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He didn't extend his foot downwards. If you watch it in slow motion you see he's just started to lift that foot up.

Nope, he didn't.

He clearly dragged his foot to make contact.
Stream ded.

Good to see they waited until half time
5-1? 6-1? Taking bets.
Damn, what a goal.

I don't like this camera angle. It's too low
Chelsea are gonna get twatted, calling it now.
I wish all these imposters would stop stealing our kit colours.
Was that guy just pinching his nips?
Do they have practice nets at the Newcastle training ground?
That would have been an amazing goal.
These commentators are shit.

I wish SkyGo wasn't being balls right now.
How many chances have they had so far, jesus.
What the **** is this music? You'd hear that kind of shit when you're on hold.
Should be 3-2 if Southampton could hit a ball properly.
Yup, pretty sure I did, infact when I go to "Pick Team" they are listed as picked, but in "Points" they are subs. Weird.

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Your team locks before the first game of the weekend. You can't change it after that.

Well, shit.
**** sake, I put Sterling and Sturridge in before this match but they are still showing as subs.
Christ, how the **** can you miss that?!
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10 minutes to go, 2-0 down and down to 10 men and the Hibs fans are off.

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What happened? my stream is ****ing up.

Ref couldn't get the foam to work, ended up spraying it all over an Arsenal player. (although it was more like an aerosol)
God damn. Nearly 2 then.
World class cross.
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Crystal palace keeper wasting a minute...

He has to see if the ball deflated within the last 2 mins, jeeze, give him a break.
God damn, watching this match after just watching the Villa match makes me so depressed.
What kind of asshole manager leaves before the season even starts.
Vlaar's stiill good
**** sake Bacuna, you ****ing twat.
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Collins sent off, 2nd yellow

Spurs to win now

2 reds in the same match on the opening day?
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Judging by the stats on BBC site, I see we're still going with that tried and tested tactic of letting the opponent have all the possession, then hoping we let in fewer than we can score on the break...

We haven't been that bad. We look way more dangerous going forward than Stoke. Should be 2-0 if Agbonlahor didn't **** up a pretty much open goal.

Cissokho has had a pretty good debut for us so far aswell.