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Majority of UG are a bunch of 16 year old kids. Do you actually think they care or have the time to find your emo looking friend?

If you think they they do then you're one stupid man.

EDIT: I can't stop laughing at the guy on the rights face.

absolutely no need for that. hope he shows up okay
you should have a look at eventides if cash is no issue, maybe the digitech harmony man on a budget
an eq pedal would be worth a try.
pizza hut because my local dominoes puts next to no cheese on the pizza, though id still rather get one from the local takeaway instead.
google threw this up, don't know how useful it will be to you though.
congrats, looks tasty!
PRS bird inlays for me
I tried the JS30KV back when i bought my RG321 and lets just say im not a big fan of the entry level guitars Jackson has to offer, definately check out the ibanez again TS
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Through The Fire And Flames

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The 13million people that bought American Idiot would beg to differ. Idiot.

I meant in a racist context, and i got that CD for christmas one year, doesn't mean i wanted it though.
not sure
I couldn't care less what Green day has to say, and doubt many other people do either.
i wouldn't recommend the invader to anyone to be honest, muddy, clarity eating pickup. I've never tried the dirty fingers, if your technique is sound enough you shouldn't get problems, though the bridge pickup is suggested for harmonics, however the dimarzio air norton has good harmonic response for a neck pickup.
cutters choice and drum.
maybe a high quality replacement neck
if i wasn't after 6 in a line id snap a set right off you. this is a good deal everybody.
my first guitar was a really bad quality acoustic, i hated it.
A blank nut doesn't have the slots for your strings and you would have to file these yourself and from what i've heard its something easily messed up if you aren't competent at doing it. (though pre cut ones still require fitting and possibly some more filing)

blank -
slotted -
probably not a job you should be doing yourself if don't have a clue, especially if its not a pre cut/slotted, id say about £15-£30 depending on whether its a pre cut or blank.
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haha no. ive been playing for a good year but they just opened up a guitar class and i wanna come off as a noob day one and then come in playin some ATR or PTH the next day lol

you're not big and clever and will end up winding up more people than you impress.
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I have both a Jackson and an Ibanez, the necks are completely different. Jackson necks are thinner yo

I don't know which Jackson and Ibanez necks you are talking about, but the neck on my dinky is thicker and more rounded than my RG necks.
some pulp for me, but i don't mind no pulp.
Not loads though.
Wipe each string with a cloth after you play it and it should make some difference. Don't play after you've just eaten some pizza or a greasy burger without washing your hands before you pick up your guitar.
i only use 11's for D standard, you'll definately need more springs, blocking it would be easier.
Happy birthday! have a good one.
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judging from your reply, i should return my les paul

if thats what it takes and you have another guitar then yes, getting a new amp will change your sound 10x more than new pickups will, even if your LP was a custom shop Gibson with handwound pickups it still won't sound great through a crappy 15w fender SS.
arent you about to buy another guitar aswell? its still gonna sound bad through the 15w SS fender you have, and changing pickups won't fix it either, spend some money on a nicer amp and you'll be so glad you did.
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holy sht that works? so you push in the headstock towards the body or you push it out like a circle sort of.

i really wouldn't advise doing this if you like your guitar in one piece.
either should do fine, id rather have the Jackson though.
if your using a 6505 either will do the trick.
if you use actives you should get used to always unplugging cables when not using your guitar as your batteries won't last long this way, though its a good habit anyway, so cables dont get damaged or tripped over.
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what amp are you using?


EMG's or Blackouts won't make you sound metalcore if you are using an unsuitable amp.
if you are willing to look used you could get a prs custom 24 for that.
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I have D'addario's on right now because that's what they came with from the factory, haven't had it long enough to change them.

But I usually use super slinky's, which the gauges are 9-11-16-24w-32-42, and on the D'addario's their 10-13-17-26-36-46, so do you think whenever I put new slinky's on it won't get any fret buzz nor dead frets?

drop c with super slinkies will be loose as hell. Perhaps taking your guitar to a tech might be the best option for you if you arent comfortable adjusting the action on your floyd rose.

also the truss rod should not be used to change action, but to set the correct relief, which may happen to aid action and dead spots if it isnt already set properly
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i'd say probably get the guitar you like first in terms of playability/sound quality then later add pups rather than looking for something which already has your perfect config.
guitars will rarely come with what you want - unless you have your own signature series

This is very true, pickups are always replaceable and shouldn't stop you from getting a guitar you otherwise like.
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Dimarzio Air Norton. Petrucci uses it.

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yeah i should take it to a gaming thread, but i really dont want to make an account for a gaming forum haha. if it gets too annoying then i suppose i'll have to, but o well. duct tape will probably be my first solution, then gaming thread, then just take the damn switch out and leave it on forever

try asking in this thread
i have one of the older psp's and i never used to have this problem, just buried somewhere in a drawer now. though take this to the gaming thead you might get more help there.
actives through the insane channel on a spider is never going to sound pretty.