Wow, they've sucked ass at promoting this DVD. I didn't even know about it, and apparently nor did a lot of other people.

Well, now I know, I'm gonna get around to ordering this sometime soon
^ This.

I've been having problems with my Presonus audio interface because my Dell laptop came with a crappy firewire connection on it. Meaning I'm gonna have to buy a card that actually works.

Presonus gave me a list of recommended firewire cards which definitely work, so it's best to do this before you spend money on a card.
'A special thanks to UG' in the album sleeve
Good idea getting in touch with a pit mod, hopefully they'll agree to help.

It'll be pretty shit if NeO lose to Scarred... they really aren't very good

Voted again...
Quote by Tim Charles
Even though we're both on 36% the vote tally is currently

NeO - 245
Scarred - 248

So NeO is 3 votes off the lead!

Voting closes at the end of November (so still a few days to go)... surely one of the two bands will soon start running out of fans to vote each day. We just need to make sure it's them and not us!

I've finally found out where to see the number of votes each...
Now drawing at 36%!
NeO are now 3% behind, come on guys!
I don't mean to be a dick, but wouldn't the person who diagnosed you with CTS be a better person to ask?

My deepest sympathies.
Should probably put this is Riffs and Recordings.

But the answer is yes to both of those questions. It's excellent software

EDIT: ^ Yeah, he's correct. You can program the MIDI in Cubase and use EZDrummer as a VST virtual instrument.
You did... I was there. Sorry mate...
Lucky fuckers, whoever gets to see them play with Agalloch.

I must listen to Les Discrets and decide whether to buy that cd...
Yeah, slowly with a metronome. When you can play it perfectly at that speed, add a few bpm.

Takes a long time, be patient.

Don't worry about your English
I just checked out and apparently it's coming out in November along with Kauan's new album. I may order them both together
Quote by Xenoyr
It involves us recording all the songs ourselves (so we can sit back and reflect and identify mistakes or possible improvements), creating guides, click tracks etc so that we don't waste studio time preparing. It saves money, its expensive enough already!

Recording starts this week, studio updates will follow.


I'm doing a module in studio recording techniques at the moment for my degree (we're hopefully doing a cover of Blackest Eyes - Porcupine Tree), and I've been doing similar stuff on my own to get ready, 'cause we only have limited studio time.

Best of luck in the studio
Surely there's already a thread on these guys?

I'm really rather enjoying 'Moving Crosscurrent of Time' at the moment.
They're called chromatic tuners. You can tune to whatever note you like.
No, probably not the best way.

Let me know if you change your mind about Paypal and maybe we can sort something out.
Very cool riff, these often sound forced but I think this one really sounded good.
How urgently do you need this? I have one I want to sell but I can't get to it until Christmas time. It's a black hybrid 7300 series. It hasn't been used yet so it's in perfect condition.

I'm in the UK by the way, do you use paypal?
What's the Ibanez TU-2? I Googled and only found the Boss TU-2.
What exactly is involved in pre-production? There seems to be an awful lot of it.
Yes! Recording dates. Finally

Are you thinking of doing some sort of blog or video diary sort of thing during recording? That would be good.

Seeing Al Di Meola should be cool, hope you enjoy it. I'm off to see Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Dream Theater next week, can't wait.

I've already got NeO on Facebook, may just add you though.
Probably best to put this in the Gear forum.
I'm guessing 42, twice that of a normal strat?

That's a pretty damn cool guitar...
Already got one. So none
Just found this thread and it looks fantastic, thanks for all the work
Just realised someone's done some necromancy on this thread, thought this was recent...
Quote by Lemoninfluence
I still can't see the point in second hand CDs myself. no money goes to the artist or label so you might as well just download them

The difference is that money DID go to the artist when the CD was bought. Thus ensuring that even if your own money didn't go to them for what you bought, someone's did. As opposed to piracy where no money goes to the artist.

Sure you could give more money by buying your own copy, but personally I can't see the artists getting that upset by others selling on their CDs.

That's my opinion, anyway. Anyone else think this debate should be taken to another thread? It's quite off topic, really, either this thread is allowed or it's not. Could the mods decide please?
According to:

... he uses a poweramp, plugged into some effects and then a poweramp, rather than plugging the preamp into a normal amp. This is basically the same as a normal amp but with the pre- and power-amp sections split up.

Although, why it says he uses 2 Celestion speakers and a 4x12 cabinet, I don't know...
Well, if you like Lumikuuro, check out Tietajan Laulu. Just as good.
+1 for sdmf.1919

Got my bareknuckles from him today
Sorry to mess you around, but I've decided against buying this, 'cause I'm buying a set of 6-string bareknuckle pickups from someone on here, and I need money to buy a decent 6-string to put them in, unfortunately.

If it wasn't for that I'd probably have bought this, looks like a good deal. Good luck selling it, I'm guessing you'll get more than £250 for it on eBay.
£80 for both the pickups? Plus a few quid P&P?

Do you accept Paypal?

Sorely tempted...
How much would postage be? And would you want payment through paypal?
Any reason you're selling them? Most people seem to prefer them to EMGs, what makes you feel differently?

I think I'd buy these if I had a guitar to put them in, tempted anyway...
Man I'm still tempted for £250... Damn decisions.

I'm on holiday for a week from Thursday, but if it's still here when I get back I may make an offer.

Don't let me stop you putting it on eBay if you really need the money though.
Download WINRAR, open the .rar file using that and then extract the music files. Hope that helps
Quote by Scourge441

So does anyone else notice that the production on TAV doesn't succumb to the Loudness War? It's plenty loud and plenty clear, but there's actually dynamic range.

I noticed it a while ago when I was listening to Forget Not. I had noticed the rising and falling volume of the opening section, but I hadn't made the connection between it and the Loudness War. It's been released for two years and I'm still finding things.

It's an anomaly in modern metal production, and something that should stay intact when you guys are getting the full-length produced.

Yeah, I was just thinking about this the other day. The demo has really good dynamics.

Please don't over-compress the album, it would make me cry

EDIT: For people who don't know what the loudness war is, youtube it and watch the high quality versions. Very interesting.
I found Agalloch and Gormenghast to be an excellent match.