and EBow.

About the cover art, dunno if it's the one they're gonna use but I know Mikael said at the end of the gig that they were going to do a Deep Purple photo of themselves at the RAH (and imitate another band's photo, Camel maybe?), so I think it's just them (him) having fun imitating Deep Purple. I found it kinda funny.
The 1 or 2 isn't a string number, if that's what you're thinking. It's telling you which octave the note is in, so E2 is one octave above E1, and one octave below E3.

I'm pretty sure E2 is the correct octave for the low E string of a guitar, so E4 will be the correct tuning for the high E string.
It's a bit complicated, but I'll try to sort of explain it here. If you don't get it, don't worry, I'm crap at explaining things

An impulse response of a linear system (in this case a guitar cabinet, which won't be linear but don't worry about that) can completely characterise what it does to an input. So for whatever you put in (guitar signal etc.) you can calculate what the output will be.

Another way to think off it is as the 'time-domain' version of frequency response, which is a bit easier to understand. If you know the frequency response of a system, you know how it will affect whatever frequencies you play.

Now, ideally, you'd workout the impulse response of a system by using an impulse, which is a theoretically infinitely thin pulse of infinite amplitude, looks just like a thin spike and sounds like a click. However, in reality you can't actually do this, if you tried it might damage the speaker. So instead a random signal (noise) is input and recorded for a certain time, and it is possible using mathematical techniques to calculate the impulse response from this.

You can't work out an impulse response from a single static tone (e.g. 1000Hz), you need something that contains all frequencies you are interested in. This could be an impulse, a random (or pseudo-random) signal or a single tone that sweeps over whatever frequency range you are interested in.

As I said, if you don't follow that, don't worry, it's a bit too in-depth for what most people need to know, but I find it interesting. Any questions, do ask.

Good video for explaining the process, by the way. Really useful.
Nope, bridge and neck have very similar output, it only goes quiet (very quiet) when they are blended. You'd have to turn the volume knob quite far down to get the same reduction in volume.

Thanks anyway
To fatgoogle:
By 10dBs? It's a very noticeable drop.

I'm pretty sure something else is wrong in there causing volume issues too.


Thanks for the advice, I wondered if it might be that. As I said, I'm not opening up the guitar just yet to make sure I keep my warranty if I need it. If it turns out I have to pay high postage costs to send it to them to fix then I'll probably have a look and check out if it's that.