Fair enough. I did some psychoacoustics as part of my degree, but I can't remember much, except that it's good to look after your ears.
^ Please explain?

I know that the ears are most sensitive around 1-4kHz, which is where the ear plugs seem to have the most attenuation.

Is there something I'm missing?
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Surely that would get you a custom Ormsby build?
He's based in Perth, so having presumed you're Australian and not putting your currency into AUSD for shit n giggles, wouldn't this be a better option.

Yup, check out his build diaries in the Gear Building and Customising forum here on UG (yes, he's a member here).

He does fantastic work.
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Well like I said I can spend more on them haha I'm just cheap and trying to save for a Peavey XXX 212 lol

What do you guys think of these?

Yeah, I know how it is, I don't have expensive ones at all, and they were free with my job anyway

Yeah, those look fine to me (though I'm no expert). As someone else said, not worth spending loads unless you'll be using them a lot.
Could you not get one custom made by a Luthier for that price?
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hear protection=gay!!
rock and roll is played at 11

And then you lose your hearing.

Google 'ear plugs' and see what you can find for your budget. I'm from the UK so I don't really know what you can get for $50...

Ideally, you want them to have good attenuation, sound transparent and be comfortable. Obviously the more you spend, the better it gets in all three.
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White Cluster and then Peter can laugh at you from his IT job.

I don't get it...
I just listened to TGC on YouTube for the first time in ages and I actually really enjoyed it. I reckon it's about the right length at about 5 minutes.
In short: only if you have a good (generally valve) amp.

Even then, it depends on taste.
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That's interesting. Porcelain Heart is my second most hated Opeth song, the first being The Grand Fagjugation.

I agree with you on The Grand Conjuration, but I think Porcelain Heart is a fantastic song.

For people seeing them at the Royal Albert Hall, what are you guys doing about getting home/accommodation?

I'm hoping to stay at my grandparents in Suffolk, as I want to see Alcest play in London two days later, otherwise I'd be staying in a cheap hostel for the night. Aren't any trains late enough to get me home.
Have you downloaded the most recent update for it? I know there was a problem similar to that when used in Reaper in the older versions of EZD which was fixed in updates.

Apart from that I dunno what to suggest, I've never used it in FL before, only Cubase and Reaper.
Oh, I think I see what you mean, sorry
I think he means every single track separately. So for your 10 string VST instruments, you'd export 10 individual tracks, so you can mess around with them later.
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According to Mikael, Peter didn't do shit in the composing process. He just played what Mikael wrote. And since Mikael is not as full of himself as Dave Mustaine, we can probably believe him.

I believe he did a bit in the Orchid/Morningrise era, but pretty much nothing after that.
The Diago one. Cant remember its name. Works well for me.
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Does your version just...skip the giant clean section in the middle?

Quote by Blompcube
software cannot replace hardware - this software is ALWAYS going to be entirely in the preamp section of a modelling amplifier. if you're talking about modelling devices other than amplifiers, such as a line 6 pod, of course things are different but what you have to realise is that the pod is just a preamp, and has no power amp section - if you really want to amplify the sound, you have to run it through a power amp and into a speaker which will colour the tone. Otherwise there's just no way to use it them other than studio recording, at which point the whole idea of being able to put the reverb in the signal after the simulated power amp section is completely obsolete as it's something people have been able to for longer than digital modelling has existed.

I think modelling amps generally attempt to have the most transparent power amp and speaker to keep the simulated power amp and speaker tone. but in a modelling amplifier, this simulation is still in the preamp section.

I think we're both trying to say the same thing

What I'm saying is that you can run the reverb anywhere in the software simulation, even after the (simulated) speaker. Obviously this would then still have to go through another (real) power amp and speaker, but if they are reasonably transparent you will still have the nice reverb almost unaffected by them. This is in contrast to a normal guitar amp where the reverb would be coloured by the P/A and speakers.

