Glad you guys seem to enjoy it, I thought it might get mixed responses.

Lots of bands get compared to Opeth nowadays which often sound nothing like them. I thought these guys lived up to the comparison.

So, I found these guys while on the Solitude Productions/Bad Mood Man websites, while looking at The Morningside. Discovered Kauan on this site too, whom I also highly recommend.

Anyway, these guys really sound like Opeth from around the MAYH - Blackwater Park era. Very occasionally sounds a bit too like them, but always in a good way, in my opinion. Most of their album is on the page, so check it out

Did a search, didn't find anything on them, so worth a shot.
Do you mean like a Line Out, or the jack that connects the amp to the speakers?

If you mean the latter, I REALLY wouldn't recommend that. Frying a lead could be the least of your problems...
Doesn't WiFi operate in the GHz region? There's no way in hell you can hear that high, unless it's somehow producing lower frequency interference or something.

If it sounds like just a low humming sound then it'll just be the mains or something.
Ever since I saw 'autumn build' I was hoping for leaf inlays, and I am not disappointed. That's one lovely looking guitar so far
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^ ye they are..

im up for this, castle park is shite though too many rudeboys

and btw about the whole pubs thing.. everyone can easily get served at the crown. or brandon hill could be sick.

Last time I went to the crown they were IDing everyone. Apparently they'd got told off by the police for serving underage people, or so someone told me. May have died down by now though, that was a while ago.
There are enough people around Bristol for a meet up? I think I may be busy that day.
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if you recognised me, why didnt you come say hi or something?
i like looking as if i know people

Lol, I would have felt quite the fool going up to someone and being like 'hi, do I know you from the internet?' Especially if it was the wrong guy.

Anyway, I only spotted you during Agalloch, and it would have been a bit difficult to get to you at that point. I was somewhere else before, but I spotted someone I knew and went to stand next to him, so I stayed with him. I tried to look for you when people were leaving but I didn't see where you went, otherwise I might have said hi
I was a bit more central, just right of a pillar, and a few more people back. Pretty close, but I got pushed back a bit during Agalloch.

Whoever said they made everything sound like it was from ashes, that's also what I thought. Worked well.
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HOLY ****

what the flying **** !!!
I shook Haughm's hand twice.... best gig i've ever been to, tied with sigur ros

So I'm guessing you WERE the tallish guy near the front with lonf curly hair? To the right of the stage?

I went on my own, but ended up meeting a guy from my block at uni, who also went on his own, so that was pretty awesome. In addition to an fantastic gig. Whoever said they weren't good live was a flithy liar.

Annoyed that I missed Fen though... the queue took ages because most people didn't have proper tickets. Only found out towards the end that I could queue jump if I had a proper one.
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[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']Bugera is making a Bass amp called the nuke.

Its 3600 Watts.
A mains plug in the UK can supply 2990W tops, unless I am mistaken (230V x 13A). Considering a the rated power is usually the sound output, and not the overall power the amp uses...

How is anyone gonna be able to use that thing?
I'm contemplating whether to get one... Will these still be around when you guys get an album out? Or will you just get new designs in?
Nod. And Dornenreich
Ah, well I've never really listened to Fen, but I'll see what I think when I see them on Thursday
Well, as everyone has said, Opeth and Agalloch would be first choices. Cynic too.

The first English band that spring to mind are Akercocke, not too sure how well it would fit together, but personally I'd love it. Or possibly Jesu... that could be cool.

Anyone else think of some good English bands that would fit well?
What kinda music (specific bands) are you trying to play? Also, what level do you have the master volume/channel volume on?

I have one and I love it. Definitely helps if you turn it up a bit. It is darkly voiced, which I like, personally, but maybe it's too much depending on what you're trying to play.
It's not something you can just cure, you'll have to wait and it should go away soon.

Protect your ears in future if it's going to be that loud. Too much of that and your ears will be **** when you're older.
Glad to see this prompted some people to listen and wasn't a worthless bump

I've been listening to little else since I got the two cds a week or two ago.
Sorry for the huge bump, but I accidentally came across this thread whilst searching around the 'net for some Kauan tabs (there are none, as expected. This makes me sad ). I really think some people here who are into Agalloch and the like would really enjoy it.

Give 'em a go if you haven't heard 'em before. Here's their page:
This thread just reminds me how much I want to be building my own guitar. It's looking so nice

One day I'll have the time and space and money...
Very interesting, I knew that there were certain themes used a lot in their lyrics, but didn't know they were that connected.
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
it NEEDS to go to a GUITAR AMPLIFIER not a SOUND SYSTEM..........

He SAYS he's USING an AMP........
They did, but they agreed to record the album first.
Excellent... but why aren't the old songs on there? I really want to get a hold of them...
It'll be on Roland's website.
I think 'In The Failing Hour' beats all three of those, personally.

At least I can stand that bit in 'The Black Lodge' a bit more now, since I hardly notice it anymore. Used to stick out like a sore thumb to me.
'Finished in matte black'? Why are they destroying it?
Falling Snow will have a whole new meaning.

I say Ashes Against the Grain for the first album.
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I know. I'd probably orgasm. John Haughm said in an interview that Limbs was his favourite to play, so they'll probably do that.

... Remind me to stay away from you. Could get messy.
That's a fantastic set. I'd be overjoyed with that.
Anyone know what Agalloch's setlists are usually like? As far as I know they don't tour often, so it could be interesting.
Something tells me you won't be the only one... Especially considering I have long brown hair and my Agalloch t-shirts will be arriving soon.

I'll try to keep an eye out for you though.
All booked up

Can't wait.
Quote by korinaflyingv
already booked tickets. you best come, it's gonna be awesome.

Haha, cool. I should get around to ordering my tickets and sorting out a hostel soon. No trains late enough back to Bristol, which sucks.
I don't come in here much, but is anyone planning on going to see these guys with Dornenreich in London? I'd love to go but I have still to sort out travel/accommodation...
^ No...?

I had a feeling buffers may be more complicated than needed, but it's the first thing I thought of. Are there easier ways of making it better?
Why would you want linear rather than audio?

I should know this/be able to work this out... Damn having exams next week, lol.
There may be a way, hopefully someone will come along with a few ideas. I'm afraid I can't help much more than that though.

Good luck with it
I believe you need a buffer of some sort.

Ideally with circuits like this, you want a very high input impedance (resistance) and a very low output impedance, or else you get effects such as what you're hearing. (I think that's what's going on).

You could solve the problem with two op-amps and a suitable (~12-15v) power supply. If you want I could draw a circuit diagram?

There may be an easier way but I don't know it and I'm too tired to think of one at the moment.

Anyway, someone else will probably come along with a much better answer, there are a few people on here who are really good at electronics. I'm only a term into my degree.

EDIT: By the way I really am quite tired so I may have just made assumptions.