I built a Firebird copy a year or two back with my Dad (see sig for thread) and I love it to bits, but I'm having a problem with adjusting the truss rod. There was always a bit of fret buzz while playing the guitar, but I never really tried to adjust the truss rod before today when I changed the strings. Right now the strings are at tension (.11 guage in C standard, so a little bit slack) and I tried turning the truss rod counter-clockwise to gain some relief. However, the nut feels loose and the neck is unresponsive to adjustments. It appears that the nut/truss rod is also backing out of the neck. I cautiously tried turning it the other way (to tighten it) to see if that had any affect, and while it did put up a little bit of resistance/the nut wasn't loose, the neck still didn't change.

I'm just a little confused and hopefully someone can shed some light. The neck is an neck, mahogany with a rosewood fretboard (not that type of wood makes a difference...)
O hai everybody!

Long time no see.
Don't think I'll be sticking around for long though...

I'm thinking of doing another build and it's gonna have a FR, but I have a question about the nut. I'm pretty sure I won't be building the neck, I'll be buying one, and if that's the case is there any way/is it dumb to try and convert a standard nut to a FR nut? Like, reshape the slot, shim it and what not? Just thinking it might be easier than trying to find a deal on a FR neck.

Anywho, what's this about Perry leaving?
Sweet build man. Did you build the flight case or did you buy it? And what did you line the inside of the lid of the case with? I assume you put carpet or some sort of similar material on the board itself.
Oh ya, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday bobby!

That's some cool "stuff" there mint.

Well then. Day 2 of Heavy MTL was just as awesome as the first one, maybe even better. I was 4 from the now reinforced fence for Lamb of God, which actually wasn't the best spot, but I managed to be the second person from the fence for motherfucking Rob Zombie. He is God, without a doubt.
Also saw 3 Inches of Blood, Shadows Fall, Five Finger Death Punch, Beneath the Massacre, Airbourne, and Despised Icon (meh). Alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold, Chimaira, Hatebreed and Winds of Plague were there too but I didn't watch them. And I left before Korn went on stage.
Oh and I forgot to mention Rob Halford and Kataklysm from the first day. Rob was amazing, but it was a really boring show.

So ya. Metal.
I use my bigsby like it's a FR. It doesn't work out the best sometimes...

Day one of Heavy MTL was INSANE. Slayer destroyed the place, literally, 10000 Slayer fans pushing towards the stage means the fence and 5 security guards aren't gonna do shit. Megadeth, Anvil, High on Fire, Testament, Alice Cooper, Mastodon, holy hell it was awesome. I can't wait for tomorrow.
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You probably wouldnt like them then, they're pretty damn light. The body (mahogany) of mine is just 2lbs! But thats a very light one, they're usually a bit heavier than that.

Ya, that sounds a bit light for me.

I'm so stoked, I leave for Montreal tomorrow, Heavy MTL is going to be TOO sick.
On the subject of redheads, I think they're hot, and the fact that every redhead I've met is at least average if not pretty damn hot backs it up for me.

I'm kinda on the fence about those Ibanez Prestiges. I think the thin body looks cool, but I like my guitar to have a medium amount of weight to it, I don't know if that would be too light. I've never played one.
And then there's me, I never get out, never meet any girls, I just go to my job that often frustrates me and then come home and play guitar.

Life is sweet.

But this weekend WILL be awesome beyond belief.
I'm going to Heavy MTL this weekend which has some HUGE metal acts going, including Lamb of God. These will be some of the best pits I've ever seen. However, I'm not much of a mosher myself, I'm more of a thrasher, I'll bang my head all day long. The first time I was ever in a pit was at a Green Day concert last year and I almost had my wrist broken, so that was somewhat off-putting too
Late reply, but Happy birthday Bobby! I forgot to say it earlier.

Yes, awesome gif is awesome. However I can't save it as a gif?

So I accidentally spilled boiling water on my foot today at work, and the only shoes I have that are worthy of being at work (non-slip-ish) are crocs that have holes in the top. So I burnt my foot lol. Not too bad, but there are a couple blisters, it's a dull throbbing pain. Aloe Vera ftw!
*Brandon leaves because Peyton is here*

Jk lol.
How is everybody today?
Willie Adler used to use Cherryburst Rotors, they're sexy stuff.
I'm never really on the GB&C anymore, but if I see anything, I'll report it.

