this was awesome guys, keep sharing
good way to discover new music I guess, 1 per user

Only version I could find - a Steel Panther bonus track on their Japanese version of the balls out album:

*link removed*
I struggle with timing, I have a friend who is a very competent musician (primarily a bassist so we jam now and again). He often says I need to play in time.

How can improve my natural timing?
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I'm scarred for life after watching that.

But yes, I have a seymour duncan hot rails in my strat's bridge and you can rip it. It's a pretty hot pick up. Great for harmonics, tapping, etc. I'll probably be replacing the neck Texas Special with either a cool rails or vintage rails.

haha, steel panther are talented, if they weren't a parody band they'd be putting metal back in the charts no doubt.

sounds good, any footage?

more advice welcomed
Been looking into achieving more of an 80s sound with my strat and have considered options from changing guitars to pickups.

One thing I'm not too sure about is the humbucking pickups designed to fit into sincle-coil guitars such as the dimarzios, hot rails etc.

I was wondering if pickups like these would help me achieve a sound similar to the ones in the video below if they were to be installed into my strat or if i should just scrap the idea all together.

Do you think swapping the pickups for humbuckers would be a good idea for this? Suggestions appreciated.
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edit: That Mr. Big song is great.

Glad to see the point of this thread is working
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Isn't this the same as forced listening though?

Yeah because I forced you to listen to the song I posted

No, it's a suggestion, hence the title "songs you WANT the world to hear"

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I never really gave Mr. Big a listen before but that song was pretty damn good.

Here is Mind Riot from Soundgarden

Their new album is the sh!t, "What if". Also, listen to green tinted sixties mind to see how versatile they really are.
Post a song you're really into at the moment
1 song per post
You can use whatever you like as long as others can hear it from clicking the link, from Grooveshark to YouTube to Spotify.

This is a great way to find some new music because when people are given the option to post only one song they usually post the best one out of the music they prefer.

To start it off, Mr. Big - Suffocation
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Just a heads up, if you were to call this thread "Famous artists covering other artists" people would understand that you meant that topic was for this thread, and not another one. No need for "ITT".

Oh well, it's a popular thing in thred titles in other forums I frequent, doesn't do much damage.

Phil X. I love this guy! Yeah I said it!
Phil X - Whole Lotta Love
Phil X - Little Wing

phil x is great
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That crosstown cover was pretty amazing.

Personally I thought the solo was weak but the singing, bass, rhythm etc. was great
This seems like the ONLY thing limiting my playing right now. As a bedroom guitarist I've always practised licks. As a result I can lay down a mean solo and bend with accuracy but my timing sucks now I've tried playing in jams.

I struggle to count and often can't tell when a chord change is coming in when we're doing simple blues jams.

I've been told to play with a metronome, but how do I count/get the feel for chord changes and is there anything else that can help me?

Thank you
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well i would be willing to put my amp in the mix.. basically the stuff in my sig is up for sale.. ?

nah I'm picking an amp up tomorrow man
if you have any luck selling let me know because I might still have this!
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interested in a swap mate?

depends man, I've got some new gear on the way. What you thinking of swapping for?
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Whats your price limit?

If thats not an issue, or you can save up, get a splawn quickrod. They are marshall based amps that sound 10x better.

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whats your budget?

Budget would be around £500 if I were to go with a stack (I would only be willing to buy used).

No more than £80 for a practice amp.
Selling this amp because I very rarely got the very best out of it (playing it cranked up!). I had not been gigging as expected so unfortunately I have to part with it. It's a great amp with real bite and a fantastic sound. I bought it in late January and have hardly played it really. I've struggled to sell it locally so I'm putting it up online and asking for £120 (bought it for under £180 and it's pretty much out of the box condition).

Included are the 5w head (driven by one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power tube) and the 1x12 cabinet (4, 8, and 16 ohm capability). The head has just one control knob (volume). Starting from warm, clean tones at low volumes right through to classic rock crunch and screaming natural overdrive when the knob gets cranked up, the distortion can then be controlled by the guitars volume knob at high volumes. EQ won't be missed when you hear the natual dirty yet punchy sounds this amp is capable of - but either way, it handles pedals very well as demonstrated (I'm use to hearing a slight buzz with most tubes). Here's some pedal usage with the amp:

I'm located in Glossop in Derbyshire, outside of Greater Manchester. If it's a treck for you then no problem, Glossop is in the heart of the high peak's country side and would make a great day out Collection only please!

Email me at or reply to this thread
I play good old classic heavy rock from hendrix to zep to thin lizzy and have had my heart set on a marshall after playing my mates stack but who knows.

