The question here is, as always, why are you getting a half stack? For the price of a sub-par half stack (the spider) you could probably get good combo.

Remember, the spider half stacks are just bigger, louder versions of the smaller amps. And the small amps are practice amps, so aren't gonna be great.
Nice guitar, if I had the money I'd consider it.
Remember for your power transformer you need to be able to get HT and heater voltages.

A way Merlin recommended for my amp is to use two back-to-back toroidal transformers. Use the first one to step down from mains to the heater voltage, and the second to step back up to HT.

This is a relatively cheap and space-efficient way of doing it, but that budget may still have to go out the window.
Shouldn't be.
How well did that noise gate work for guitar? It looks like it's meant more for live sound applications, and has a rather low input impedance for guitar use. Did you notice any signal degradation when using it?

Looks interesting though.
Because the video has video?

The video is actually being shown on a channel called Scuzz TV in the UK, but I think it's only on Sky, which I don't have.
Quote by SomeoneYouKnew

You have a point there... Slipped past me.

If you can get a suitable transformer for £5 then I'll be buying a few.
You can get ground loop isolators which can help with this problem. Did wonders for my laptop/speaker set up. They basically use a transformer break the ground connection between different pieces of equipment.

Not sure what to suggest for the guitar amp though.
I'd suggest two things.

First, if you haven't already, look at and buy the book. The book's just on pre-amps, and he has a few tips on getting high gain sounds in there.

Second, look up schematics for high gain amps you like and base your design off those.

I've also been designing a small, high gain pre-amp (2 12AX7s), with a simple power amp copied from the Firefly on Merlin's book is basically my Bible, and looking at other amps has really given me some ideas of what my design should be like to get that kinda sound.
The video to Part Two should be on YouTube in the next few weeks. I may post a link if I remember.
I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean you're playing at a different tempo to the backing? Ideally you want to listen to the backing/metronome while you're recording so you stay in time with it. You should mess around with tempo until it sounds about the right speed then record over the top.

If you mean what you've written doesn't fit properly into 2/3 bars, maybe it's in a different time signature, or using a mix of them?
Just giving tone and gain settings is a bit redundant because all amps are different. Even on one amp, those settings will sound completely different depending on which channel you're on and which effects (if any) you're using.

Personally, I don't really see the point unless you specify what gear you're using

Read through this, it's really good. Hope it helps
Nice one with the flags guys, really helps threads stand out. I fear the usefulness may decrease if every thread has them, because it'll be kinda hard to distinguish at first glance. Right now though, it's great
New video on YouTube if anyone's interested/doesn't know.
Quote by Marskell
cant beileve i missed the new album last year

they moved from folk/doom to ambient post rock

and i love it!

Yeah, it's similar to their other albums, but without the heavier stuff, basically. Still excellent though.
Quote by Metallica1554
Well the deal is that I'm doing this for a school band performance and we have to use the school amps. They have some sort of clean marshalls.
So I'm only going to use this pedal once or twice, thats why I want it cheap.

I use my vypyr happily and I would use it in school if they allowed it.

That's a pretty stupid rule, do they want you to sound like crap?

Sorry then, I dunno what to recommend.
Well, pedals depend on the amp you put them through, in my experience. For example, my metal muff sounds good though my decent amp, but not through my crappy amp. But it doesn't sound as good as my decent amp's own distortion, thus making it slightly redundant.

Also in my experience, there aren't really any pedals that do those genres justice. Better off saving up for a better amp, if you're unhappy with the vypyr.
Then what amp ARE you using it through?
I've often thought this too. I think it would be a good option to have.
I've thought before that would be a good idea, nicely done there
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From where man? I've never seen a merch site carrying hoodies for them, only seen them on tour.

I think you can get them from their label too. That's where I got mine from.
Why would you want to do this?

The valves in your amp have heaters to built in to them to warm them up, that's how they work. Not much point in cooling them down...
If we can't have location sub-forums, I think that flag idea is excellent.

I think location subs would be better than specific gear subs, I'm in Gear Ads quite a lot and it would make it much easier to look through.
The Blackstar pedals are run at full voltage (250 or 300V I think).

Still, no need to worry about heating problems, it'll sort itself out. They'd have told you otherwise.
Sounds good to me. It would be cool to have a few articles on the main site relating to GB&C.
There aren't really any rules as such, just set it so it sounds good to you
I think Debris is my favourite song from the album so far.

Just ordered it off (should have done this already...), should be here in a couple of days
Quote by Tim Charles
Used an ENGL FIREBALL for the rhythms and a BOGNER for all the cleans. Sounding good! Start violin on Feb 2! After having spent 3 months producing everyone else in the band, it'll be nice to finally record some of me on the album.

Any reason you chose a Fireball over a Powerball?
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Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape
Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down (still need to finish listening to this one properly though)
Novembre - Novembrine Waltz (and this one)

And if for some strange reason it's allowed: Tool - Lateralus
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^^Guessing all you lot up above have never heard of Amazon.

Lol, I have heard of Google though, which didn't return Amazon.

Did return Play this time though. Maybe I failed at Google before...
Just noticed this got necro-bumped a while ago... lol. And yes I realise this is a large bump itself, but I just wanted to clarify things.

^ I made my templates from full-size paper plans I purchased, I assure you it was a 25.5 inch scale, and an accurate template

As for what the hell I'm doing, well I'm at uni. I have nowhere to build this, and not much time. I could do a bit at my grandpa's during holidays, but there really isn't the tools I need there. So this is indefinitely postponed until I have money for good tools, and more importantly, somewhere to put them to good use.

I do intend to make a guitar though, even if it's a long way off. For the moment I'm concentrating on my electronics degree and learning about amps. I've got some exciting prospects coming up soon regarding this...

When I eventually get round to making a guitar, I'll bump this or start a new thread.
Yah yah I know, but usually they tell you where it's gonna be selling, right? Or have some sort of pre-order thing?

I mean, it's coming out in a week or two over here in Europe.
So... I may be being a noob, but...

Where do I buy it?
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All I can think of right now...
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A student email is one that ends in ".edu"

Or over here
Yeah, I dunno what to recommend really, because I'm in a similar situation myself.

The acoustics in my room suck, and I can't do anything about it because I'm renting a student house (they don't even allow blu-tack...), but I'm looking at getting some KRK G2 RP5s anyway, because they'll hopefully last me until I have a room I can treat properly. I'll also be using them for general purpose speakers, with only a bit of mixing just yet.

To be honest, I think a lot of people don't bother treating their rooms much, and they can still get good results, probably in part by listening on a few different systems in a few different rooms.
^ Potentiometers, in other words the things you twist to change volume/tone.
Quote by Garb
My room at my house, on the other hand... Is relatively square.. But also a lot smaller. lol

Small and square are two of the worst things for room acoustics. You want a relatively large room, and to have odd sized length/width/height, else the room's response will be skewed, especially in the bass frequencies.

I can't remember the physics of it exactly (should have paid more attention in my acoustics lectures ), so correct me if I'm wrong, but square rooms create resonances that exaggerate certain frequencies - not good.

Have a read of:

I know this doesn't really help with your question, but I thought these things are good to know