I bought a Line6 Toneport UX1 the other day, pretty cool little box. Once I get a mic I can finally do some proper recording
Man that looks too sick. Black cover for sure. It reminds me a lot of one of the guitars Mark Morton of Lamb of God used to use, he used it on the Killadelphia DVD. Very similar.
Yo, I bought They Only Come Out At Night like last month for about $7, it's a great album. I love me some vinyl.
Damn. I was gonna ask.

Got myself a copy of Supertramp's Breakfast in America on vinyl for $8, and it's in damn good condition. I'm happy
What do you mean by filtered?
I was lazy and just bought the Dunlop DC Brick instead of attempting to make something and then epic failing.
Ya, and that's exactly the reason why I want a synth and not a keyboard. Because if I wanted a keyboard I would go to Walmart.

I dunno, I just got home from work and now I need to figure out what the hell kind of shit the cellphone company is trying to pull on me. I'm on prepaid and they disabled the $10 texting feature on my phone without telling me and also raised my local airtime rate without telling me.
Damn you schism, I want a synth. How did you get free gear/where did you get it from?
It wasn't really a moment to rage, it was more like "wtf just happened?" Especially since he was a lazy worker anyways. The reason he quit was because he was getting shit from the head chef for taking lots of smoke breaks, being lazy and leaving me to do most of the work.
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What up, dude i cant get over the fact of how beautiful that firebird of yours is

Haha thanks man. I'm pretty happy with it.

Soooo my co-worker quit today (we're dishwashers). In the middle of the busiest part of our shift. Without saying anything at all to me that he was leaving.
Needless to say, things got a little bit crazy tonight.
Yo Chris! Wassup?

Schism, I would add you on PSN, but I'm pretty much never online due to my sub-par internet.
So that gives me 10 days, minus sleeping, minus working, minus laziness...
Ya it's not happening.
Facebook him Tyler?

You're trapped in a paradox of wrong, schism.
Lmao at this entire conversation.
Except the part about Copa's dog dieing, that sucks man. I can imagine how you feel, my dog means a lot to me too.

Also Shin, the quote from Schism in your sig is wrong, Shiva is the Hindu God of destruction, not war. Just saying. I suppose that should be directed more at Schism than at you though.
Lmao schism.

Damn, that sucks Monkeylink (idk your name). Get well soon.

30C in an office would be tough I think. Apparently we're gonna have this heat wave for like 3 more days, and I go back to work on thursday. Yipee!
So it's up to 44C with the humidex today. Walking outside is like walking into a sauna and then someone wrapping you with a blanket. I might die.
I love my Bigsby, it's great for vibratos and small bends, but I hate it's limited range. So I suppose I would want something similar to a Bigsby that had a larger range and stayed in tune. Pretty much everything else in this thread sounds good lol.
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Look through neighbours windows, young women changing ftw?

Grade A creeper!

It's really only a problem if you're right outside the window in the bushes.

It was about 35C here before humidity, and I don't have A/C. I worked outside in the sun for like 2 hours too. Luckily I wasn't working today, I work as a dishwasher in a kitchen that doesn't have A/C either.
I'm sigging that Jason. XD

So is anybody else getting this insane heat wave? It was stupid hot out today.
I like it, but not the weather cracked look.
Hey, it took me 2 years to finish my build and by comparison it's not even that complex! I'll rub it in if I want to
It was more or less a reference to the fact the GB&C hasn't had as many builds recently as it used to.
Lol glad to see I'm inspiring people. Maybe it's because I'm the only person to have finished a build recently, or at least that I've seen. Either way, cool beans.
Good to know, I have a Windsor as well and wasn't sure what to do, although I figured it was something to do with the grill. Thanks Brian.
Oh, I see, didn't catch that one. Simple enough really.
Quote by Shinozoku
"A new Van Halen album is reportedly in the making, according to reports."

I cringed and the grammar Nazi in me raged.

Can you point out the grammer flaws? It would probably help improve my writing. Not that it's terrible, but you know what I mean.
Hey thanks a lot man.
Well it really depends how much free time you have and how disciplined you are at getting the build done. I didn't have a ton of free time so it ended up taking me about 2 years, whereas other people can finish builds fairly quickly. Either way, it's super rewarding.
That song blew my mind.

And made me like hip hop even less.
I appreciate the comments guys.
Yep, naturally relic'd, or at least that's the plan.
I might be fixing the wiring on this on Sunday, it still needs to be properly grounded.