^ Not quite correct. They also model power amps, cabinets and speakers, meaning depending on the software, it's possible to put your reverb anywhere. Obviously the sound then goes through an actual power amp and speaker, but these are designed to be completely transparent, unlike regular guitar power amps and speakers.
WHAT is up with the guitar cutting out? It's like that in both songs I've heard off the DVD...
Could use some delay on the clean parts, fill them out a bit. Nice full tone on the heavy parts, rhythm and lead, I was impressed, how did you make them? Could maybe even out the levels between different sections a bit better.

Do you think some of the performances sound a bit rushed? Maybe take it a bit slower.

Overall I really enjoyed it though, good cover. Could you give some details about how you recorded it? And how you did the drums?

Yup, I am. Can't wait.
That's cool, the more experimentation the better. I also mic'ed an acoustic for the first time the other week. Luckily we had lots of mics available in the department at uni, so we stuck 3 on it in different places. Wish we'd had more time to experiment though.
Nah, I wouldn't say it was make or break. Just small things really.

Did you try different mic positions on the guitar?
Hard to comment on the tone, needs a bass to fill out the low end really. I reckon with a bass it could sound really good. Sounds a bit thin on it's own though, especially when the drums cut out.

Pretty good performance, one or two bits sounded slightly rushed on my first listen, but that may not be the case.

Also, lol at using both Nuendo and Audacity

How did you mic the acoustic? I think it needs bringing forward in the mix a bit, especially in Hey Soul Sister. Maybe put a few mics on it (if you have them) and mix them together?

I'd say a bit less reverb on the vocal, sounding just a bit too obvious in HSS again. Good performances though.

How did you record these?
Excellent cover, I think you really captured the feel of the song. Great playing too
I dunno why the lower part was so high, we tried to make the higher harmony the more prominent one. Obviously bad mixing on our part. There was some reverb on the vocals, but maybe not enough. We used the T.C. Electronic M30 reverb they were giving away for free a short while ago. First time we'd used it, so just stuck a preset on it that sounded adequate for the time being.

Also, in the second verse, the female backing vocals were meant to be more, well, background. Maybe lower in the mix with some more reverb. I think we'd change that if we had more time to go back and mess with it.

Thanks for all the comments. If anyone wants to have look at anything they have here, let me know and I'll C4C
I feel like a noob, but I see lots of small circles with ground signs attached to them on the PDF schems... what the hell do they mean?
What exactly do you mean by impact? We were trying hard to give it a bit more 'oomph', especially, when the heavy bit first kicks in, but as I said, we ran out of time. Plus, we're all noobs with compression, which doesn't help

What about the vocals didn't you like?

Thanks for the comments
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I found out about Scars Of The Shattered Sky ages ago. It is brilliant.

Yeah you sent it to me ages ago... I think it must be on my old computer. I think I'll get it again when I go home over Christmas.
Song in my profile

This was a group project we had to do for uni. There were a group of four of us, and this has been my first real recording project.

The drums were programmed using EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell. I play electric guitar, and bass during the heavy parts.

We used some compression on the whole track at the end, but we completely ran out of time at this stage, so we just left it this these settings. I think we could have made this final compression a lot better if he had more time, it kinda sucks as it is...

Anyway, any tips on how to mix/master it better, or anything at all, would be great.
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Falling Snow off the DVD. The vocals aren't perfect but they're far from horrible.

What the fuck is up with the sound in that?
1. Devin Townsend - Addicted
2. Behemoth - Evangelion
3. The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time
4. Animals as Leaders - Animals as Leaders

If I knew before 5 minutes ago that Nile had a new album, that might've been there too...
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Holy shit, the albert hall show sold out so fast. I didn't get a ticket
Two of my mates got seated though, jammy bastards.

It's not sold out yet, is it? There are still tickets available on the RAH website...
I wonder how expensive tickets will be...

Luckily this is in my Easter holiday. I'll probably be staying in a cheap hostel in London again. Can't wait for this
Well my metal muff sounds pretty good on my main amp, but complete shit on my practice amp, if that helps at all...
You can set up a Paypal account to take directly from your bank account, no card needed

I know, I can't wait for the tabs. I'm gonna have great fun learning it all, being too shit to work it out myself.
How come you have to get your dad to order stuff online? Could you not make yourself a Paypal account?