It's unlikely I will be gigging any time soon but I would probably have the money for a good JCM800 and cab but I fear it not sounding any good at low volumes. Would I be better off with a solid state, combo, hybrid or what?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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right great seems i can't edit anything.

mods please remove any links that conflict with the rules.
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As in I'm not allowed to post them or you can't see them?

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As in I'm not allowed to post them or you can't see them?
selling cheap for quick sale, local pick up only. These are going for up to £175.

All the descriptions and sound demos are in the link provided! Ask any questions here or via email/pm

Hi, I'm selling my portable guitar trainer on eBay.

The idea is that you plug your guitar and earphones in, put your songs/mp3s/backing tracks on the device via usb (included) and play along. It's a very cool piece of kit for learning songs by slowing them down using the built in features or playing without music using the built in FX (including pitch shifters, auto wahs, distortions, reverbs, delays etc.). It has a built in tuner and metronome too!

I'm looking for £75 and they're going for over £100 on eBay and up to £170 new.

Here's what you can expect in terms of how it sounds, this guy on youtube has it playing through speakers: both the guitar and backing track are on the device.

I am currently selling it through my friend's eBay account here: ***Link removed by emad***

Any questions just ask!

Who's playing this version of Foxy Lady??? Really want to get a copy of it!
Steel Panther's Satchel:

I know it's early but it's in my head... I might go as Satchel on Halloween, what's the shirt he's wearing with holes in it called? And what type of pants are they?

Thanks for your help.
I want to improve my lead playing a bit more with some interesting licks.

What guitarists do you recommend I listen to for this? I'm thinking guitarists that finger pick in their leads or really cool licks etc.

Any artists worth looking into to make my lead playing more interesting and versatile?
dump her and said she could have caused you a world of trouble for not telling you sooner, assuming she knew ages ago
1) Have you ever used a computer (including the internet) to aid your learning/practice on guitar?yes
2) If yes, please list and describe what resources you have, tablature websites, instructional websites
3) How vital are computers/the internet to a guitarists practice regime?depends
4) Do you ever save online guitar-related information to your computer? Why?yes because some of it can't be learnt in one day
5) Do you keep a log of guitar practice sessions? If not, why?no, i don't feel the need to as i play for fun
6) In what ways are logs beneficial to guitar practice?tracking progress i would think
7) What structure does your practice session follow? (eg. 15 minutes legato, 30 minutes sweep picking etc.)playing what i want for however long i feel like, everyday
8) If your practice sessions do not follow structure, in what ways do you think adding structure would benefit you, and is it something you would like to develop?i would probably progress more and learn about my weak areas
9) When developing technical ability, do you consider targets to be measured in a quantitative or qualitative manner?qualitative
10) If a system could organise and record details of your practice sessions and your targets, and use this information to automatically select appropriate exercises and routines for you to work on, would you be interested in using it to create/improve structure within your practice regime?yes
11) Would you find it useful for the system to incorporate the ability to manage multiple users?yes
12) Do you consider password security to be a necessary feature in this type of system?yes, some people want their skill level to be personal
13) Are there any other particular features you would consider to be important in this kind of system?a tuning system, basics like that specifically for guitar
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I can't remember the exact model, Sennheiser C somethings... But they cost about £15-ish and they're brilliant for the price.

Sennheiser CX500's. They're what I'm using right now and have lasted me for ages. They're so good I even use them for gaming lol
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Search completed listings on eBay and you will find out. I doubt anyone would give you more than the cost of shipping for the amp and wah so Craigslist may net you more cash for those items. Like Roc said $100 is probably tops. I wouldn't even mess with eBay unless you sell stuff regularly already. Use Craigslist.

$100? I paid £120 something for the me-20 alone and they're going for £100 on eBay so.

Yes I would need an amp
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You definitely need an amp! Lol I don't know but the ds-1 may not get u much. I know where I'm around in jersey places aren't buying much for much, but on eBay ur cutting out that middle man. I mean its like 40 new. Try 20-30?
Could prolly try for around 100 for the me-20. Just my opinion. I'm a reall asshole with money, I try to get the most out of it. But if u have some money already them I guess you can cut prices

Do you mean I need a NEW amp? I've listed the Carlsbro haha, it isn't the best amp at all.

I was considering buying an ME-25 but probably would end up selling it on within a year.
Considering selling the following on eBay:

Carlsbro Kickstart 25 amp
Boss ds-1
Boss ME-20
Cheap wah (Daphon)

How much money should I get for this and what should I spend it on? Bear in mind this would leave me with nothing except my guitar

(Considering valve amps for the first time too)
Those Americans sure got perdy handwriting!